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I Changed My Weekday Wardrobe, And It Changed My Life


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So I know I have touched on this before… but I dress differently than most pregnant women…

It’s not because I’m trying to be different, or because I hate my baby bump. It’s just that I’m not comfortable wearing extremely tight clothing – pregnant or not. You’ll notice, that I never wear anything where you can “really” see my bump. That being said, in the past couple months, I’ve become a pro at “modest maternity dressing” – but it wasn’t always easy. In the beginning, I was spending SO much time looking for new clothes, or trying to make outfits work… that I wasn’t enjoying my pregnancy.

So… to make it easier on myself (and you) and I’ve created a capsule wardrobe – of sorts – that will help you if you prefer dressing like I do. Pregnant or not. 

FYI – for those of you who don’t know – a capsule wardrobe is a wardrobe complied of a set number (usually 33 or less) minimalistic, basic, pieces that you love, and pieces that you can mix and match easily together. The point is to try to simplify your wardrobe, and the getting ready process… therefore also simplifying your life.

COUNT ME IN. It has seriously been life changing. 

And by life changing – I’m talking about… more time with your family, less rushing in the morning, and an overall sense of well being since you always look decently put together. Yeah… it’s awesome. 

AND… have no fear. Most of the items I’ve chosen are not maternity. I’ve just sized up to accommodate for my belly. With the exception of the maternity jeans, trust me, there’s something for everyone.

What you will find here – long cardigans, flowing tops, comfortable maternity bottoms, versatile flats, and the most comfortable clothing I’ve been able to find.

I hope you enjoy my capsule wardrobe, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have about any of these items. I love them all, and I’m more than happy to answer any additional sizing questions you may have.









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  1. I loved your maternity posts! I’m pregnant with my second, and this time around I HATE all the tight maternity shirts I had the first time around. How much did you size up in the Nordstrom tunic? I always find that to be so tricky finding a balance of having room for the belly, but preventing the potato sack look. Thanks!

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