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Ashley’s Amazon Favorites April 2021

If you’re wanting restaurant-level chopped salad at home, to avoid any sort of over-the-top summer shine of your face, and love gummy candy as much as I do, I think you’ll find a lot of things to add to cart from my April Amazon buys!

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Ashley’s Amazon Favorites April 2021

Salad Chopper



Chopped salads are just better, period. There’s no argument there as far as I’m concerned! Getting this salad chopper off Amazon last month was a game changer, and I can’t believe I ever went without it. Now, every time I make a salad at home, it’s chopped up perfectly into delicious, bite-size pieces just like a restaurant, and I’m obsessed! 


Cheetah Masks



A 50-pack of disposable cheetah print masks?! Yes, please! Mask up but make it fashion.


Oil Absorbing Roller



My skin is already prone to getting oily, and the summertime temperatures exacerbate that. This oil-absorbing face roller by Revlon is truly revolutionary and WORKS. It’s like blotting papers but so much better and easier to use. It both massages your face while mattifying it, so you don’t look shiny in the wrong places. It’s also small enough to fit perfectly in your purse, so you can take it anywhere!


Finishing Touch Hair Remover



We all have unwanted, unnoticeable peach fuzz on our faces somewhere. Unless you get your entire face lasered, which is tempting but expensive. This little $20 facial hair remover is a miracle worker. Use it on your upper lip, side burns, cheeks, etc for smooth, hairless skin. Hair doesn’t grow back thicker or darker either! I love this thing.


Mighty Patch



Pimple patches are gaining more and more popularity, and the Mighty Patch is the OG. It works best on true whiteheads and all you have to do is place the patch over your pimple and remove it once the patch turns white (minimum time is 6 hours, so it’s best to wear these overnight), and voile! Your whitehead is handled without you picking at it and damaging your skin.


Hanes Four Pack



The hubs loves a basic t-shirt, so I grabbed him a 4-pack of Hanes’ ComfortSoft T-shirts which he loves. They’re super soft and wash up really well!


Water Bottle



Why is drinking enough water so hard?! No matter how much of a concentrated effort I make, I never seem to hit the mark so I bought this 1 gallon motivational water bottle in April in an effort to stay hydrated, and it’s working! I also love this bottle because it has a handle so it’s easy to carry from the car to the gym to the house to wherever; plus, you can choose whether or not you want to use the built-in straw! Swig or sip—either way, you’ll be drinking way more water with this bottle.


Mango Syrup



‘Tis the season for fruity drinks, and I am so excited that I discovered this mango flavored syrup on Amazon! Mango is my favorite flavor, and adding just a bit of it to sparkling water, sodas, and lemonade kicks it up 10 notches. I’ve even had a few mocktails with it, and they’re so good! Highly recommend.


Swedish Fish Variety Pack



I am craving candy so hard with this pregnancy. I’m trying to keep a cap on it, but man, it’s hard. Swedish Fish have always been my weakness, so I ordered this 4-pack variety featuring assorted flavors, half and half flavors, tropical flavors, and minis, and well… let’s just say I’ll be ordering them again really soon.


Skittles Gummies



I also got some Skittles Gummies on Amazon last month, which are soooo good. I just love any and all gummy candy, so I knew I’d love these, too.


Crystal Straws



I don’t know how much ‘healing’ these rose quartz crystal straws really do, I just know they look extremely pretty in drinks! All we use are reusable straws anymore, so I wanted to get an elevated set to serve guests that weren’t boring, all stainless steel. 


Family Calendar



This is by far my most favorite thing I’ve ordered from Amazon in a while. It’s a customizable, acrylic family calendar that you can personalize down to the names of each family member, chores, grocery lists and more! I love it so much, especially because you can easily wipe it clean to start a fresh month and have fun with coordinating tasks with colors. Such a good investment, and one we literally use every single day!


Pastel Hair Clips



I needed new hair clips to get my hair out of my face when I’m putting on makeup, washing up, or styling other sections of my hair and wanted to be fun with it, so I got these super cute pastel hair clips and love them!




Car Seat Key



The release button on car seats has caused me way more stress and frustration than I care to admit. However, that all changed in April when I ordered these Car Seat Keys! It’s $25 for a pack of two, and if you’re like me and have ever contemplated just giving up and taking the baby and the car seat into the store with you, you need these.


Baby No Show Socks


Because toddlers know how the wrong sock sticking out of a shoe can ruin a whole look, too!


Pop Tubes



These brightly colored pop tubes have been super popular with Baby Joe. They can pull them, push them, and get creative with these crinkly popping tubes for hours of entertainment. Plus, they are recommended by doctors and teachers to encourage fine motor skills, hand strength, and bilateral skills!


Stick on Placemats



No parent likes an easily manipulated and moveable placemat, and these sticky, disposable placemats are the perfect solution. They’re especially great for dining out; just stick one of these on the table, and you avoid any messes or serious clean-up at your favorite restaurant! 


Kids Table



It was time to get Baby Joe his own little play table, so we went with this one and love it. Super easy to assemble and the perfect height and amount of space to grow into for the next few years!


Play Kitchen Set



Is there anything cuter than watching your baby play make-believe with pretend food?! It’s just the sweetest activity, and Joe has been having the best time with this 35 piece play kitchen set from Amazon. It even comes with stainless steel pots and pans! I’ve had some of the best meals of my life from this play kitchen. 

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares her top Amazon Favorites April 2021 - everything she bought last month. Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares her top Amazon Favorites April 2021 - everything she bought last month.

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