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Ashley’s November 2020 Amazon Favorites

This month’s Amazon favs has so many good items! Lots of good holiday things, some toys, baby books & latest beauty finds!

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Ashley’s November 2020 Amazon Favorites

Facial Steamer


Who needs a spa in 2020?! This facial steamer was such a clutch buy of mine last month. Whether you suffer from allergies, dry skin, acne, or are just in need of some serious YOU time, gift yourself this. Already have one? Get it for someone deserving this Christmas!


Silicone Straws


You can never have too many reusable straws, and I added to my collection with these super pretty pastel silicone ones! It’s a set of 12, 6 are straight and 6 are bendy, and you get two straw cleaners. It’s an amazing deal and guarantees you will never be strawless at home.



Sherpa Scrunchies



I’m obsessed with scrunchies and always on the lookout for new ones. These were added to cart immediately! The sherpa material is so velvety soft and is such a cute look for wintertime hairstyles. I wear mine daily! They’re also a great stocking stuffer for the ladies in your family.


Stay on Baby Shoes


Baby Joe has a new hobby of kicking his shoes off, so I got him a pair of these adorable, stay-on baby booties and it’s solved that problem! They really do stay on, no matter how strong of a kicker your little one is and come in so many great colors. Sort of wish they made them in adult sizes!

Hair Finishing Stick


Baby Joe has a new hobby of kicking his shoes off, so I got him a pair of these adorable, stay-on baby booties and it’s solved that problem! They really do stay on, no matter how strong of a kicker your little one is and come in so many great colors. Sort of wish they made them in adult sizes!


Cassaro Climber


Fly-aways are the worst, and I’m always looking for a way to solve them that isn’t sticky or greasy. This hair finishing stick is the perfect solution! It’s a super light cream/wax that you apply with a stick that looks eerily close to a mascara wand. This little tool has tamed my hair and given me perfect slicked-back buns and ponytails! Perfect for those postpartum baby hairs.


Flameless Tea Lights


What’s the point of tea lights? They burn out SO fast! I took my own advice this year and ordered a 12-pack of these gorgeous flameless tea lights to place around the house for easy, beautiful decoration that won’t burn out in a day!


Holiday Spice Oil


You guys know how much Em and I love our AromaTech diffusing oils. I had to add to my scent collection with their special Holiday Spice oil, and it truly is like Christmas in a bottle. The fragrance notes are apples, tangerines, and cinnamon—YUM!


Gift Tags


Something I learned a long time ago is that it’s the easiest to get a bunch of sticker tags for gift giving and call it a day. I love these—it comes with 100 gift tags and 4 different stick designs, so you can mix it up here and there!



Burlap Bows


Speaking of gift tags, gift bows are necessary, too! I’m going for an all-natural theme this year with my gift wrapping, so ordered these burlap bows and am loving how chic they look.



Lemon Loaf Tea


It’s like all the best flavors of a delicious lemon loaf without the carbs—what’s not to love?! Of course, you can have both but I am loving the flavor of this dessert tea from Tazo. I may need to order a few more flavors to try!


Heated Sherpa Blanket


3 life changing words: heated sherpa blanket. This is probably the best present to give anyone this Christmas. It’s cozy, it’s big, and it’s heated?! A friendly warning to you and whoever you might give this to: once you find your perfect setting (there are 3) and are under this blanket, you will never leave it again!

Peppermint Hot Cocoa


I find it hard to stray from Starbucks’ version of peppermint hot cocoa. It’s just so perfect! Chocolatey, minty, and the perfect cozy drink to share with your little one (just be sure to have tiny marshmallows on hand!).




If you want UGG slippers but would like to save a bit of money this season, these memory foam, slide-on slippers are just as good. Plus, their rubber sole allows you to wear them outside to grab your deliveries, chase after your little one, or take the dog out! Super durable but also super furry and cozy.



Christmas Cookie Cutters


‘Tis the season! I plan to busy myself with baking this holiday season, so was sure to load up on the appropriate utensils including this 15-piece pack of Christmas cookie cutters. We are covered on all the festive fronts!

Star Shaped Fairy Lights


Decorating our home for the holiday got underway this past month, and this pack of star-shaped fairy lights was an absolute must. String lights are always magical, but these sparkly stars add even more magic to your at-home winter wonderland in my opinion.


Crushed Candy Canes


I had no idea they sold packets of crushed candy canes for snacking on and decorating with, but leave it to Amazon to have everything you didn’t know you needed! These are perfect for Christmas cookie toppers, and I’ll be using them for just that!



The Night Before Christmas



I realized I don’t have a copy of this classic Christmas story, so I had to get one for Baby Joe! There are tons of remakes of this holiday tale, but I stuck with the classic edition because it means the most to me.


Christmas Tree Onesie


Why does Burt’s Bees make the best baby clothes?! I couldn’t resist this adorable Christmas tree onesie. I just love how subtle and cozy it is—perfect all throughout winter!



The Little Reindeer


I saw this cute book and added it to Little Joe’s Christmas book collection. I love the black and white graphics with the pop of red; it will catch his attention and creates a perfect holiday whimsy vibe!

Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd, from The Ashley and Emily blog shares Ashley's November 2020 Amazon Favorites.

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