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How To Tie Blanket Scarf: Five Steps

Have you ever tried (and failed miserably) to wear a blanket scarf? Well, I have. Many times. For me, this accessory is extremely tricky. I have ordered and returned so many because they were too bulky, too itchy, too long, too short, etc. After many failed attempts, I think I finally figured it out. After finally getting it right, I tried to narrow down the problems of my previous tries.

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1) It’s all about the fold- if you don’t fold and arrange your scarf right it can look messy.See my tutorial below for how to fold your blanket scarf properly.
2) You must wear the right jacket. If your jacket is bulky, your scarf will look bulky too. I’ve always been claustrophobic, turtlenecks are seriously my worst nightmare, so I need to not feel cramped in the neck area. This BB Dakota trench from last year is perfect- it’s lightweight and easy to layer on top of. I also love pairing this scarf with my Old Navy military jacket.
3) If you have thick hair, put it up! I have SO much hair, so throwing it up in a top-knot really helps finish off this look. I have tried to wear it down and wavy, but it just looks like there’s too much going on!
If you have any blanket scarf tips, we would love to hear them!

How To Tie A Blanket Scarf

Step 1: Fold your scarf in half to create a “triangle.”
Step 2: Place triangle tip in front of you and facing downward.
Step 3: Wrap the two ends around the back of your neck.


Step 4: Bring the ends back around to the front, and place them underneath the “triangle.”
Step 5: Tuck and adjust the ends underneath the front of your scarf until you have the placement and the volume that you love!


The End!




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