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Boll & Branch – Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

We spend a lot of time in bed at my house. And you know what I mean… get your head out of the gutter. If you’ve been reading along with us for a while, you know that my family keeps pretty wacky hours, and therefore sleep is very important to us. As it should be to everyone – read/watch more here.

If you don’t know about our crazy schedule, let me give you a recap. In addition to blogging, I work full time in finance. And by full time, I mean 45 hours a week – at the very least. I work traditional east coast market hours, and since we live on the west coast, that means leaving my house at 4:30 am to be in the office by 5 am. That being said, if I want to get a full 8 hours of sleep, I need to be in bed – like really in bed – by 7pm at the very latest.

People say to me all the time, “7:00… Are you crazy???”

Au contraire… our 7pm bedtime is the only reason I’m not crazy.

And when I say “our 7pm bedtime” I mean it. A long time ago, my husband and I decided that we would always try to go to bed together. It helps keep us close, and now that we have William, it’s even more important. Most nights, we settle into our bed (with William), read him a couple of books, give him a bottle, and then place him – sleepy and milk drunk – in his crib. Then we have our time… time to recap our days, and to talk without distraction.

So now that you understand my wacky schedule… as you can imagine, crawling into bed and snuggling with my family is my favorite part of every day.

Which brings me to my latest brand obsession – Boll & Branch. AKA – the. most. amazing. linen company. ever. Their products range from luxurious sheets, to bath towels, to baby linens – and they are all made out of 100% fair trade, chemical and dye free, organic cotton.

What’s more, Boll & Branch’s motto is “beautiful products with a beautiful purpose.” From our work with FEED, and Lena by Cassanda, you know that Ashley and I love supporting socially conscious companies (we’re millennials, we can’t help it) and Boll & Branch is one of those companies. Boll & Branch donates part of the proceeds from each sale to the Not For Sale campaign, which fights to put an end to slavery and human trafficking – both of which are rampant in the textile industry.

From the Boll & Branch website:

Now that is a company mission statement I can get behind. Don’t you agree?

Their sheets are incredibly soft, absolutely beautiful, and I know I sleep better at night (no pun intended) knowing that my bedding is helping to change the world for the better. We have this set on our bed, and this sheet  in William’s crib, and it is safe to say that our whole family is in love.

If you dream of a world free from slavery and human trafficking… and if you dream of beauty sleep that has the ability to change the world – Boll and Branch is the company for you. What’s more, to get you started, Boll & Branch has generously offered you, our readers, 20% off of your first purchase with the code: SNUGGLE.  <<< So, so, so kind!

We hope you love your new sheets as much as we do. Happy shopping, Loves, and sweet Boll & Branch dreams.

More about this amazing company (from the Huffington Post, Forbes, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop) >>> herehere and here.

*** Sheets c/o Boll & Branch ***

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