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Weekend Recap & Camouflage for fall

This past weekend, my husband and I made the trip to Arizona for my little sister’s White Coat ceremony for Physician’s Assistant school. 
Baby Names: The trip started out rather slowly; our flight was delayed for about two hours, but the extra time we had in the airport was very well spent. We decided to make the most of our delay, and for two hours we made a list of our top baby names. Something about actually picking out names for our little one makes this whole process seem so much more real. It makes you think of what they’ll look like, the experiences they’ll have, and the little person they will eventually become. It is so so so exciting. However, in addition to all the good, picking out names is such a daunting task. As evidenced here, naming your child is a big deal, and we want to be sure we choose the perfect one. I think my dear friend, Rachel, put it best when she said, ” [the] name should work for a wandering hippie or a CEO, allowing [them] the freedom to be anything [they] want.” It was something that she wrote on her blog a while back, (during her second pregnancy) but it has resonated with me ever since. I’ll share our top contenders from our flight delay very soon.
The First Night: Moving on, after our quick flight, we rented a car, and went to dinner with my sister at our hotel. It was so good to see her. We are very close, and our phone calls just aren’t the same as our time in person. She wanted to know all about the pregnancy and I wanted to hear all the gruesome details of PA school. It was so wonderful to have time to catch up, and that night I slept a blissful – 8 hours – Hallelujah!
White Coat: The next day was her White Coat ceremony, and it was truly an incredible experience. My sister’s road to PA school was difficult to say the least. During her undergrad, she struggled with what her eventual career path would be. She was the only person in my entire family to study something other than business, so any advice we could offer her was suspect at best. When she finally did decide on becoming a PA, she had more classes to take, endless applications to fill out, and thankless hours working as an orderly at our local hospital. Being there, knowing everything she had been through, and seeing that White Coat being placed on her shoulders – it made me immensely proud. Being able to see her enter such an exciting part of her life, and seeing all of her hard work pay off was incredibly special.  After the ceremony, we went to lunch with the girls that have become her closest friends at school, and their families. The girls have such a camaraderie, and I couldn’t help but smile at the amazing things I know they all will go on to do. 
Scottsdale: Now that I am done being sappy – onto the rest of our weekend. We spent the remainder of our trip lounging by the pool, catching up on sleep, shopping for Baby W, and exploring the culinary scene in Scottsdale. Eating, and eating a lot might I add, is one of my new favorite pastimes. So every day in Scottsdale we made sure to visit a variety of my sister’s favorite restaurants: North, The Henry, and El Chorro to name a few. The weather was absolutely perfect, mid 90’s by day and 60’s at night. 
Packing for Pregnancy: To dress for the weather, and for Week 15 of my pregnancy, I packed a mixture of lightweight maxi dresses paired with blazers, flowy tops paired with shorts, and tissue tees paired with slouchy, distressed jeans. Everything is a little bit snug nowadays, so getting dressed in the morning is quite strategic. The skinny jeans I used  to live in have been replaced with roomy boyfriend jeans, I find myself choosing dresses  99% of the time, and thankfully shorts are still my friend – like the pair you see below. 
Camo: A print I’m absolutely loving mixing into my wardrobe this Fall, is Camo. I have shied away from this pattern time and time again, but as soon as these cozy Sanctuary shorts made their way into my life, I had an immediate change of heart. Plus – if Olivia Palermo is loving them, they can’t be wrong – right? 

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Sunnies: Karen Walker, Top: DVF, Shorts: Sanctuary, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Purse: Celine, Watch: Cartier, Earrings: Jcrew

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