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Palm Springs: A Bachelorette fit for a Bunny

Night 1: We all met at SFO and had some wine (obviously). It’s always more fun when you fly together and we were definitely causing a scene. Partially because Brannan blew up the groom’s head and glued them onto popsicle sticks for each of us. Best idea ever. 
Once we landed we made a Starbucks run (I needed my daily dose of matcha) and then went straight to the house. The house was seriously unreal! The colors were bright, the decor modern, and the space for dance parties plentiful. It wasn’t long before we popped open some champs and toasted to the bride! 

We explored the house, got all caught up in one another’s lives then it was time to get ready for our first night out. Bunny’s sister had made us reservations at an amazing restaurant, Tropicale. The menu was eclectic, the drinks were strong and the staff was attractive. Like rivaling Lisa Vanderpump’s Sur attractive. We all went around the table and shared our favorite memory of Jon, and boy, were there some good ones. And then Arpeeta, our bossiest little friend, demanded that our waiter carry Bunny to the next location. He happy obliged; and we were off to Copa.

We danced all night then went home and danced some more. And maybe ate some cruffins- seriously the best things ever.

Day 2: Pool Day

Bunny graciously offered to take some blog pics for me by the pool. I’m aware that it seems so selfish to put the bride to work on her bachelorette, but she didn’t seem to mind. We woke up early, had breakfast at the house and got our photo shoot done so we could spend the rest of the day having fun. The post she shot will be up June 1st and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Her photographer outfit was amazing so I decided to make her a guest blogger and we had a photo shoot for her too. Nailed it!

Cover-up: Clover Canyon.

We all put on our Bunny sunnies and waited for the last girl to arrive. And took many selfies in between. 

Once Natalie arrived, it was time to really get the party started. She wasn’t in the door 5 minutes until we were forcing her to participate in our dare game. We all wrote a dare on a piece of paper and then we each had to draw a dare to complete before the trip ended. My favorite: Brannan having to play thumb war with ten different people. After we chose our dares, it was off to a hotel pool party. Which was one of my favorite points of the trip. The DJ was amazing and I was really in my zone. Imagine ten girls in bunny sunglasses singing on the top of their lungs to TLC’s No Scrubs. It was so great. 

Night 2: Bottles & Dollaz

After the pool party we headed back to the house for night two. We had dinner at Trio (again, most attractive waiters ever!), which was amazing and then headed to one of my favorite Palm Springs spots… Zelda’s. I have been to Zelda’s before and it hasn’t changed a bit. Nestled inside a strip mall, is an incredibly unexpected, but amazing night club. We got there and everyone ordered cocktails, but that didn’t last long. We proceeded to order two bottles and then danced all night long (are you sensing a theme here). There was a rap show at Zelda’s that night- and we all danced on stage with the rappers all night.

Shoe game: Stuart Weitzman.

Bride’s outfit: Sandro.

Day 3: Brunch & Goodbyes

Our trip ended with brunch at Jake’s. I felt lame because I was the only one who didn’t order a cocktail- but I was hurting from the night before. You know it’s bad when I can’t even finish my eggs benedict. We booked a late flight so we would be able to enjoy one last day at the pool. So after brunch we headed back home to lay by the pool- and finish the booze at the house. We all dreaded packing and soaked up every last minute of sun we could get. All in all, it was the perfect weekend celebrating the perfect bride. #dollazforever. 

By Two Peas in a Prada

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