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Ashley’s Amazon Favorites July 2020

There are a TON of baby products in this month’s Amazon favorites – but that’s really all I’ve been ordering! We are trying to save money for house stuff, and so I haven’t bought a lot for myself this month. I always compile this, by just going back through my orders and sharing what I bought that month!

Amazon Favorites July 2020


Safe Place by Anna Downes


My quest to 100 books continues! I read SO many books in July – see the full list HERE.

Cat Eye Sunglasses


I seriously can’t stop wearing these – they are so cheap and so good!

Baby Clothes

Okay, I am just going to admit it –  I have a HUGE problem with buying too many clothes for baby Joe. Like, I can’t stop. But it was starting to hurt my bank account, so I went on an Amazon hunt. I have a very particular vibe for him, and it’s hard to find affordable, netural clothes for a baby boy. Way harder than I thought it would be – so I scoured their site and found some super cute items – for literally half the price I was paying at some of our other favorite stores. I would call that a win!


Snug Fit Pjs

Ribbed PJ Shorts

Ribbed Romper

Sleeveless Ribbed Set

Ribbed Summer Set

Moon and Back Two Pack

Elephant Sleeper


Baby Toys / Accessories

Ball Pit 


Mam Teether


I had this in my drawer for a while – and thank God I did, because when the teething started – he needed it. And he is obsessed!

Splat Mat


Feeding kids is MESSY – and I just wanted something quick and easy to put under his high chair that wasn’t terribly ugly! It has been a godsend.

Saline Spray


Oogie Bear


The combo of these two products is my new favorite thing. We love the Frida baby for actual snot – but it is hard to get out boogers. This little scooper is amazing – and when used with the saline spray- it’s easy breezy.

Teething Gel


Another item I am so glad I had on hand – we find it easiest to rub it on his binky!


Baby Beach Tent


We got this for a trip to Tahoe, that we actually canceled but it’s so nice for the pool or playing out in the grass too! He loves to play in there when Joe is washing the cars!

Baby Paper


Crinkly toys are his favorite right now – and this two-pack is super cheap and cute! I keep them in my diaper bag for when we’re on the go.

Drawer Organizers


Needed these for the above-mentioned clothes buying addiction. I love that they’re adjustable. I think I am going to get them for my bras & underwear too!

Four Piece Climber


He is a little young for this – but I couldn’t resist. I know he will grow into it, and we use it to practice sitting up. He loves the little slide!

Pikler Triangle


I am always on the hunt for toys that aren’t hideous – especially because the way our house is set up — all of his crap is just visible from our living room. I love that Montessori toys are all pretty neutral and also amazing for their development. He loves this for sitting up and we will eventually add on the ramp and the other accessories!


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