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Ashley’s Gift Guide for Him


Ashley’s Gift Guide for Him

San Francisco blogger, Ashley Zeal from Two Peas in a Prada shares Ashley's Gift Guide for him: all the best items to get your guy in 2018. If I’ being completely honest, this is always the most difficult gift guide to put together. Mostly because every man in my life is SO difficult to shop for. I recruited Joe’s help for this one because I wanted to show you guys products that he actually recommended instead of what I thought that men would like. And even though a few of them don’t look perfect on my collage (it was hard to let go of control on this one), they are real and authentic! To shop, simply click any item in the collage, or scroll down to the product link.

P.S. This blanket ended up not exactly fitting around us — but I still love the pic.

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This is my absolute number one gift for him. Joe and I are both obsessed. If the man you are shopping for has a physical job, works out a lot, or complains of sore muscles — this is for him. Actually, I take that back — anyone can use this. Especially if you sit at a desk and carry tension in your back and shoulders. I like this over the Theragun because it is about 10x quieter. This thing NEVER goes on sale, but if you are a new customer to Carbon38, use code “JESSICAFOR50” for 20% off your order (that’s $75 off). It will truly change your life and save your body.

Native Deodorant: 


We have talked about this deodorant soooo many times. Emily and I are both completely obsessed and I didn’t think for a second that Joe would ever switch. While we were in San Diego, he accidentally left his back home, and ended up having to use mine for the trip. Let’s just say, it’s all he uses now. Their seasonal packs are amazing. You can also buy the pack and split it up into stockings! P.S. they just came out with soap and body wash, and I just ordered today (plus the Candy Cane scent for myself).

Nike Joggers:


These are self-explanatory. Joe wears joggers 99% of the time — no wonder we are getting married.


Jumpstarter with Compressor:


If you ever have your car battery die, or have seen someone that needs a jump, this box jump starts batteries and can be easily stored in the trunk. In case of emergency, this can pump up your tire, charge your phone (or any USB device) — it’s a great safety item to have. But is also a fun “toy” to get on Christmas. This is an alternative to jumper cables, but can do so much more! You can never be too prepared.

Drill Set:

We all have that squeaky door that we ask our significant other to fix for us. According to Joe, this drill set can fix just about anything. I have seen him use it to mount a tv, hang a mirror, put furniture together, build cabinets etc. Very versatile.

Noise Cancelling Headphones:


These are THE best for travel. I complain about them because it makes it so much easier for Joe to ignore me at the airport and on flights, but he let me try them on the way to Seattle and they are amazing! Also great for the gym, or commuting!



This sweater is great for any guy — it comes in a TON of colors, and since it’s from Amazon, you can order last minute and still have it in time!

Leather Bracelet:


Joe has collected a few leather bracelets over the years. We got some on our trip to Italy, and then my dad got him a John Hardy one for his birthday last year! I love the simplicity of this one!

Qalo Ring:


This is the first thing I bought when we got engaged. I wear this as my ring when I am going to the gym — they have a ton of colors and styles, and I love the men’s version as well. Joe and I were just chatting about his wedding band since he works so much with his hands, we aren’t sure what makes the most sense — but this is a great, and affordable ($13), option for when he can’t wear a real band!

Powerbank Wireless Charger:


Raise your hand if your man’s phone is ALWAYS dead… hopefully, I’m not the only one raising my hand. And to make matters worse — guess who is always stealing my portable charger. I love that this one is wireless — one less thing for them to carry around!

Patagonia Backpack:


Joe uses his EVERY single day. They are super durable and they fit SO much stuff in them. It has a laptop sleeve, key ring, and cell phone pocket inside and comes in tons of colors! This is definitely something every guy will love!


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