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Ashley’s Recent Amazon Favorites

Because I wasn’t able to give you guys my Amazon favorites list in January, I’m doubling down and sharing both my January and February favorites today! My favorite part of Em and I’s Amazon lists is how all over the place they are because that’s truly how it is shopping on Amazon—you log on for one thing, and end up with a random assortment of things you didn’t know you needed! Keep reading to see what I’ve been loving the past few months.

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Ashley’s Recent Amazon Favorites




I love this home decor in the shape of the female body trend. It feels so empowering and elegant. I got this pretty candle for the bathroom, and it’s the perfect cool yet chic accent.




Y’all know how I feel about Kanye and the Kardashians, so it was a no-brainer to scoop up one of these dupes of Kanye’s merch line. It’s so cool and so incredibly comfy, too! Best of both worlds.


Honey Bear Straw Cup


Okay, how cute are these Honey Bear cups?! They’re just so playful, and I love watching little Joe drink so happily out of it. They really helped him learn how to drink out of a straw and now he is a pro!


Sea Creatures 


I’m always trying to find new, educational toys to entertain Baby J with, and this 8-piece sea animal set is beautiful and fun. Dolphins, jellyfish, octopus, fish—it’s got all the main characters you’ll find in the sea! We made a sensory ocean with jello and blended up cheerios and he loved it!


Non-Slip Mat 


Anyone else’s baby stand up in the bath THE WHOLE TIME? Just mine? K. This non-slip mat for the tub is a must. It completely changes the bathtime game in the best and safest way!


Two-Piece PJs 


I wish they made this PJ set in adult sizing because it’s so insanely soft. I don’t know who enjoys it more—me or Baby Joe! New favorites. for sure!


Taper Candles 


All the taper candles for all the new home decor I’ve gotten lately! If you read my Spring Home Refresh post, you know I’ve been busy updating our home with a few bits and bobs and candelabras showed up a few times.


Khaki Sweater 


I’ve been wearing this sweater as much as possible before we really get into spring and summer temperatures in the desert! It’s such a chic top while also staying cozy, which is the perfect combo of sweater in my opinion.


Instax Camera 


I bought a Fujifilm INSTAX camera in anticipation of Em’s new baby boy and am so glad I did because it’s been such a fun piece of photography to have! I know we get hundreds of instant pictures on our phone every day, but there’s something so fun and old school about an INSTAX. I highly recommend getting one!


Fish Oil 


Fish Oil really is such an important supplement. I notice a real difference when I’m taking it versus when I’m not, so I’ve been super on top of it the last two months and am feeling great! When I got my blood work back,  my doc recommended I get on one ASAP – and it has no weird fishy burps. 


Lulla Doll


Since I can’t necessarily put a white noise machine into Joe’s crib, this Lulla Doll is the next best thing. It’s a soft, sweet companion that also doubles as a sound machine to help rock baby to sleep with rhythmic breathing and heartbeat noises. 


Aila Sit and Play


This Animal Island sit and play learning tool has been such a great learning tool and distraction! It contains 60 storybooks and is high-quality preschool content developed by educators and innovators. It’s also hands-free, ad-free, and subscription-free with free updates! We always do a lesson during snack time!


Ardell Lashes


These are the false lashes I swear by: Ardell’s Demi Wispies. I think the look, length, and volume is perfect!


Hair Clips


I am so happy big hair clips are back! I used to wear these daily in my preteen years, and they’ve made such a comeback. I love this 4-pack of super fun colors!


Black Masks



Washing masks constantly isn’t the most fun, so I ordered a 50-pack of these black disposable face masks to keep in the car, my purse, the house in the event there’s not a clean mask in sight! Highly recommend doing the same so you’re never without.


Baby Joe’s Mealtime:


So I found this line of dishware for kids called mushie and loaded UP. I am in love with this product! The line is out of Denmark and all their products are made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic making it dishwasher-safe so cleanup is insanely easy. I’ve basically gotten Baby Joe one of everything: the fork and spoon set, drinking cups, bowls, plates, and the suction plate for extra secure mealtime. I love the neutral, calming colors and can’t recommend all this stuff enough!


Reno blogger, Ashley Zeal Hurd from the Ashley and Emily blog shares Ashley's Recent Amazon Favorites from the past two months.

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