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Every Book I Read in 2022


Every Book I Read in 2022

I started this post a little bit later than usual this year, but that’s because I have been so busy reading! These are always my favorite blog posts of the entire year! I think this is the fourth year in a row I have shared every single book I read with you guys – maybe even more. Check out last year’s post >>>> HERE. So.. here is every book I read in 2022.


Every Book I Read in 2022

1. The Spanish Love Deception 

by Elena Armas

I started off the year on a romance kick! They’re always quick and easy reads and I figured why not put a good dent into my goal while I was still soaking in all the newborn cuddles with Kenlee. This is basically The Wedding Date in book form – I loved it! 


2. To Love Jason Thorn

by Ella Maise

Another amazing romance, I breezed through this one so fast! I absolutely fell in love with these characters and read the second one immediately after! It’s also on Kindle Unlimited which I highly recommend subscribing to if you read more than two books a month! 

3. To Hate Adam Connor

by Ella Maise


This is the follow-up book to To Love Jason Thorn – and I read it immediately after. I couldn’t get enough! Also on Kindle Unlimited! 

4. Reckless Girls

by Rachel Hawkins


I am the biggest Rachel Hawkins fan ever! Her last book, The Wife Upstairs made it onto my top ten books in 2021 – so I pre-ordered this one as soon as it was announced! (Hot tip – if you preorder the books they often arrive the day before they come out, which I love). This book was definitely different than her usual, but was the perfect thriller go kick off the new year! 

5. Watch me Fall

by KC Kean


There is usually never a series that I start and don’t finish but sadly, that was the case here. I can normally handle pretty intense erotic scenes, but I was just not feeling this one.

6. The Love Hypothesis

by Ali Hazelwood

I had to immediately recover from the last book. so I picked a safe choice. This book was just as cute as everyone says it is. I loved it!

7. Messing with the Billionaire

by Breezie Bennett

Also on Kindle Unlimited – this was a pretty cute romance. It was super predictable though. It’s book 1 in a series of 5 – but I wasn’t immediately feeling the need to read the second one. I will probably come back to this series later in the year, when I need a quick and cute read.

8. The Hating Game

by Sally Thorne

I loved this book so so so much! I even rented the movie right after! Which I hardly ever do. Definitely will be one of my top ten this year!

9. Find Me

by Alafair Burke


This was a very typical Alafair Book story – that being said – it didn’t really wow me. It was entertaining for sure, but definitely not the most exciting thriller of the year! 

10. Made in Manhattan

by Lauren Layne

Not my normal romance style book, but it was super cute. This is definitely a lighthearted read. Think small-town boy in the big city type of love story!

11. Greenwich Park

by Katherine Faulkner 



I was so excited about this thriller – but it was a little bit of a letdown. The writing was amazing, but I found it a little bit predictable. I also may have been a little sensitive to it since so much of the story revolves around pregnancy.

12. On a Night Like This

by Lindsey Kelk

I absolutely fell in love with this book. It’s a true modern-day Cinderella story. It was funny, light-hearted, and romantic! Definitely read this if you’re a rom-com fan!

13.  She Regrets Nothing

by Andrea Dunlop


I was not in a reading mood when I started this and so it started off a little slow for me (by no fault of the book). I’m glad I stuck it through because it reminded me a lot of Gossip Girl / The Great Gatsby which are two of my favorite things. 

14. The Roughest Draft

by Emily Wibberley


THE BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR!!! I know it’s a little early to call, but I absolutely loved this story and never wanted it to end. Two ex-lovers locked in a beach house writing a romance novel – honestly the perfect recipe for a good book. I was SO invested in their story and couldn’t stop thinking about it afterward. I am manifesting they make this a movie.

15. Meet You in The Middle

by Devon Daniels


This book was also super cute. It. reminded me a lot of The Hating Game, but add in a little politics (not too heavy on this I promise. I wish this were a series because I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s even more impressive that this was her debut novel – I expect many great things to come! 

16. Sunrise over Bali

by Sandy Barker

I was hoping reading this book would bring back all of my honeymoon memories – but it was much more Eat Pray Love than it was honeymoon on the beach. That being said, it was still okay- I just had the very wrong perception before I even started it. 

17. Love at First Spite

by Anna E. Collins


This was another super cute and easy-to-read romance novel. I found the characters super likable and the plot was relatable for anyone who has ever wanted revenge on an ex LOL. 

18. The Paris Apartment

by Lucy Foley

Lucy Foley can do no wrong in my book. Her last one made it to my top ten list last year. She is the ultimate thriller writer and this did not disappoint. I did find it different than her others which was refreshing. She definitely has Colleen Hoover style range, which I can appreciate. 

19. One Night on the Island

by Josie Silver


I feel like it is going to be so hard to choose the best ten books of the year this year. It’s not even March and I have read so many good ones. This is definitely a contender – she also wrote One Day in December which I absolutely loved. 

