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Classic & Cozy in just 5 steps

This time of year, cable knit sweaters are my go to. I probably wear them 3-4 days a week.


Over the years I have accumulated a stash of favorites, and I am constantly getting asked, “Where did you find that sweater?” Ashley and I often laugh because we’ve gotten countless emailas from readers asking where I got my three-seasons-ago,  $10,  Old Navy sweater.

It’s made me realize that finding the perfect cable knit sweater is an art, and one that I’ve carefully crafted over the years. So here you go – it’s my “How To” guide for the perfect cable knit sweater.

Don’t discriminate: Like I said earlier, one of my favorite cable knit sweaters was $10 – from Old Navy. If you find the perfect sweater, who cares where it’s from or how much it costs? To me, that’s what personal style is all about – making even the most simple and inexpensive pieces look like a million bucks.

Bigger is better: I am of the opinion that cable knit sweaters should look as if I’ve borrowed them from my husband’s closet. So, one of my tried and true tricks with cable-knits is to always size up. For example, I usually wear an XS in tops, but in cable knit sweaters, I almost always buy a small or even a medium (I’m wearing a small in this post). This way, you’re also protecting yourself against any shrinking that may occur. And besides… midriff is not a good look in December.

Long and lean: This is the caveat to the last rule. You have to look for silhouettes that are long and lean. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking boxy and bulky rather than classic and chic.

Buy all of them: When I find a cable knit that is the ideal cut, I buy it in multiples. You see, the perfect fit is hard to come by, and some years I won’t even find one that I like. By buying multiples, I ensure that I always have an extra one on hand. For example, a couple years ago, The Gap came out with the most amazing cable knit, and at the end of the season, it was extremely on sale. Well you better believe I bought 3 of every color, and I am so thankful I did.

Take care: This rule applies to everything in my closet. It doesn’t matter if it was $50 or $500… if I love it – I baby it – and I go to great lengths to make sure it lasts. That means hand-washing, leather wiping, sole replacing – whatever. Most recently – this means… if William spits up on it, I wash it immediately 🙂 Keeping it real for all you mamas out there.

I’ve already found my favorite cable knit this season – see here – and in all the photos below. It’s less than $100, it’s available in every size, and… the best part… you can Amazon Prime it.

Happy shopping loves!

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