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Ashley’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is right around the corner, and I consulted the two most important guys in my life to help you all out. We have said it a million times — shopping for men is THE WORST! But we all came up with a list covering all price points and it has something every guy is sure to love. Whether you’re shopping for your Dad, baby daddy, grandpa, brother, best friend — we got them all covered! Be sure to check out Emily’s list here.


Ashley’s Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Bose Sound Proof Headphones:


These are pricey but worth it. Joe has these exact ones and he wears them to the gym, on the plane – you name it! They are noise canceling (which I hate because he always ignores me on flights), but they really do work!

Gucci Sunglasses:


I don’t know a dude who wouldn’t love these!

Sneaker Cleaning Kit:


See entire post on this here. I stole this from Joe and cleaned my Gucci sneakers, then became obsessed. We use this to clean all of our Yeezys.

Yeezy Sneakers:


Speaking of Yeezys – we highly recommend you get your guy these. This particular colorway is my favorite, and it’s the easiest to wear – especially if it’s their first pair! My mom says “these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn,” so get yourself a pair too!



One of our best selling items from 2018 – and something we use at our house every single day!



See full post here! The best smartwatch out there right now, and trust me, I’ve tried them all.

Ember Travel Mug:


I love love love my Ember mug, and they just came out with this travel version. This is a great gift for your guy to use on his way to work!

John Hardy Bracelet:


Both my dad and Joe love John Hardy!



No explanation needed – this is the exact machine I use at home every single day! Would be super cute to pair this with the Ember Mug. And for my favorite pods — check out this post.

Nintendo Switch:


I originally bought this for me, but quickly realized that Joe liked it a whole lot more than me. We love this particular system because it’s not only a handheld, but it’s also a console that can hook up to your tv and be used at home too! This kept him occupied on our honeymoon, while I was blogging my heart away! We love that we can play it together too.

Yeti Cooler:


Added this to the list because it’s been on my wishlist FOREVER, and I am just manifesting that one day I will find a reason to buy it. Honestly, it’s so cute and can be used literally anywhere – backyard BBQ, weekend at the lake, or at the beach!

Native Deodorant:


If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly gift, we love Native Deodorant, and their body wash too! This was also on Emily’s list! Both of our Joes love it!



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