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Kimono: Astr. Bag: Sole Society. 
Jeans: Gap. Sunnies: Prada
Booties: Steve Madden(old), similar here.

One of my most vivid memories of my childhood is driving down Lakeside Drive in Reno. We had a bright red jeep and my sister and I would always sit together in the backseat. We were always, and I mean always, listening to Fleetwood Mac. I was so obsessed with Stevie Nicks- she was my idol, soul sister, spirit animal, basically she was everything to me. Stevie Nicks may not be the best role model, but she is mine. I love that she doesn’t care what anyone says, and is always true to herself. She says what she wants, wears what she wants, and loves whoever she wants. She does everything whole heartedly, kind of like me. Some of my best friends say that I live my life in extremes and they are 100% right. Stevie once wrote, “I have never been a calm blue sea, I have always been a storm.” I relate to that on such a level that I would probably consider putting it on my headstone. 
I have been lucky enough to see Stevie Nicks in concert twice- once was with Rod Stewart (talk about checking something off my bucket list). I had never seen Fleetwood Mac all together until last week- and let me tell you- it was life changing. It was definitely not the kind of concert that I’m used to. I don’t remember ever sitting down for an entire show. But it was still perfect. The only thing that was missing was my sister, but I had both of my parents with me and we had the best time. 

Since I was going to see my idol, I figured I also had to dress the part. Since I don’t think I can pull off a top hat and a tambourine; a fringe kimono would have to do. Add that with a complete stack of bangles on each wrist and I was ready to go. My goal was to look as gypsy as possible, and hopefully I pulled it off. Thank you mom and dad for one of the best nights in my life. Holding both of your hands during “Landslide” honestly meant the world to me. 

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