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Ashley’s Amazon Favorites May 2021

Frozen pickle pops, a perfect baby float for little Joe, and the most comfortable ribbed and maternity-friendly skirt for summer are just some of my recent favorite Amazon buys!


Amazon Heels


Quilted heels and slides are the trend of the season, and I can’t get enough of them. These beauties are from Amazon and under $50. They look and feel as good as designers’ versions of this trend, too. Love them!



Quilted Slides


Like I just said, quilted heels or slides are summer 2021’s hottest item in terms of feet. These flat quilted slides are also from Amazon and are around the same price at $43.99!



Mindfulness Journal


I know my gratitude and positive mindset is always a work in progress, which is why I bought and have been loving this mindfulness journal. It’s 200 pages and how I start each morning. I take a second to open a new page and fill out the prompts which include a mental health check-in, gratitude list, a positive affirmation, and a daily intention. Bonus that it was made my one of my dear friends, Ange



Water Wings


Baby Joe loves the pool and it loves him! We’ve already gotten our wear out of these adorable water wings, and summer has barely started. The water wings are for 30-50 pound babes, and come in a variety of colors and cute designs!



Mambobaby Float


This baby float has also been amazing for pool season so far. It provides a safe and fun environment for them and encourages practice for both the breaststroke and backstroke! This Mambobaby Float also:

  • Is fully sealed with a waterproof membrane in the middle for a fast dry
  • Has a removable tail so the float will never flip over
  • Offers adjustable sizing
  • Has a removable UPF50 plus sun canopy to keep baby’s skin away from sun


Sandwich Cutter & Sealer


Poolside sandwiches during the summer just hit different, and these sandwich containers both cut and seal sandwiches so they’re crustless and fresh for your kiddos!  




The summer heat can be unrelenting and, sometimes, you need a break from living in the pool. I love to load up on puzzles for the summertime; it gives us a family activity to do indoors in the A/C without our phones or the TV blaring. I love all of White Mountain’s puzzles off Amazon!


Straw Cup


I’m a big Dr. Brown fan, and this sippy straw bottle with handles is perfect for Baby Joe right now. No leaking, no spilling, and he can easily tote it around with him everywhere he goes! I was scared to get him off the bottle, but thanks to these, the transition wasn’t terrible. 


Ribbed Skirt


I’m getting to the point where all I want to wear is stretchy everything, and this ribbed skirt is a mama-to-be’s dream come true. Easy to slip on and off, incredibly stretchy so it grows with you and the baby, and looks great with a tank top or crop top. I want one in every color, and they have a lot to choose from!


Sunflower Seeds


I am craving sunflower seeds lately. I just want all the salt, and these are definitely my sodium Achilles heel! $15 for 36 bags of them from Amazon?! Such a steal and so satiating.


Maternity Underwear


I forget how I even discovered these high-waisted maternity undies, but I love them so much and can’t recommend them enough. They come in a pack of 3 for $25 and are seamless, so no embarrassing maternity underwear lines underneath your dresses and skirts this summer! 



Pickle Pops


Speaking of sodium, I am obsessed with Pickle-Ice. They’re pickled flavored freeze pops, and if that doesn’t scream pregnancy stereotype, I don’t know what does. I love them, though, and they’re electrolyte-enhanced to replenish you during the hottest summer days! These were the number one rec for my middle-of-the-night leg cramps and so far, so good! 





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