Our Travel Skincare Routine - Ashley & Emily
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Our Travel Skincare Routine


Our Travel Skincare Routine

Thank you, Colleen Rothschild, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are our own.

We are so excited to be sharing our travel skincare routine with you guys. It’s such a highly requested post, and it’s long overdue. Emily and I are both huge fans of Colleen Rothschild, but how we came to discover the brand is totally different for each of us. Ashley got to try Colleen for the first time at the Reward Style Conference two years ago, fitting because that’s where we are shooting this post — talk about full circle! And Emily was referred to the brand by a dear friend who swore by the cleansing balm. Keep reading to find out which products we packed for our trip! For reference: we are those crazy skin people who bring their entire routine with them (I’m talking a whole suitcase just for beauty), but it works for us! They are having an amazing sale right now, keep reading for details!


Our Travel Skincare Routine

Ashley’s Routine:


Ashley is on a very strict wedding skincare regimen, which means no testing any new products. The number one product her aesthetician recommended she work into her routine was Mandelic Acid, and this serum is THE best. I love how well these products travel – the cleansing balm will not leak, and can easily be thrown into your luggage. I have super sensitive skin, and none of these products have ever given me a reaction. My skin is on the normal side but can get dry when I travel. Since being off the pill, the hormones have changed it a little, but these products have kept it under control.

Morning: Balancing Gel Cleanser, Vitamin C Treatment Complex, Sheer Renewal Cream, Daily Defense

Evening: Radiant Cleansing Balm, Balancing Gel Cleanser,  Matcha Toner,  alternate between Mandelic Radiance Serum and Age Renewal Super Serum, Extreme Recovery Cream and then either the Face Oil no. 9 (I use this one when I use the Mandelic), or the Retinol Supreme Oil (I use this with the Super Serum). For eye cream: the Retinol Supreme Eye Serum is everything. 


Emily’s Routine:


Emily’s skin is very different from Ashley’s. She lives in Reno, which is a desert and experiences all four seasons very drastically. She also has been pregnant, nursing, or figuring out her hormones from birth control for the past four years. To say it’s been a roller coaster is putting it lightly. Emily loves to mask at home while she spends time with the kids, and has the skin type that can handle oil twice a day.

Morning: Radiant Cleansing Balm, Extreme Recovery Cream, Face Oil no. 9, Daily Defense SPF 25.

Evening: Radiant Cleansing Balm, Extreme Recovery Cream, Retinol Supreme Oil.

She also uses the Honey Vanilla Body Butter every day after her shower, and the Intense Hydrating Mask once or twice a week depending on the season!


Read more about Colleen Rothschild on our blog here and here. If you want to try out Colleen Rothschild, this Discovery Kit is the best way to do it!

Here are details on the big sale they are running right now:

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  • $50 OFF a $200+ Order with Code: REWARD50
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