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Ashley’s April 2019 Amazon Favorites

It’s my favorite time of the month – April Amazon Favorites! There are so many good finds this month! Head on over to our stories because I am sharing some of the highlights!

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Shop Ashley’s April 2019 Amazon Favorites:


Earring Set:


This was one of the best purchases ever. I didn’t want to bring a ton of my expensive jewelry on our honeymoon because I didn’t want to lose it, or worry about dropping an earring on the beach, but I still wanted to look cute. The palm leaf earrings really sold me!

Cross Anklet:


I decided on this trip, I wanted to bring back anklets. With all of the trends from my childhood making a comeback, I figured it would be something fun! Plus, I couldn’t beat the price!

Airspun Powder:


I saw this under the beauty bestsellers, and I thought it would be worth a try to see how it compared to the Huda baking powder that I love so much. We all love a good dupe and this is a good one!

Bottle Bright Tabs:


Is there anything more annoying than trying to clean out your water bottles. I am a water bottle collector. And not having a dishwasher makes this super tough. These tabs dissolve in the bottle and get them nice and clean! I will never go without them again!

Himalayan Salt Lamp:


I’m not sure if this actually helps me with my anxiety, but I do love the low light it gives off, and it’s super relaxing. Read more about the benefits here!

Pregnancy Pillow:

No, I am not pregnant. But you all recommended that I get this type of pillow to help me transition from being a stomach sleeper to a side sleeper. The biggest benefit for me, however, has been that laying in this makes it impossible to stay up scrolling on my phone. My sleep has never been better.

Melozio Nespresso Pods:


I thought this month it might be fun to share some of the items that I am actually subscribed to on Amazon. I get these Nespresso pods auto shipped to me every month. There is nothing worse than running out of these, especially because you can’t just buy them in a grocery store.

Upright Trainer:


I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical of this at first. But, I tried it at the Reward Style conference and it has made a huge difference in the awareness of my posture. You can either use it in training or tracking mode. This has helped me significantly with my injury and I highly request this for anyone who works on their phones or computers all day.

Stasher Bags:


I use this for a million different things. At home, I use them to pack my lunches, store stuff in the fridge. But for our honeymoon, I decided to use them to pack my jewelry and they worked perfectly!

Lens Cleaning Wipes:


I was influenced by Emily with these wipes. Traveling with her so much the past few months made me realize how much I needed to buy these for myself. She always has them in her purse and we use them to clean off our phones, sunglasses and laptops! Genius!

Packable Hat:


This just might be my favorite Amazon find of last month! This affordable hat comes in 23 colors, and was made to be packable! You can fold it up in your suitcase without worrying about it losing its shape! Mine is the Khaki color.

Blow Dry Brush:


This is an oldie but a goodie. Get a Dry Bar style blowout at home and save yourself a ton of cash in the long run!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides:


This is another item that I have on subscription. I use two scoops in my coffee every morning. I love what it does for your skin, hair and nails, plus each serving has 18g of protein. Best way to start your morning!

Velvet Hangers:


Living in the Bay Area, our closets are tiny, and these hangers create so much space! Your closet size will triple and you will never go back!

Memo Bottle:

I have a lot of water bottles, but this one is my new favorite. I love it because it can fit into the seat front pocket on a plane, fits flat in your backpack and is amazing for travel!

Packing Cubes:


These are one of my ride or die travel essentials. They will save a ton of room in your suitcase – you wouldn’t believe how many swimsuits you can fit into one of these!



Ever since trying this back in January, I can’t live without it! It is a travel, and hangover essential. We gave this out at our wedding and everyone was obsessed. I love bringing it on flights to help with the dehydration that happens after a crazy travel day.



You guys always ask what our favorite steamer is. This is the one I use for travel. It’s super lightweight but still effective!

Standing Desk:


This is definitely the most expensive item on this months list, but in my opinion, it is 100% worth it. If you have a job like us, and are always on your computer and find yourself with neck, back, wrist and hand pain — get a standing desk. It has changed everything for me. It’s certainly not cute, but it was necessary.


Barrette Set


Whenever there is a trend I want to try out, but don’t want to spend a lot of money to make sure I like it, Amazon is the first place I look. I love this barrette set, it comes with a bunch of different styles and they look just like the expensive ones that you are seeing all over your IG feeds!




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