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Pregnancy Update: Week 17


Pregnancy Update: Week 17

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 17-week pregnancy update

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Happy Wednesday, Loves! I  hope you’re having a good week so far! Ashley and I are headed to NYFW tonight and we are SO excited to bring you along with us! Be sure you’re following us on Snapchat and Instagram for a behind the scenes look at our time in New York – we’ll be backstage, at the shows, and at numerous presentations – and we cannot wait to tell you everything!!! Anyhow… now to the good stuff…

How many weeks: 17

Our baby is the size of: An onion

Gender: We know… but we’re not telling yet… any guesses?!?

Pounds Gained: 13. This is what happened during my pregnancy with William… and it’s interesting (at least to me) that it’s happening again. I guess it’s the way my body works… I gain a ton of weight up front and then it kind of levels off and I slowly gain the rest of my pregnancy.

See what I mean?!? Those guidelines can suck it.

Maybe it’s my body’s way of getting ready to house a baby… maybe it’s the constant carb eating and binge napping in my first trimester… or maybe it’s the fact that in my second trimester I actually crave salads… I dunno. Weird stuff happens to your body during pregnancy, and this is what happens to mine.

So people are always wanting to know… “You’re not even showing… I bet you haven’t gained a pound… Whaaaatttt?!?!? You’ve gained 13?!?? Where?!?!”

Well let me tell you. I’ve gained a good amount of weight everywhere, but primarily… in my boobs, and my hips/thighs.  I know, I know, you’re thinking – “Oh you poor thing, you gain weight in your boobs…” but let me be the first to assure you… it’s not cute. I’m a person that really likes my small boobs – and I hate bras – so I’m really awkward at knowing what to do with my newfound bodacious-ness. But, I know these new boobs are here to serve a purpose, so I’ll give them a break. The hips and thighs… I mean… I’d love to say that they’re just preparing for childbirth, but who knows? All I can say is… in Week 17, maternity jeans are my friends.

Sickness: The morning sickness is finally gone!!! I don’t want to speak too soon, but I feel SO much better. I feel like myself again. Weeks 15-16 were like magic with William and I really feel it’s the same with this baby.

Something I forgot to mention in my first “Pregnancy Update” post was that my skin was horrific in  my first trimester. I’m talking full blown, full face, teenager acne. It was awful. I can now see that my hormones were just raging, and my skin was in a little bit of shock. Thankfully, I am finally feeling that pregnancy “glow” now and everything seems to have settled down. <<< Thank goodness… just in time for fashion week. If any of you mommas out there experience anything similar – my doctor gave me the “go ahead” on over the counter Benzol Peroxide cream, and it totally saved my life. Be sure to check with your doctor before you use it, but I’ll link the one I used below.

Feelings: We had a sonogram on Monday, and that got me really excited. It was so amazing to finally see our baby actually looking like a baby. We also got to see all the measurements. As of right now, our baby is measuring 1 day large – that is a good thing – it’s head is a good size, and it’s little stomach was full. All things that made my heart leap with joy. Watching our little angel kicking around and moving in there brought such peace to my heart – it was incredible. I am so thankful to head to fashion week knowing that everything is going well so far.

I also started feeling the baby move over the past week and a half. Oh my goodness – I forgot how amazing that feeling is. I don’t feel the movement consistently, but at night when I’m laying in bed, I’ll feel a flutter here and there and there is nothing better.

I am definitely feeling less emotional than my first trimester, and that is a good thing. BUT… last night as I was giving William his bottle, I started tearing up. I leave for fashion week tonight and it is the longest I will have ever been away from him. To say I’m freaking out, is an understatement. My head was spinning, “What if something happens to me? What if something happens to him? Who will lay with him at night and rub his back before bed?” Tears just streaming down my face. Having children brings out emotions and love in you that you never knew were possible. Just having William has forever changed me… I can’t even imagine how having another one will feel. I’d imagine #allthefeels.

Things I forgot: Where do we start?

