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2021 Best Sellers


2021 Best Sellers

Cannot believe I am writing this list right now! The best of 2021, WOW. You’ve probably seen all the memes about how it still feels like 2020 but it’s about to be 2022 and we haven’t even processed 2021 yet. It’s a lot. However, this light-hearted list of all the things you guys were loving the most this past year will keep you distracted and shopping—my two favorite things to be! Here are our 2021 Best Sellers. 

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2021 Best Sellers

Louboutin Booties


The best, most comfortable, super chic booties on the market, IMO. These gorgeous black leather booties by Christina Louboutin were well-loved by you guys this year, and it makes me so happy you treated yourself to them!


Shark Vacuum


You know you’re in your 30s when… But, really. The Shark vacuum is a legitimate game-changer and, by the looks of it, it seems you guys were buying them up this year and keeping your homes extremely tidy, which we love to see!




You gave yourselves the gift of at-home massage therapy via the Theragun this year. I hope this means your muscles are the most relaxed and taken care of they’ve ever been!




Once you go Nespresso, you can’t go back and a lot of you went Nespresso this year. Cheers to the literal perfect cup of coffee every single morning, no matter what!


Arden Tee


This extra-long, long-sleeve top by Free People was a big seller. It’s seriously the best long sleeve tee out there for under $60! Plus, it’s available in so many colors.


Becca Undereye Brightening Corrector


I’m so glad y’all believed me when I said this stuff is an undereye miracle. The difference it makes is sort of unbelievable. You have to try it for yourself to see, but I cannot recommend it enough for covering up sleepless nights and looking ready to take on the day!


Kilian Perfume


This cult classic perfume lives up to the hype. It’s seriously the most gorgeous scent and somehow smells good on everyone. If you’ve been looking for a signature scent, this is more than likely it! Scent notes are neroli, orange blossom, and marshmallow.


Drapey Classic Shirt


This top by Treasure & Bond for Nordstrom oozes sex appeal and sophistication, which is why I consider it the perfect top for business and play! Plus, it’s up to 40% off right now, so I would definitely grab one while it’s in stock.




The best oversized coatigan EVER! I have worn this non-stop this season. Such a good buy, and it’s on sale as I write this. You will find endless ways to wear this piece!


Sweater Set


I just love a good cardigan and skirt set, and this one from Walmart was one of y’all’s biggest buys this year! For under $25, this sweater set is amazing quality and looks so good with a pair of booties or even some sneakers if you’re feeling more casual.


Perfect Black Pant


Spanx did it again with their take on the Perfect Black Pant and you guys bought them up! Available in tall, petite plus, tall plus, petite, regular and plus. We love inclusivity.




Transform your skin with this 3-step Reversal Retinol Booster System from BeautyBio! My skin has never felt or looked better, and I’m betting those of you who bought it feel the same.


Zella Vest



Can we talk about how underrated puffy vests are?! They are truly the perfect layering piece, especially when you’re going to and from quick errands. This Zella vest was a bestseller and is currently on sale for 20% off!




Like the Nespresso, once you go Vitamix, you won’t be able to fathom how you ever used any other blender. It’s truly game changing for smoothies, soups, ice cream, frozen yogurt—the list goes on. Best kitchen invention EVER!


Barefoot Dreams Blanket


I mean, is anyone surprised? The Barefoot Dreams blanket is the gift that keeps on giving, no matter what time of year it is. Curling up on the couch with my littles and this blanket is truly my favorite pastime. This blanket is completely worth the hype it gets!

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