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Ashley’s December Amazon Favorites


Ashley’s December Amazon Favorites

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada shares her December Amazon favorites featuring all of the best products she ordered from Amazon this month (including this cozy fleece)!

You didn’t think I would end the year without one last Amazon Favorites post did you. Well, we are also planning a HUGE Best of Amazon 2019 post for early January featuring the best of the best products we shared all year long — it’s going to be epic. But today I am sharing my December Amazon favorites — we have a lot of cozy items, some house necessities, and of course other random finds!

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Ashley’s December Amazon Favorites


Scotchguard Suede Protector


It’s that time of year in Reno, which means wet, salty and a little nasty at times. So, I always take extra care to protect my shoes. I restocked my favorite suede/nubuck protector and gave all my boots a nice little coating!

Shoe Dog 


We are currently working on a post for January about the best books to read to start your New Year off right, which means we are doing a ton of research over the holiday. This book came highly recommended by multiple speakers at the RISE Conference we attended last month. If you have no New Years’ plans, definitely pick this up!

Circle Key Ring Dupe


I am a huge fan of Emily’s circle key ring, but I have never had anything like that before and wasn’t sure I would like it. But I thought with the baby on the way, it would be super useful. But the price is a little high — well I found this Amazon one via Living My Best Style, and decided to try it out to see if I liked it before I invested in the nicer one. Love it so far — never have to search for my keys, and running into grocery stores, or dropping off packages has never been easier!

Peppermint Hint Water


Hint Water has made my Amazon favorites so many different times, but this is my favorite flavor, and only around this time of year. I am the biggest peppermint fan — and know that I can’t have it once the baby comes (it supposedly lessens your milk supply), so I am soaking it all in now.

Guest Room Towels 


Since we finally got our bed, our guest room is officially open for visitors. We have Joe’s parents coming into town for Christmas, and so we needed to get the guest room ready. I got these hand towels, and these extra-large towels for the upstairs guest bathroom! I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on towels that would barely get used but I am really impressed by the quality!

Santal Oil


I am truly in hibernation mode lately! Between the weather, my third trimester, and the fact that it’s the holidays, I am at home A LOT. And so I have been doing little things to make sure my home is as cozy as possible: new throw pillows, festive candles, baking sugar cookies, tons of Barefoot Dreams Blankets, and always diffusing an oil.. This Santal scent smells so GOOD. Shoutout to my babes at Somewhere Lately for introducing it to me!

Cozy Draped Cardigan Coat


Wore this for a Q&A and so many of you guys asked me for the link! I had one like this a few years back, but literally wore it into the ground until it had holes in the pockets — it was time to get a new one, and was such a good price!

Fleece Open Front Jacket


This popped up on suggested items when I was ordering the above jacket, and I loved that it had a toggle closure. Both of these are SO soft.

Duster Jacket


Before I got the Good American one I wore to my baby shower, I was on the hunt for the perfect nude duster jacket — sounds easy, right? Wrong! I ordered this one to try, but the color wasn’t right for my shower. I ended up loving it anyway, just not for that particular day! It comes in a ton of colors, and you can’t beat the price.

Buffy Comforter


I put this out there to you guys before I purchased it, and 99% of you told me to get it! We love it so far and have had no problems at all. It’s definitely warm enough for the winter but not so hot that you can’t sleep with it and have the heater on!

Bamboo Sheet Set


I finally tried the Amazon sheets Emily loves so much. They are seriously so soft — can’t believe they aren’t hundreds of dollars. I loved them so much, I ordered a set for the guest room before Joe’s parents get here!

Double Wall Mugs


I tried to find an Amazon dupe for the Kardashian mugs – but the price was still pretty high. I ordered anyway to test them out for you guys and honestly can’t tell the difference between the two. I think if the original ones are on sale they are a bit cheaper, but at full price – these are a little less. But if you have Prime and want them faster, then get these ones!



These are my favorite pillows – I have talked about them so many times! But since we have a King size bed, we just ordered four more — and yup still love them!


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