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2019 Amazon Favorites May


2019 Amazon Favorites May

It’s time for my favorite post of the month! 2019 Amazon Favorites for May! This month, we have so many good items, and quite the random selection of products, which is typically how these posts go. I’m covering everything from my 3 pack of headbands to my favorite wrinkle releaser, and some books I’ve read and loved this month. Keep reading for all the best Amazon finds from May!

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2019 Amazon Favorites for May:

Oversized Square Sunglasses


Sadly, I lost a pair of my FAVORITE sunglasses in April, and with the wedding and honeymoon, I was spending so much money. But I needed new sunglasses to shoot with and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend a ton of money on replacing them, and Amazon to the rescue! These are actually Celine dupes, and actually, I like them better.

The Friends We Keep


It’s my favorite time of year — summer reading season! This Jane Green book was great – actually very different from her usual, but very enjoyable nonetheless. If you are looking for a summer read, order this ASAP!

Cross Knot Headbands


So many of my old favorite trends are coming back — including headbands! You guys all loved the throwbacks of Emily and I from college in our headbands, lol! I wasn’t sure how bought into this trend I would be so I ordered some cheap ones to test it out and you guys were obsessed!

Mrs. Everything


Another amazing summer read — I’ve never read a Jennifer Wiener book I didn’t love. I actually ordered two of these — one as a gift for a friend who’s going through a hard time.

Thayer’s Toner


This came highly recommended to me by my girlfriend Hillary. It’s also so highly rated on Thrive Market — I wanted something super gentle to use when my skin was acting up!

Workout Tanks


I am a huge fan of Emily’s Amazon tanks she recommended months ago – but I also have back fat, and they are super low on the side. So depending on what bra I wear, the back roll is out on display — but I loved the price and fit of them so I ordered a different cut from the same brand — obsessed!

Velvet Pants Hangers


The regular version of these made my favorites last month — but I normally don’t have that many items to hang so I just awkwardly rotate my skirts and pants on whatever free Nordstrom hangers I have in my closet – but I found these and am obsessed!

White Noise Sound Machine


My insomnia and anxiety have been out of control lately and podcasts are just not doing it for me anymore. I love this little machine to drown out all the sounds, and perhaps even, a snoring husband.

Aviator Two Pack


Same deal as above — did not want to spend a ton of money on replacing my Ray Bans and these are legit the exact same! Plus you get 2 pairs for 90% cheaper than one pair of real ones!


Oversized Square Sunglasses


Another amazing sunglass find — I may never buy designer sunglasses again! I got these in two colors!

Mrs. Meyers Laundry


This find actually came from you guys! When I put up a questions box on stories asking what to get at Target, lots of you said the Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets. Well, I loved them and got the soap too!

Lip Smacker Set


Like I said, everything old is coming back again and I am here for it.

Plantain Chips


Did you know Amazon has their own line of snacks? And I’ve bought them all, haha. These ones are so good! I just love the convenience of them!

Packable Hat


I think I have said enough about this hat, but I can’t stop wearing it so I included it again!

Wrinkle Release


This is a product I put in my wedding bathroom stations, and now one that I won’t leave the house without! It’s perfect if you are a blogger or just a girl on the go! I always have the travel size in my purse! It’s so great for getting wrinkles out in a pinch!



Packed this for the bachelorette party this weekend! It is so chic and looks way more expensive than it is! This was one of your favorites from the Amazon coverups post!

Mask Brush Set


Never thought $4 could make my life so much better. I look forward to self-care Sunday every week, and I love applying masks with these silicone brushes! You will never put a mask on with your fingers again.

Mosquito Repellent Wipes


Summer for me means being eaten alive by mosquitos. No matter what. I legit got 30 or so on our honeymoon – never fails. We are heading up to the lake next weekend and these babies are already packed in my weekend bag! I especially love these because they’re individually wrapped and travel really well.

Travel Skincare Containers


How I went so many years without this set is beyond me. Life changing.

Gray Malin Italy


I pre-ordered this to arrive the day it came out and haven’t stopped looking at it since. It reminds me so much of our trip to Positano and is inspiring so many more destinations to come.












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