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Ashley’s January 2022 Amazon Favorites

Wow – it seems like forever since I have written an Amazon favorites post. But I am so glad to be back because I have found some GOOOOOOOD finds lately! I kept the baby items off this list since there were so many and I’m going to make that its own post.


January 2022 Amazon Favorites

Fleece Lined Beanie

I know everyone has spring shopping on their mind,  but here in reno it is still in the thirties and super chilly! I love that this beanie is fleece lined. It is absolutely perfect for those early morning walks when you can see your breath! Plus, this is a perfect staple and will always be “in.” My exact color combo is black / dark beige. 

Scar Tape 

I am so bummed I didn’t know about this stuff after my first c-section because it has been a godsend for my second. It has helped fade my scar SOOOO much. I love that you can wear it alllll day long – and you don’t even know it’s there. I wear it no matter what unless I’m showering. One sheet will last you a week or so! 


Double Chin Masks 

I love these things! They lift and tighten you right up. I love to do this In the morning followed by a nice facial massage with my ice roller. For best results use every day! 


Face Masks 

I can’t believe we are on our third year of wearing masks – but may as well make it easy and cute, right? I love the different colors that come in the pack. Can match them to your outfit LOL – anything to make mask wearing  a little more fun. 


I am obsessed with Vitamin D. I prefer to get it naturally through the sun – but since that’s not possible this time of year, this combo is the very best. I have done sooooo much research on Vitamin D, and found out the D3K2 combo is the best. Whenever I get bloodwork done, my doctors are always impressed with my levels. Especially since over 80% of the population is Vitamin D deficient – isn’t that crazy?


These are my tried and true favorite Nespresso pods – I’m embarrassed to tell you how many times I’ve reordered them LOL. 

6 Minute Diary 

I love this first thing in the morning! 



I have always been a pen collector – these ones are so good! 



These are the best Gucci dupes! I am normally an 8.5 and I ordered a size nine. I just ordered the cream too!


Eye Drops 

I had no idea what a hit these eye drops would be! They are the very best!


Zinc Supreme

Just added these into my supplement rotation! 


Boot Socks 

These are hands down the best socks to wear with boots. They look so cute peeking out the top & they’re the perfect thickness for scrunching. 

Mommy and Me Beanie 

I die for how cute these are!  Kenny wears hers all the time to stay warm on walks! 



The pom is removable. End of story. 


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