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Ashley’s Makeup Brushes


Ashley’s Makeup Brushes

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal, from Two Peas in a Prada shares her makeup brushes. This is one of her most frequently asked questions, and she is finally breaking it down.

Today I am going to get very specific about what makeup brushes I use for what. Even breaking down for what I use for different brands, and each individual product (I have three powder foundations that I put on with three different brushes, for example). A few of these are newer in the rotation, but most of these I have been using for YEARS. I will try to go in order of how I put my makeup on! For a post all about how I clean my makeup brushes, click HERE.

Ashley’s Makeup Brushes

The Best Sets:

Sigma Complete Makeup Brush Kit


This is the most bang for your buck for sure. If you know you need everything, or want all brushes, or not exactly sure where to start and don’t want to go buy a ton of different brands a la carte – then get this. I bought a set similar to this about ten of fifteen years ago, and that’s where all the Sigma brushes I use to this day came from.

Beauty Blender Set



I always buy my beauty blenders in sets, you get much better bang for your buck this way! And you always have extras on hand. I tried the Amazon dupes, and they’re just not the same. I would so much rather spend a few more dollars and get the real ones!

Essential Brush Set

If you don’t need every single brush in the set above, this is a great place to start. It includes 11 brushes and a travel container that you can also use as a brush cup at home!





I use a damp beauty blender for MOST of my foundation. It’s quick and easy and I find that it blends it the best!


CC Cream


I love applying this with the IT Cosmetics brush. It goes on so even and smooth and makes the whole process take just a few seconds. I love that you can build coverage without it looking too cakey! I used to apply this with my fingers and this brush has been a game-changer.


Too Faced Powder Foundation


I love the Mr. Perfect Brush. You can also use it on liquid or cream foundation too! It’s super dense and has such an interesting angle to really get in where a round brush couldn’t.




I use a damp beauty blender to blend my concealer, or sometimes my fingers just depending on my mood that day.

Baking Powder


Use same beauty blender to apply, but I use this brush to dust it off.


Mineral Foundation or Setting Powder


The Airbrush 55 was my first Sephora Brush – I am in love with it.




Here’s where things get complicated. If I’m using a stick contour,  I use the Slenderizer brush. If I’m using powder and I want to look chiseled I will use this Nars brush. For every day, or if I’m feeling lazy I will use this one!




I’ve used this same brush for as long as I can remember.



This is a newer brush, but I really like it! Sometimes I will spray a little setting spray on first before I dip into the product to really make it pop!



These are the only 3 eye shadow brushes I have used since I can remember. These are the ones I travel with and can pretty much achieve any look!



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