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Ashley’s Favorite Products of 2020

2020 was the year of all things comfort, self care, and home goods, and my best purchases of 2020 reflect all that and then some! If I learned anything in the past year, it’s the comfort > anything else, and I have most of these products to thank for that. 

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Ashley’s Favorite Products of 2020

Good American Always Fits


They’re called “Always Fits” for a reason—they really, truly always fit even if you’re up or down a few pounds! These Good American jeans were hands down one of my top buys of 2020. Even though I can count the amount of times I wore them on one hand, I cannot wait to hopefully break them in later this year!

PMD Clean Pro RQ


My skin didn’t know what clean was until I introduced the PMD Clean PRO RQ into my routine. With 7,000 vibrations per minute, there is no way your skin won’t feel the most cleansed it ever has. This magic tool does what my hands could never!


Lululemon Aligns 


I finally get the hype around lululemon’s Align leggings. The material is so weightless, buttery soft, and perfectly compressive. I love wearing them for workouts as much as to just lounge around the house. The high rise is so flattering, and they come in 3 different lengths depending on your height and preference!

Teeth Whitener 


2020 was the year of staying home and taking care of your damn self. I started using this whitening system, IntelliWHiTE, and I’m so happy with the results. So happy, in fact, I’m smiling more than ever! Ready for my close-up when you are. 


Kindle Oasis 


This was a total splurge and worth every cent. I’d buy it again tomorrow without a second thought! For a bookworm like me, the Kindle Oasis is ideal. It has adjustable warm light so you don’t harm your eyes while you read, it’s waterproof so you can soak and read, and it holds millions of books! I can’t recommend this enough if you love reading as much as I do.


Ugg Socks 


The perfect marriage between a fuzzy slipper and fuzzy sock are UGG’s Pompom fleece lined socks. They are so ridiculously cozy and the perfect thing to wear around the house when you don’t necessarily need a full UGG boot but slippers or socks just aren’t going to cut it. I love mine so much!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo


I’ve tried what feels like hundreds of dry shampoos, and LIving Proof’s is the best. It actually smells good and does the best job to turn my days-dirty roots into manageable, fresh-looking locks!


Barefoot Dreams 


THE Barefoot Dreams blanket. We know it went viral, but we have to admit, it’s more than worth the hype. Not only is it so cute and serves as the perfect pop of pattern in your home decor, but it’s soft and cozy AF! If you’ve been wondering if you should hop on the wagon, do it.

Flawless Filter


Em started using Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter first, but I closely followed because I saw with my own eyes how incredible it is. This duo primer and highlighter has legitimately changed my makeup game. It creates a flawless canvas on your face and makes me feel extra beautiful!


Shark Wand Vac


You know you’re a 30something mom when… but for real, this 2020 purchase was a proud moment for me. It’s the perfect tool for getting into the cracks and crevices that a full-size vacuum just can’t reach. It’s also a sleek design, so it doesn’t look bulky sitting out around the house! We use this around our high chair every single day. 


Flyaway Tamer


Talk about a game-changing beauty product! Forget hairspray and other weird ways you try to get your flyaways under control—this stuff is all you need. It’s like hair wax in a bottle and works perfectly without being greasy!

Tan Luxe Butter


The best there is in terms of self tanner. Having to spend most of the year inside, the Tan-Luxe Illuminating Body Butter turned out to be a lifesaver! I love that it’s a tanner and lotion in one – not only is it one less product that you have to apply, but it’s super hydrating unlike other self tanners that leave you super dry. 



Aesop Soap


If you haven’t gotten on the Aesop train yet, ALL ABOARD. It really is the fanciest, nicest smelling soap I’ve used in ages. And the packaging looks gorgeous in any bathroom or kitchen, which is a lovely added bonus.


Butter Bra


I feel like I bought this in 2020 and have only taken it off twice. Commando makes the best products, and their butter bralette is no exception. It’s supportive but incredibly lightweight, so you almost forget you have it on which is the only way to bra in my opinion.


Spanx Joggers


These were the best things to happen to my casual 2020 wardrobe. So comfortable, so stylish, and incredibly effortless in terms of putting an outfit together to look cute!


Mima Stroller

Last but not least, the mima Xari 2020 Silver Chassis Stroller. Sounds fancy because it is, but I would buy it over and over again. This stroller has so many amazing features, and Baby Joe has loved every minute he’s spent in it! 


Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from The Ashley & Emily blog shares her most used items last year. Here are Ashley's Favorite Products of 2020.

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