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Gift Guide for Him 2019


Gift Guide for Him 2019

Bloggers Ashley Zeal and Emily Wieczorek share their Gift Guide for Him 2019. They are sharing the best products to buy the men in your lives this holiday season!

This year we are combining our men’s gift guides! Both of our picks will be below! We have something for every guy- whether it’s your dad, husband, brother or father-in-law. Both of these gift guides are approved by our Joes – and they are totally different types of dudes so we are covering all the bases here!

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I actually just gifted these to my Joe because they were in our Rise gift bags and I already have mine. He uses the Bose religiously but he said they aren’t good for when he is at work or actually wants to use them to take a call!

iPad Kit

I don’t know what it is about dudes and iPads. Both my dad and husband can’t travel without them! I love that they both use them for totally different things – they are just so functional and this kit is such a good deal.

Charging Cable

You can never have enough of these am I right?

Airpod Carrying Case

If your dude loses stuff (ahem, Joe) these are amazing. Also such a thoughtful gift for someone who already has airpods or a nice little addition if you are buying them airpods!

Shoe Cleaning Kit

This is the best shoe cleaning kit, and we are all obsessed with it! We have gone through so many bottles of the cleaner and it really is the best!

Gucci Wallet

If you are looking to splurge on your dude, then definitely check this out. I love it because It’s usually not something they would buy for themselves!

Scuff Slipper

I truly don’t know one man that wouldn’t appreciate these! My  Joe has had his forever and wears them all the time. We are huge Ugg people over in the Hurd household.

Qalo Ring

This is the first thing I bought when we got engaged. I wear this as my ring when I am going to the gym — they have a ton of colors and styles, and I love the men’s version as well. Joe and I were just chatting about his wedding band since he works so much with his hands, we aren’t sure what makes the most sense — but this is a great, and affordable ($13), option for when he can’t wear a real band!

John Hardy Bracelet

Joe has collected a few leather bracelets over the years. We got some on our trip to Italy, and then my dad got him a John Hardy one for his birthday last year! I love the simplicity of this one!

Bose Headphones

These are THE best for travel. I complain about them because it makes it so much easier for Joe to ignore me at the airport and on flights, but he let me try them on our last trip and I was obsessed! Also great for the gym, or commuting!

Drill Bit Set

We all have that squeaky door that we ask our significant other to fix for us. According to Joe, this drill set can fix just about anything. I have seen him use it to mount a tv, hang a mirror, put furniture together, build cabinets etc. Very versatile.

Emergency Jumpstarter

If you ever have your car battery die, or have seen someone that needs a jump, this box jump-starts batteries and can be easily stored in the trunk. In case of emergency, this can pump up your tire, charge your phone (or any USB device) — it’s a great safety item to have. But is also a fun “toy” to get on Christmas. This is an alternative to jumper cables, but can do so much more! You can never be too prepared.


This is my absolute number one gift for him. Joe and I are both obsessed. If the man you are shopping for has a physical job, works out a lot, or complains of sore muscles — this is for him. Actually, I take that back — anyone can use this. Especially if you sit at a desk and carry tension in your back and shoulders. I like this over the Theragun because it is about 10x quieter.

 Shop Emily’s Gift Guide:

Inspirational Book Set:

Ashley and I are both very into inspirational everything right now. We’re really trying to level up the business in the next year, and when you’re trying to hit some major goals, it’s important to make sure that everyone on your life is on the same page and hopefully you’re inspiring them to do the same in their life. So… what better way to do that than to buy your guy a bunch of amazing inspirational books on being their best and living their best life! They will thank you!

Back Massager:

The TWO PEAS FAM is obsessed with these back massagers. I truly think that everyone in our family is getting one this year. They are just THAT good. I use mine every night before bed, and I am always handing it over to Joe when I am done. It’s time that he gets his own and then this way we don’t have to share! Or I guess…I don’t have share.

Car Vac: 

Joe absolutely HATES when his car gets crumbs all over it from the kids – or when Henry’s hair is flying around, so this year I am going to gift him THIS!

Foot File:

This foot file is our number one bestselling item of the year – by number of units sold – and wouldn’t you know, the way I discovered it was that I bought it for Joe! He has very cracked heels all the time and the only way to keep them at bay is constant exfoliation. Buy one for your hubs, buy one for yourself, buy one for EVERYONE on your list.

Apron and Oven Mit Set:

I aways love getting Joe a new set of these for the holidays. I actually always end up gifting it to him around Thanksgiving and then because we’re hosting so much, he always ends up using everytthing all season long.


These are such classic sunglasses and you just can’t go wrong. Joe LOVES his. He also has become a HUGE fan or Persol sunglasses lately. So either of those are an AMAZING gift.

Microfiber Washcloths:

I know, I know, I talk about these all the time for our faces… but recently I realized that my microfiber washcloths were going missing. Well wouldn’t you know, they make the best electronics and sunglass cleaners as well! Pair a set of 10 with a little screen cleaning spray – AMAZING gift for your guy!

Barbour Jacket:

This is THE most classic jacket of ALL TIME! My dad has one, Joe has one, heck… I even have one! We love them for their durability, warmth, and most of all their classic cool. Barbour jackets are probably THE most classic jackets of all time and they will last your guy for YEARS. I think my Dad has had his original one for 20+ years.

Native Deodorant

Native deodorant is such a great gift that is also good for your guy. I know that Joe is always the last one to adopt something that is chemical and paraben free – so if I can make it easier for him I am ALL there for it.

Adidas Sneakers:

Joe LOVES Adidas sneakers. He is not quite on the same level of sneakerhead as Ashley’s Joe.. but baby steps. I got him some camo Adidas sneakers and whenever we are out together he gets SO many compliments on them. You CANNOT go wrong with sneakers – Yeezys are always an amazing bet too.

Grill Pan:

This is an amazing gift for any guy who is trying to eat healthier or that lives in a small space where an actual grill may not fit. I also would always recommend my holy grail air fryer, but I know not everyone has that kind of counter space.

Needlepoint Belt:

This American flag belt is THE absolute best and Joe has 3 from this company. I also made him a personalized belt one year for Christmas with all of his favorite things on it. To date it was one of the best gifts I have ever given him!


Guys just love Yetis. Plain and simple. They LOVE that they fit in the car, they can bring them anywhere, and you can customize them as well!

Nose Hair Trimmer:

Every guy needs one of these whether they want to admit it or not.

Quilted Jacket:

This quilted jacket is another closet staple. Joe loves his because it’s simple, classic, and it isn’t too hot so he can easily wear a sweater underneath it!

Gucci Sandal Slides:

I went out on a limb and ordered these slides for joe last year for his birthday. I didn’t know if he would like them, but sure enough he wears them EVERY single day! There are so many amazing varieties and I know he wants another pair!


I just ** gasp ** got my first pair of airpods. I KNOW. I am so behind the times. But they allow me to listen to podcasts, or books on audible while I am cleaning up the house every day or getting ready. I LOVE THEM! Any guy on your list is sure to love them as well!


You can NEVER go wrong with classic aviators. These should be a staple in any man’s wardrobe!

Ice Maker:

This nugget ice maker is a game changer. We use ours for waters and sodas. I will say – if you are a cocktail family – I would not recommend this for making cocktails. The ice melts fast-ish and will water down your cocktail. But for a normal beverage, nugget ice cannnot be beat. We LOVE our Opal and we will never switch!

French Press:

What guy doesn’t love a good french press on the weekend??

Ferragamo Loafers:

My Joe lives in his Ferragamo loafers. I really think for classic casual shoes for guys – these can’t be beat!

Yeti Cooler:


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