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Ashley’s Amazon Favs This Month


Ashley’s Amazon Favs This Month


Another month gone, another list of everything I spent my time adding to cart and purchasing from Amazon! I can’t believe September is here—truly, cannot wrap my head around it. But we’re not going to focus on that today. Today, I’m going to share all the goodies I got from Amazon in August that I’m super happy with!

Ashley’s Amazon Favs This Month

Baby Picker



Women like to pick, so it’s natural that we’re going to want to clean our babies’ noses, nails, and ears often. This 3-in-1 tool is so insanely handy for all of that! It’s only $10 and offers different tiny, safe tools that will keep your babe the cleanest you can!





Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oatmeal is my favorite, hands down. I make it for breakfast every single morning and throw in some berries and extra flax & chia seeds to bulk it up a bit more. It’s SO good!





Can I get a moment of silence for being DONE with breastfeeding?! It was a long journey and totally worth it, but me and my boobs feel free once more! After a lot of research, Earth’s Best Organic Low Lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron is the formula we’ve chosen to feed little Joe. So far, he’s loving it and is experiencing no digestive problems!


Sleep Sack




Whoever invited sleep sacks needs to win some sort of award. What would we do without them?! We have this sleep sack in two colors and just love it so much. It’s simple and straightforward while keeping the babe safe and snuggled. You can’t ask for much else!


Clothes Rack



Something I definitely wanted to add to our new home is a pretty, on display clothing rack. I went with this gold one from Amazon and love it! Easy to put together, the right height (59”), and looks so chic. 


Mix n Chop



They always tell you to break ground meat apart with a wooden spoon, which works great! But our friend Katy of Living My Best Style introduced us to this incredible contraption that makes dealing with ground meat 100% easier! It’s so inexpensive but basically invaluable in the kitchen, IMO.


The Hotel Oil 



You know that incredible scent really nice hotels have? It just smells… fresh. Like a spa. Since we’re not visiting any hotels any time soon, I got this bottle of “The Hotel” oil and diffuser from AromaTech to recreate that relaxing vibe in our home. The Hotel oil has hints of red rose, geranium, lavender, eucalyptus and fresh pine—in other words, it’s perfect. 


Follow Me Bee



Little baby boy is on the move, which can be hard to keep up with. This follow-me bee crawl toy both motivates him to keep moving and keeps him entertained as he makes his way across the floor! With three different stages of play, it covers the pre-crawler, beginner, and advanced crawler.


Wabi Inspirations



A new house means a brand new blank canvas. Our list of projects to accomplish in our new home is endless and so is our inspiration. I got this Wabi Inspiration coffee table book from famous interior designer Axel Vervoordt’s to keep our inspiration flowing (he decorated Kim and Kanye’s house!). The book itself is gorgeous to keep on display.


Lash Applicator



Because I want to look fabulous and that isn’t possible when I’m left to attempt applying my falsies with just my bare hands!


Play Pen


Did I mention I have a crawling baby? This was an addition last month that I’m super grateful for and has been game-changing to keep an eye on him!


Power Tower



Baby Joe’s favorite thing to play with are electrical cords! Awesome, right? I saw Emily got this power tower and immediately ordered one myself. It has helped SO much with avoiding any horrific accidents, and I love all the USB ports!


Toy Organizer



For the first time, we have a PLAYROOM in this new house! Can you tell I’m excited? My friend Kate Lemere shared this 16-bin toy organizer, and I ordered it immediately. I know it’s not going to be easy to keep things tidy the more Joe grows, but I can try!


Moving Labels


Do not waste your time labeling your moving boxes by hand. Just order this $12 set of labels ASAP—you future self will thank you!


Maldon Salt 


Have you watched Cameron Diaz’s IG cooking series? Well, she made me do it, and I’m forever grateful. Maldon salt just hits different!


Inflatable Pump




So handy for a number of things (including air mattresses), but we’ve been using it to inflate the baby pool in seconds!


Heated Blanket




Heating pads are for the birds. If you’re like me and experienced the most horrific first postpartum period (or have horrific cramps regardless), do yourself and your body a favor and treat yourself to one of these heated blankets. I swear it’s the only reason I’m alive today and able to write this post!


Teething Tube


Crawling, teething, what’s next!? I got baby Joe this great teething tube that you can also keep in the freezer to help them soothe their little mouths even more. He’s definitely enjoyed it!

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