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Baby William’s Nursery Tour

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Console Tables: CB2, Elephant Photo: The Animal Print Shop,
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Hello Everyone! As many of you know from our Et Cetera post, I gave birth to a very happy and healthy baby boy last week. 
William Joseph Wieczorek was born on April 8th, at 8:28pm, weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces, and he was 20 inches long. I cannot even begin to describe the feeling when he was placed in my arms, but I knew immediately that my life would never be the same again- in the best way possible. I never knew I could love another human so much – ever.   
Just so you know, I’m taking these first few days of motherhood to soak it all in – and to truly enjoy every moment of it. I appreciate your patience with me, as the next few weeks will be posts that I arranged my last couple of weeks of pregnancy. I still hope you enjoy them! 
In the meantime, just know that I will be working on William’s birth story, a post about our first week as a family of four, and some amazing projects with Ashley as well. For more “regular” daily updates of my life – and lots of baby photos – you can follow along on my instagram.
The photos above were taken the Sunday before William made his grand entrance into the world. I had my last Dr’s appointment the Friday before Easter and my OBGYN had told me that she was fairly sure that “baby” would be coming soon. My due date wasn’t until April 7th, but just in case, we spent Easter weekend moseying around the house, doing the last of our spring cleaning, taking these photos and just generally preparing for the baby. Well – Sunday came and went, as did Monday — and I was planning on writing this post the night of my due date… except that was when the contractions started, and all my planning went out the window. 
In hindsight, I am happy it happened this way. The nursery was special to me before his birth, but it is even more special to me now that he is here. I love walking in there with him every morning and choosing his outfit for the day, I love the tummy time we do on the rug, I love reading him books from the bookcase that Ashley and her Mom gifted to him, and I love the glider in the corner where we nurse every couple of hours.
Looking back on these photos – I had no idea how important this tiny room would truly be to me, but to be fair, I had no idea how important this tiny human would be to me either. People told me about “a mother’s love,” but I didn’t truly get it until he was placed in my arms. I look back at this photo – namely at my enormous belly – and I remember being so impatient for him to just “get here already”. I just wanted my pregnancy to “be done”. Well, now it is, and now that enormous belly has a name, a perfect little face, the most amazing smell, and all the keys to my heart. It’s so funny how with time and experience comes clarity – never has that been more true for me. For all the complaining I did, for all the times I said I hated being pregnant – ahhh I would do it ten times more – there is nothing better. 
I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our home – and now – my heart.

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