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Ashley’s Amazon Favorites September 2020

Moving into our new home meant lots of fun home organization stuff from Amazon this month! And I stocked up on ALL the fall sweaters – they are soooo good!!!

Amazon Favorites September 2020




The only way to keep your glass shower door completely spotless, and I love that it’s marble print. Fun fact: My sister and I weren’t allowed to leave the house unless the shower was squeegeed. Old habits die hard, I guess. 


Sock and Underwear Organizers



These are life-changing and drawer-changing. Trust me. 


Toilet Paper Holder



If you’re looking to fancy-up the way you store toilet paper, this brass holder is perfect. Who knew toilet paper could look so chic as it waits its turn to be used?!


Beauty Lazy Susan



Lazy Susans offer so much. I love this specific one because it’s tall enough to house all your taller beauty products, from hair stuff to lotions and cleansers!


Batwing Wrap Cardigan



The comfiest wrap cardigan you can cozy up in all fall and winter. I love the “bat wings” on this, and that it comes in so many different colors so you can choose which one best matches your wardrobe!


Turtleneck Tunic



If you’re super short, this is an amazing sweater dress for fall/winter. If you’re not super short, this is an amazing tunic with jeans, and it comes in 8 different colors! The best Free People Dupe ever!


Side Slit Waffle Top



This top quickly became a favorite of mine last month. It’s so loose and comfortable, which makes it perfect to throw on for a fall day of errands or even a casual date night. 


Asymmetrical Turtleneck



Amazon has all the sweaters, you guys! I love the asymmetric hem on this one, and that it’s a chunky turtleneck. Can’t wait to cozy up in this by the fire!


Probiotic Gummies



Emily’s Joe kept going on about how great these daily probiotics are, so I finally buckled and decided to order some. I’ve been taking them for about a month now, and all I have to say is WOW. 10/10 recommend if you’re looking for a tasty probiotic gummy!


Stainless Steel Wipes




Once you get these and use them on your stainless steel appliances, you will never go back. Trust me. They’re little miracle working sheets!


Hint Blackberry



I wish they made more blackberry-flavored stuff because I seriously love it. I got a case of Hint water and have been going through it like, well, water! Only really yummy, flavored water.


The Drop Blazer



If you’re looking for a longer blazer, look no further. This one by The Drop is perfect. It’s only $70, great quality, and looks good on literally everyone! 


The Hotel Room Spray



I shared this incredible scented oil last month, and realized I love it so much, I wanted it in a spray form, too. It really transports you to that 5-star hotel life in just a few spritzes–glorious!


Learning Cube



Em told me to get this to help Baby Joe sit up, and it worked! He’s sitting up all on his own for long periods. This is a miracle toy! 


Covered in Prayer Blanket



I saw Khloe’s daughter, True, carrying this Barefoot Dreams blanket through the airport, so I got it for Toots to one day carry through the airport (but just around the house for now).


Silicone Loofahs


You know how much bacteria a regular ole loofah holds? A lot. I made the switch to the much more sanitary silicone loofahs a while ago and haven’t looked back. Highly recommend! 


Fall Flavor Nespresso Pack



Hazelnut muffin. Vanilla custard pie. Caramel cookie. Morning coffee is about to be even tastier than it already is! So excited about this flavor profile from Nespresso.


Honest Alcohol Wipes



We primarily use these Honest wipes to clean Toots’ helmet, but they’re super handy to have around in general. Grab some while they’re in stock! 


Fuzzy Cardigan



This open front cardigan though! It’s so soft, has pockets, and is easy to throw on over a tank or tee. What more do you need when it comes to fall fashion?


Waffle Knit Hoodie



I love the waffle knit detailing on the hood and cuffs of this hoodie. It sets it apart and makes it a bit sporty while staying super cute. 

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd from the Ashley and Emily blog shares her Amazon Favorites September 2020. The best sweaters and home organization!

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