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Emily: 33 Things You Might Not Know

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday. What a weird year. Wow. To spend it in quarantine was definitely interesting, but it was great to have so much time with the family. Anyhow – to celebrate with you – my blog fam – I figured this might be fun! 33 random and funny facts about me. 🙂

1.) I grew up in Connecticut.

2.) I can touch my tongue to my nose. Half of my mom’s side can too!

3.) I got plastic surgery in the 1st grade. My ears used to stick out A TON. I got them pinned back when I was 7. It’s a genetic thing – my sister was 4 when she had hers done.

4.) Something you might never guess about me – I was VERY into musical theatre as a kid. I was sent to audition to be on Barney. Didn’t get the part… but it didn’t stop me from being in a ton of school plays.

5.) I give people names that I think they look like. So oftentimes after I know someone well enough, it comes out what their “fake” name in my head is. :/ Super awkward.

6.) When I was little I wanted to be a marine biologist. I legitimately thought all marine biologists did was swim with dolphins, so that was obviously THE DREAM occupation.

7.) I have a big crush on Ina Garten and Kate Hudson.

8.) I LOVE crystals.

9.) I don’t have guy friends. Never have. Never will. I’m a girls girl through and through.

10.) I have one sister and she is everything to me.

11.) I moved to Nevada when I was 14 – and starting high school in a new place was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I HATED it at first, but the experience totally got me out of my comfort zone, and allowed me to see life in a new way. Now I would NEVER leave.

12.) My favorite color is cerulean. It was always my favorite crayon in the box – long before The Devil Wears Prada made it famous.

13.) To wear and to decorate with, I love white most.

14.) Fried calamari is my love language.

15.) If I’m on a plane – I have to have a salty, fruity, and chocolate-y snack. All three. I am like the queen of provisions. EVERYWHERE I go… I am the friend that has the Mary Poppins bag of snacks.

16.) I love to have a hot and a cold beverage at the same time. I hate having to choose.

17.) I LIVE for showers. I can be in the worst mood and a shower turns my day around. I will legit take 2-3 showers a day.

18.) I HATE baths. They make me feel super claustrophobic. I’m working on this because they’re supposed to be super good for you!

19.) When I was drinking – I liked ice in my wine.

20.) I played field hockey growing up, but when I moved to Nevada, field hockey wasn’t a sport. So I tried out for cheer, and ended up being cheerleading captain my senior year in high school.

21.) I majored in finance and economics in college. I went into school thinking I wanted to be a marketing major, but after one finance class I FELL IN LOVE and switched that day.

22.) I am addicted to salt. I always have a plate of kosher salt on hand in my kitchen.

23.) I can’t stand driving, and I have no idea what model our cars are. I had my last car for 5 years and I don’t even think it had 10k miles on it. Every time someone asks me what our cars are, I always have to ask my husband. Cars to me, are seriously Point A to Point B. Nothing more.

24.) I sleep with a heated blanket every night. Even in the middle of summer.

25.) If we have another girl eventually, I want to name her Blake.

26.) I grew up riding horses, and it is something I want to start doing again.

27.) I hate mint chocolate flavored foods. But I LOVE chocolate and I think fresh mint is THE BEST flavor.

28.) When I find something I love – I buy multiples. Joe calls me “a fancy hoarder”.

29.) The two feelings I hate most: being too cold, and having to pee.

30.) I can usually fall asleep anywhere. I fell asleep in a Lenny Kravitz concert once. I used to fall asleep face down on the tray tables on airplanes (never again). But this whole Caronavirus thing has totally thrown me for a loop.

31.) My favorite fast food: McDonalds – HANDS DOWN. Panda Express is a very close second.

32.) I HATE the movie Love Actually. HATE. But I LOVE The Holiday.

33.) I will put fake cheese on anything. I love Cheetos, Cheese balls, Cheese its, Nacho cheese. Obsessed.

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