20. Hook, Line and Sinker

by Tessa Bailey

This was definitely one of the most anticipated books of 2022, for me at least. I was OBSESSED with her last book and hated waiting for the follow-up. One of my favorite series ever! If you haven’t read book one, It Happened One Summer, then stop what you’re doing immediately and do so. 

21. The Stopover

by T.L. Swan


22. The Takeover

by T.L. Swan


Since it’s a series, going to write about these two together! It was the perfect amount of smut / romance. I love when there is a perfect balance between the two. There is one more book in the series, but I will come back to it.

23. The Fine Print

by Lauren Asher


Not gonna lie, I did not love this one. The male protagonist just seemed super unbelievable and the whole theme park of it all was just not my jam.

24. The Golden Couple

by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

This on the other hand – was GOOD. I absolutely love a thriller with a therapist aspect to it- and this one was wild. So many amazing twists and turns, I could not put it down!

25. Got Anything Stronger

by Gabrielle Union



I absolutely adored her first book and her second might be even better. The first chapter was all about her infertility struggles, and I really appreciated her vulnerability.  It seems like surrogacy isn’t talked about openly as much as it should be, so that was very fascinating to hear more about. If you love celeb memoirs, you’ll be obsessed!

26.  A Not So Meet Cute

by Meghan Quinn

Okay, I had this on my list forever, but I hated the name and so I didn’t want to read it. Sounds so stupid I know. But I ended up loving the book! I borrowed a ton of her other books on Kindle Unlimited to read next! 

27. 12 Seconds in the Dark 

by John Mattingly


I heard an interview with John on the Megyn Kelly podcast and I ordered the book immediately. I highly recommend reading this if you only get your news from the mainstream media. It was. so eye-opening and so very important to explore all sides of a story. 

28. Put me in Detention

by Meghan Quinn


I remember I started this book at a pedicure and had to keep reading because it was so juicy and good!

29. The Reunion

by Meghan Quinn


This book was super sweet. I normally don’t love when the narrator shifts between too many characters,  but Meghan Quinn did it really well. If you’re looking for a heartwarming story with a little bit of steaminess, you will love this one! 

30. The Arrangement

by Kiersten Modglin

31. The Amendment

by Kiersten Modglin


This series is twisted AF – and nothing like I expected it to be. It was super dark and reminded me a lot of Pretty Girls (the most disturbing book I’ve ever read) – but I had to keep reading to find out what happened. 

32. Things We Never Got Over

by Lucy Score

I love an evil twin moment and this book was the perfect combo of rom com / thriller. It was sweet but also suspenseful. My favorite combo!

33. The Younger Wife

by Sally Hepworth


Sally Hepworth can do no wrong – she is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to suspense writers. I have to say, I am pretty good at guessing the twists – but this one was WILD and totally unexpected. Another 10/10 from her! 

34. Marx Girl

by T.L. Swan


You know I love a good bad boy protagonist and Ben was the perfect one. I also love a forbidden romance – this was so juicy and good, I breezed right through it! 

35. Mr. Masters

by T.L. Swan


I guess April was just the month of dirty romance books for me. Because of my back injury, I had a ton of time to just lay and read – and these types of books are so addicting! If you love the single dad love story – this was a good one! 

36. The Rake

by L.J. Shen

This book was so unbelievable (and not in the good way) – and pretty unremarkable. Probably because I didn’t realize it was the fourth book in a series – oops. 

37. Stiff

38. Strip


39. Stroke

40. My Own Terms

by Stephanie Nicole Norris

This series was SPICY – I could have done without the last book –  it was a little too much for even me – but I really enjoyed the other three!  Side note:  these book covers get more and more LOL the deeper I get into my romance obsession. 

41.  The Plan

by Karla Sorensen


Why do I keep reading series out of order?!? Ugh – but it was a standalone series and I loved this. I’m such a sucker for the athlete love story / forbidden romance. SO GOOD!

42. The Bet


43. The Secret

44. The Pact

by Max Monroe


This was my first time reading Max Monroe and I absolutely fell in love with her books. This is a series, but each book is a standalone story about each Winslow Brother. I already pre-ordered the fourth book in the series that comes out in July!

45. The Casanova

by T.L. Swan


I finally finished up the Miles High series! This one had it all – forbidden romance with a boss, secret online dating and lots of steamy scenes! 

46. Gravity


47. Free Fall

by Sara Cate

To be totally transparent – this series was intense and I probably should have read the description better. But at the same time, it totally sucked me in. The second one was MFM romance (male female male) – which is totally not my vibe but the story was soooooo good and different from what I usually read. 

48. The Billionaire Boss Next Door

by Max Monroe


This book had me cracking up. The story is so cute and I will definitely read the rest of the series! Well done!