  • I forgot how bad your non-maternity pants hurt when you wear them for a full day and they dig into your stomach constantly. FYI I still have 3 pairs of non-maternity pants that I’ve been over wearing. The denial is real.
  • I forgot how big your boobs get – and fast. Let’s not even discuss your nipples. Gah.
  • I forgot how awkward dresses can be. I have such jealousy of women who get a nice round bump early on. My bump is so awkward shaped at first – it’s like part abs, part beer belly, part baby… I don’t even know how to explain it. Anyhow, when I put those adorable, tight-fitting maternity dresses on… well they’re not so adorable. I don’t get a big round bump until month 6-7 so for now, swing dresses are my jam (see my favorites below).
  • I forgot how much I love long t-shirts <<this $14 one is my favorite… it’s literally perfect… and I also forgot how amazing my husband’s side of the closet is. I’ve been stealing his undershirts and button downs. 🙂
  • I forgot all the crap you’re  not supposed to eat. Oops. I am horrible at this. Where shall we start?!? Deli meat, unpasteurized cheeses, swordfish, sushi, sunnyside-up eggs… I mean the list goes on, and on, and on. I’ve eaten all of them. In my opinion, moderation is key… and eating at reputable places doesn’t hurt either. ***Side note- eating any of these things can come with serious consequences… so eat at your own risk. 
  • I forgot how much I LOVE being sober. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have a sip of champagne, or a sip of beer every now and then,  but for the most part, I LOVE not drinking. I always feel amazing – when everyone else is nursing a hangover – and I love the fact that I always feel in control. Being DD is kind of awesome.
  • I forgot about the nesting. Joe and I have been compulsively cleaning and reorganizing our house, and it MUST be nesting.
  • I forgot how much pregnancy makes me not have FOMO. Ashley and I were talking about this at lunch the other day – and she said, “I feel like you never have FOMO,” and it’s true. I am always pretty content doing my own thing… but pregnancy makes me even more so. I just feel like, if there is ever a time to take it easy and to take time for yourself… pregnancy is it.

Cravings: Still tuna fish sandwiches, and strawberry licorice. I know you’re all probably gagging reading that. FYI… I like them separately, not together. Hmm… what else? I’ve been loving my Kale Salad > click here for the recipe. I eat a square of dark chocolate almost every night before bed. <<< My grandma on my dad’s side used to do this and it’s kind of my homage to her. I’m thirsty all the time – so I guess La Croix counts as a craving at this point. Oh and toast… I literally want toast and  butter all the time. I went through a toast phase in my first pregnancy too – and it is BACK!

Aversions: Nothing. Except the idea of sushi kind of makes me nauseous

Favorite item(s) of clothing: Anything not too tight. I’m still in that awkward pregnancy phase… so I’ve been LIVING in swing dresses and long tee-shirts. What else?!? My utility jacket, black maternity pants, flats, duster jackets. All my current obsessions are below. FYI the long jacket that I linked below (4th scroll in) is only $35 (such a steal), but it looks SO elegant – not to mention expensive – and I wear mine constantly. I have this coat in literally EVERY color – and it is totally worth it in my opinion. I love the length, and I love that it is light enough to layer over sweaters – but heavy enough to keep you warm.

Favorite products: I’m still really loving my coconut oil for after showers, but this olive oil body butter is also amazing. The benzol peroxide cream below saved my life… and I am really loving my tried and true face scrub (also below).

Any changes:  My belly is definitely growing and when I wear really tight clothing, I definitely have a bump. My hair is breaking <<< the same thing happened in my first pregnancy, so just an FYI not everyone gets those amazing pregnancy locks!

Smells:  Still have that super-human sense of smell. It’s nuts!!!

Sleeping: Sleeping is going well – but I definitely need to dig my pregnancy pillow out of our storage unit! Every time I wake up in the middle of the night and I’m sleeping on my back, I sort of freak out. Definitely need to get that pillow.  <<< Note to self. 🙂

Rings: Still on and feeling nice and loose at this point!

Anything else you want to know in these updates? Let me know I will add whatever you’d like to hear about! XooX

PS: This dress is perfect for fall (pregnant or not) and it is on sale for only $17.50 right now. Check it out… and FYI I am wearing a size 6. XoOX

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada, 17-week pregnancy update

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  1. Hi Emily!

    I love all of your pregnancy posts.. I’m going back through them and reading them now that I am pregnant myself. I am currently 15 weeks, and my boobs are huge! I have pretty large boobs to begin with (34C-ish) but now they’re even bigger and fuller and I have no clue what to do with them. I know the best thing for me to do would be to go get fitted for some maternity bras, but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have a brand you liked the most? Bra shopping is something i absolutely dread! Thanks for all your posts and for always being so honest and open. Your boys are gorgeous!

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