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We started our blog, Two Peas in a Prada in 2014. Ashley was working as a teacher, and Emily was a corporate bond trader at the time. We never imagined blogging could become our full time jobs, but we are endlessly thankful it did!
Absolutely not. We get asked this all the time. We each have different strengths we bring to the table and we wouldn't want to do it without the other one.
The community, and getting to know our followers every day. It means the world to us whenever we get an email or DM from people who read and see our posts!
Emily dislikes the feeling of always having to "be on". I'm trying to learn to let go of that and to enjoy more "off time". Ashley hates putting on makeup and the variability of our incomes.
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We have been best friends for 17 years. We immediately bonded over a shared love of lip venom. We went to college together, and now we live in the same town. We have been blogging together for 6 years now and we are so thankful we get to work together every day.
We both live in Reno, Nevada.
Ashley: got married to Joe in May of last year and is now Momma to Baby Joe
Emily: married to her Joe in 2013 and is Momma to William, David and Caroline. Charlie, her Golden Retriever is also part of the family!
We both LOVE walking on our treadmills, wearing our Garmins and trying to get at least 10k steps a day!
Ashley: Peoloton Tread. Emily: Freemotion i11.9
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