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Ashley’s Baby Girl Newborn Essentials

This post has been a long time coming – but it took me a lot longer to catch my breath this time around. Here are my favorite baby girl newborn essentials. Some of these items I used with baby Joe, and others are newer to me – but these are the items we’ve been using every single day.

Baby Girl Newborn Essentials



It took her a little longer to get used to the Snoo than it did Baby Joe, but we are finally in a good groove. I wrote a whole review on it >>> HERE

Nuna Leaf 


This is the swing I used for Baby Joe, and we loved it. But it is a pain to move from room to room – so I ended up getting another one for the living room. I keep the leaf in our room and use it mostly when I’m making the bed, pumping,  or getting baby Joe up for the day. 

Baby Bjorn Bouncer


I keep this in the living room and it has been a savior lately. I didn’t really put her in this until this week – but her witching hour is really four hours, and this is the only thing that calms her. 


Solly Baby Wrap


This is my favorite baby wrap – and the only way I can get things done with a newborn and a toddler!  I  also got their newest product, The Loop, and I can’t wait to try it when she is heavy enough!

Bum Brush


This was given to me as a gift with my first and we still use it to this day! Had to get a pink one for Kenlee!

Burp Cloths


These are my all-time favorite burp cloths! I keep them all over the house. They are the perfect size, price & so soft! 

Snuggle Me Lounger


I prefer this to the Dock-a-tot simply because of how much easier it is to wash the covers. But we have and use both! 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket


No explanation needed. We are a BFD family through and through, and she’s no different! 

Magnetic PJs


These are so worth the money – especially for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes! 

Baby  Shusher


This is great when you need white noise on the go. I do think it’s pricey for what it is, but It’s worth it. 

Tubby Todd


The all over ointment is truly a miracle worker.  I have used these products since 2019 – and can’t say enough good things about the brand. 

Car Seat Cover


Our pediatrician actually requires us to use one, so I am just in the habit of using it when I take her anywhere. It’s also great to block the wind on these winter day walks. 

Frida Baby Kit


I love allllll of the Frida Baby products – and this kit has all of the essentials. I have already had to use the snot sucker multiple times!

Bottle Sterilizer


I can’t imagine my life without this thing! I use it literally all day every day – especially because I’m exclusively pumping. 

Diaper Backpack


I am LOVING this diaper bag – we got the Dune color. It fits so much, comes with a changing pad, and is just super easy and cute. 




This is my first time using these bottles, but Em loved them with Andrew so I wanted to try them! She has taken them really well – and they really do help with any gas / burping issues. 



I used this brand with both kids, and I love them. 

Love to Dream Swaddle


If your baby prefers to sleep with their hands up, these are for you. Both my kids preferred these!

Burt’s Bees Onesies

I cannot tell you how many of these I have purchased over the past two years.

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