49. Beautiful Monster

by Sara Cate


This book is an age gap forbidden romance with the girl next door – the story line was kind of unbelievable but I loved the characters!

50. Best I Ever Had

by S.L. Scott

I read this book on the plane and I didn’t want it to end! There are so many good twists in this book – I couldn’t stop reading it!

51. The Last Eligible Billionaire

by Pippa Grant



This book had it all – love, lots of laughs and plenty of steamy scenes! So cute! 


52. Betrayed

by Brie Paisley


Guys, I barely remember reading this book LOL – I went back and read the description and was like – wut. So I guess it wasn’t too memorable- oh well!


53. Dopamine Nation

by Anna Lembke


I read this book in Cabo and it is FASCINATING. It’s a must-read for everyone!

54. No Holds Barred

by Stephanie Nicole Norris

This book was very cute and I will eventually read the rest of the series!

55. The Virgin and the Beast



56. Hunter



57. The Virgin Next Door

58. Reece

59. Jeremiah
 by Stasia Black

Okay, the first book of this series was based on Beauty and The Beast and I was obsessed. The second one was Snow White- but then I couldn’t figure out the rest. They got a little weirder as the series went on, but I still finished! Yellowstone meets 50 Shades vibes!

60. Greed

61. Lust 

by Eva Charles


Not my fav series, and I probably won’t finish. But it is on Kindle Unlimited and wasn’t terrible – just not obsessed.

62. Dirty Curve

by Meagan Brandy


Ever since Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill, I am a sucker for a tutor/athlete love story. This one was a cute & quick read!


63. Shameless King

by Maya Hughes


I love an enemies to lovers meets college sports story – and even though most of them are the same I just can’t stop!

64. Say You Swear

by Meagan Brandy


Don’t let the cover of this book fool you – it was so cute. I seriously cried and that never happens. I loved it! 

65. Off with My Head

by Stassi Schroeder

I loved Stassi’s first book and this one was so much better! I loved reading all about her pregnancy and how it changed her! 

66. Book Lovers

by Emily Henry


This book was a total slow burn but it was so worth it! Emily Henry is such an amazing story teller, and this book was perfect!

67. Praise

68. Eyes on Me

by Sara Cate


I rarely think the second book is better than the first but this is an exception! They are both naughty forbidden romances! But you can definitely read them as standalone books if you want to. 

69.  Chasing Love

70.  Chasing Us

by Kat T. Masen

This series has me HOOKED. I can’t believe there are four more books! I can’t wait to read the rest. 

71. Summer Love

by Nancy Thayer


I am not the biggest fan when books switch from past to present – but I was so desperate for a beach read. didn’t even care! The only thing I would change would be that I read this laying by the pool!

72.  Purple Orchids

73. White Lillies


74. Black Roses

by Samantha Christy

Another quick and easy-to-read romance series! These were a little far-fetched but I loved them nonetheless!

75. Every Summer After

by Carley Fortune


I cannot believe this was. her debut novel – I want to read 100 more by her! I cannot recommend this enough – I am in love with her writing and with these characters and everything about this book. Top 10 of 2022 for sure!!!! Cannot wait for her next one. 


76. Chasing Her

by Kat T Masen

77. Something Wilder 

by Christina Lauren 



This is not my normal style book but I love Christina Lauren. They are two best friends which I love – writing a book together has always been a goal of ours. This is not your typical summer beach read, but it is still super outdoorsy and it totally worked! It reminded me a lot of Fool’s Gold. I love a second chance romance and definitely recommend this one!

78. The Trouble with Love

79. The Trouble with Us 

by Kat T. Masen


This series is pretty wild. I actually read these backward on accident, but it didn’t matter too much. I liked that they were their own standalone books. Very spicy! 


80. Those Three Words

by Alexis Winter


I am a sucker for the nanny / single dad trope and this one was so good!

81. The Summer Place

by. Jennifer Weiner


Not my favorite from Jennifer Weiner, but I didn’t hate it either. There were a lot of characters to keep up with and I find that hard to do, especially since I read so fast. It was pretty cute though!


82. Meant to Be

by Emily Giffin


I absolutely love Emily Giffin and this book is already in my top ten best books of 2022. It is a spin on the JFK Jr.  & Carolyn love  story.  It was incredible and I finished it in one sitting.  I promise you will love it. 

83. Those Three Little Words

by Meghan Quinn


I swear I didn’t purposely read two books with almost the exact same title on purpose. I promise you, they are very different. I love a good sports romance and this one was super cute. 

84. Addicted to  You

85. Ricochet

86. Addicted for Now

by Krista Ritchie 

This series is WILD. I have to take a little break because it’s a lot.  It’s about a sex addict dating an alcoholic. It’s such a fascinating story but it’s a lot.

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from the Ashley and Emily blog shares Every Book I Read in 2022 - with her review of each.

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