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Bags That Give Back – FEED

Ashley and I love our FEED bags. They are cute and durable which makes them perfect for everyday use, but the reason we carry them has more to do with the brand’s mission than anything else. 
FEED was founded in 2007 by Lauren Bush Lauren. Lauren, a former model, niece of G.W., granddaughter of H.W., and now daughter-in-law to Ralph Lauren, was a student ambassador with The World Food Program in 2005. Her experiences in Africa with the WFP are what inspired her to originally create the FEED 1 Bag. Each bag sold would provide enough money to feed a child in school for one year. Today the FEED brand is so much bigger than just the FEED 1 Bag. They have tees, bracelets, accessories, totes, and more. Most of their products are made using natural fabrics, and some also support local artisans.

I was given a FEED bag this past Christmas by my dear friend Kristin. I was so grateful, not just for the lovely gift but for the consciousness behind it. She made me think – how much good could I do if I made it a point to give and shop with more intention?

It is a small change that can make a huge difference. Now every chance Ashley and I get, we’re buying something from this amazing company because helping others, especially those in need, is something that is incredibly important to both of us. We’ve compiled our favorite FEED products below in – Our FEED Wish List – and we hope that the next time you give, you choose to give twice.

Our FEED Wish List:

The FEED USA 100 BAG provides one hundred meals in America and makes for the perfect boat tote.
The FEED DIPPED POUCH is ideal for all your small, summer accessories
The FEED Beach Blanket provides fifty school meals to children in need, and is well suited for all your summer activities. 
The FEED BRIDAL POUCH and the FEED BRIDAL BAG make the most lovely gifts for the bride to be.
The FEED DIAPER BAG provides one mother and one child with micronutrients for one year, and is a product that all new mothers can stand behind. 
The FEED TWO BAG feeds two children for one year and is large enough to fit all of your everyday necessities.
The FEED TASSEL BRACELET  is only $10, provides five school meals to children in need, and is the perfect friendship bracelet to add to your collection. Ashley and I are buying these immediately.
The FEED INDIA SARONG  is handcrafted by artisans from India, provides twenty-five school meals for children in India, and will be your go to cover-up for swimsuit season. 

We want to know – What are your favorite brands or companies that give back? 

By Two Peas in a Prada

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