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Ash & Em’s Bestsellers of 2020


Ash & Em’s Bestsellers of 2020

Thank you all for an incredible 2020. We love this community SO very much and we appreciate you all sharing your lives with us as we share our lives with you. 2020 was trying for so many, we were right there with you, but it also brought about so much good. Thank you for being there for the good, the bad and the ugly of the past year… we can’t wait for a lighter and brighter 2021.


Tatcha sets are always some of our bestsellers and it is no wonder why. Their products are absolutely incredible and QVC always has the best deals on them. The set that is currently available is over $100 off and contains so many of our favorite Tatcha products. The rice enzyme powder is one of the best exfoliators out the here! I cannot wait for after the baby – that is always when my skin does best with Tatcha!

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

We both LOVE our barefoot dreams blankets!!! They are the softest things ever and we both have multiples! This is definitely a purchase you won’t regret!

Louboutin Bootie

These booties are my favorite purchase I made all year and you all went crazy for them too. Not only are they GORGEOUS… but the red soles make such a statement. They are also just THE MOST comfortable boots out there!

Dyson Hot Cool

This was the MVP of 2020! With as much as we were at home, it was so nice to be able to have our homes at the perfect temp! Ash has these throughout her house, and Em keeps hers in her bathroom! She uses the hot function when the kids are in the bath, and the cool function when she is blow drying and doing her makeup!

Personal Microderm

This Microderm Set is SO amazing. SO many of our friends have raved about this facial too… and after using it… we are both obsessed. It provides a gentle exfoliation and our skin is soft and smooth after using it.

Traeger Grill

I got Joe the Traeger grill for Christmas after SO many of our friends LOVED it. We are so excited to fire it up this weekend and share what we make!

Darla Dress

I got this dress for Baby Joe’s baptism and absolutely fell in love. I also wore it for our Christmas family photos – just in a different color. I love that it is totally multipurpose – you can wear the sweater as a separate and the slip dress underneath with moto jackets or other sweaters for a totally different look!

Arden Top

The Arden top is one of our favorite layering tees of all time. We love that it is super lightweight, comes in a ton of colors, has thumbholes, and is the perfect length for leggings. It totally covers your bum, and is still long enough to be tied up in front!

Butter Bralette

They’re just THE softest bra out there that allows you to pull it down to nurse. I don’t know about you, but when I am nursing, my nipples get SO sore at first, and I just want THE softest bra out there. Well… I’ve found it and it is SO amazing! They don’t call it the “butter bra” for nothing!

Always Fits Jeans

The best jeans ever and you all seem to agree. This is Good American’s most innovative jean, designed to be one-size-fits-FOUR. They’re sized as 00-4, 6-12, 14-18, 20-26, and 28-32. Don’t overthink it—just order your size and prepare to fall in love!

Shark Vacuum

2020 was also the year of the vacuum. We were both home with the kids A LOT more than we had planned and you know what that means – all the messes. This one is made for cars but works so well in the kitchen too! This one here is also on sale right now!

Tanning Drops

These are the easiest way to keep your face looking tan and glowy all the time! I love them because you just mix them into your serum or moisturizer so it’s not adding another step to your routine. Be sure to wash your hands after!

Face Oil No. 9

Miracle oil alert! Since we both live in Reno, our skin is always super dry! Thanks to the Face Oil No. 9 – we don’t have to worry about it! Face Oil N°9 is made up of nine incredible oils that provide an intense moisture boost. We also love that Fact Oil No 9  offers protection from oxidative stress that results in the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

Balancing Gel Cleanser

The balancing gel cleanser is a daily staple for us. We both abide by the double cleansing rule, so we both start with the Cleansing Balm first to remove our makeup, then follow up with this gel. Remember: one cleanse is never enough. Always cleanse twice to guarantee you’re removing all dirt and makeup so your skin is happy!

Beauty Bio R45

I love this retinol program from Beauty Bio so much. It is so potent that you only have to use it twice a year. What I really love about it is that the strength of the retinol builds over the 45-day program so you never get that dry, flaky, chapped feeling that so many other retinol products will give you. I also love that the system uses a retinol/peptide mix – so you’re getting hydration in addition to the retinol. This system just makes your skin GLOW! If you are in your mid-20s – I cannot explain how important it is to start on a retinol program. Retinol aids in cell turnover and collagen production and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I have prescription strength retinol from my doctor and I actually hate it because of how harsh it is on my skin. R45 is the answer to all the problems I have with other retinol products.

Philosophy Set

This philosophy set was such a great deal for an anti aging serum! My sister and countless others rave over this line and it is easy to see why!

Parker Shorts

These are the best jean shorts in the world in my opinion. This year it sounds like they run a little small – so my advice is to always size up in jean shorts.

Coverup Maxi Dress

Okay, this may be the one wildcard best seller of the month – since none of us can travel right now. But the price is a steal, and it gets you excited for all the places you can wear it once this is all over.

Align Leggings

These are my favorite workout leggings, and Emily’s favorite leggings of all time.  There is no pair softer and they are just sooooo comfortable. They come in 17 colors and prints. I wear size 8.


Powered by ultrasonic skin scrubbing and infusion technology, the Dermapore deep cleans your skin by removing dirt and oil, and enhances helps with the application of your favorite skincare products with a tapping motion of Dermapore. With a uniquely shaped spatula treatment head for a more comfortable experience and better access to tight areas, Dermapore delivers a spa-quality treatment in privacy of your own home.


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