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Ashley’s September Amazon Favorites

Reno fashion blogger, Ashley Zeal from Two Peas in a Prada shares her September Amazon favorites. She rounded up all the best items she ordered from Amazon last month!

I definitely think I skipped last month’s Amazon favorites – so I wanted to be sure to get this one up super early so I wouldn’t be able to slack off for you guys. This month I have a ton of fun fall items, as well as some organizational things that helped me with the transition into the new house! I hope you love this month’s picks as much as I do!


September Amazon Favorites:


Wool Buckle Hat


I was on the hunt to find the fall version of the Two Peas hat – and I think we have a winner! This one just so happens to be by the same brand as our favorite summer hat, and so I knew I could trust the quality.  It comes in more colors than I can count, and is under $16!


Poncho Cape



The print I originally wanted in this was back-ordered, but I love this one just as much! The little pop of animal print is amazing and it’s soooo cozy! You can wear this over anything and look instantly put together.


Bathroom Organization Labels


I saw these the day before I moved and I ordered them immediately. I was determined to start off organized in the new house because I totally suck at going back and redoing it. I loved the font on these – they are what I wish my handwriting.

Stackable Cosmetic Drawers


I love these for underneath our bathroom cabinets. I put qtips, cotton pads, peel pads, hair ties etc in them! They just make everything look so much prettier, and so much easier to find!


Pantry Labels


Same as above but for the pantry! I love that there are so may to choose from! I still need to buy a few more containers & canisters to store everything in – but these gave me a really good baseline of what I should be storing and labeling! Plus, they are so pretty.


Stackable Kitchen Organizer


I shared these on stories last week and you guys went crazy for them! These are what I use to store my Nespresso pods in. I never had a good solution until now- and I am obsessed! These are a few inches taller than the bathroom ones FYI.


iPhone 11 Case


Ordered this the second I ordered my new phone. I had this case for my iPhone X too!


Packing Labels


If you are moving any time soon, get these! It saved a ton of time and made the unload super easy! We had a ton leftover and I actually gave them to a friend who is moving too!


Compression Socks


Holy hell my feet hurt so bad every single day. I ordered these for a long flight I have next month and have actually been wearing these around the house too!


Honeysuckle Detergent


I am fully obsessed with Mrs. Meyer’s products! I bought this detergent and realized my new washing machine was high efficiency, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it. I did a quick Google search and realized all her detergents are totally fine for HE machines! Yay!


Dyson Vacuum


All I can say is I hate that I didn’t buy this sooner. What was I thinking? My life is changed.


Clear Bag


Are you surprised this made the list? I had to add it again since we are officially one month into the football season! If you are headed to a game soon, don’t even think of going without this!

Tunic Dress

I wanted a cute dress that I could wear with my belly, but still look really put together. I have been rocking a ton of tight dresses, but I was wanting something a little looser fitting. This isn’t maternity, but totally works if you are pregnant! How cute will it be with a long cardigan, a scarf and boots? Obsessed! The long sleeve version comes in 10 colors!


Twist Knot Waffle Top


I love this for just throwing on over leggings or my maternity jeans! It’s super comfy, but also very cute!


Side Twist Knotted Top


All the tops I bought this month are very similar, but I loved them all! This one is similar to the above, but not in the thermal material!


Button Down Tie Top


You guys know how much I love my top like this from Urban, in fact, I am wearing it right now, but I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. I tried and failed an Amazon one before- but this one I love. It’s super soft, not itchy at all, and the quality is definitely comparable to the Urban one.




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