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Emily’s Amazon Favorites of 2019

Emily Farren WIeczorek co founder of the blog, Two Peas in a Prada, shares her Amazon Favorites of 2019 - silicone loofa, foot file and a back massager.

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If you’ve been with us for a while now, you know that we do monthly Amazon roundups on the reg around here. In case you missed any of our lists this year… we’re each recapping the best of the best of our Amazon purchases from 2019.

Here’s how we did it. We each took a look at ALL of our Amazon purchases from the year – Ashley had 184 orders – and we picked a handful of our most used items. Then we combined those items with your favorite Amazon buys of 2019 –  by units sold!

Voila… Emily’s Amazon Favorites of 2019!!!

Shop Emily’s Amazon Favorites of 2019:

Leopard Silk Pajamas: 

These leopard silk pajamas are THE absolute best. They look SO expensive, but they are really under $35!!! SO many of you bought these and loved these this year. I think the best thing about these PJs is that they look and feel like $100 pjs. They come in a couple of different leopard color variations and I have 3 of them. They make such a great gift. Throw a set of these in with a candle or a face mask and you have THE perfect birthday gift for any of your girlfriends. The pale pink ones would be an adorable VDay gift too!

Back Massager:

We have been raving about this back massager for over a year – and  let me tell you – if you’re not one of the thousands of people who have bought it… jump ON THE TRAIN! It has almost 9,000 amazing reviews! A word to the wise… you absolutely can overdo it.  I always tell people this, because I wish someone would have warned me early on. I leaned into it so hard the first time I used it, and I was SO sore.  It really helps work out any back or neck tension you may have! And as I mentioned on instagram… it feels amazing on your neck, back, calves, feet… really anywhere.

Foot File:

This foot file is our number one bestselling item of the year  by number of units sold.  Wouldn’t you know, the way I discovered it was that I bought it for Joe. Trust me when I tell you – if you’re not using one of these – you have disgusting heels and you just don’t know it. This foot file gently removes all that dull dead skin and leaves your feet/heels feeling silky smooth every day! It is a miracle product.


These fuzzy sippers are AMAZING! I have them in 3 colors. The grey are my garage slippers and I have the ivory and the beige for indoors! I recommend sizing up. I think these combined with my favorite silk leopard PJS (above) are the best!

2 for $14 White Tanks – Layering Tanks: 

I had been looking for the perfect layering tanks FOREVER and thank goodness for Amazon Basics. I love all their stuff. I use their hand towels too and I think they’re amazing. Anyhow… these tanks are UNREAL. They are soft, thick, and I love that the strap is nice and thick to cover my bra! These sell out all the time in the white, so if you are going to grab them, grab them while they are in stock!


I bought 12 of these towels for our guest bedrooms and they are AMAZING. Plus – they are SO much cheaper than the pottery barn ones we had been buying for years.

Laptop Stand:

I think this is such a cool gift for anyone who works from home or uses their computer from bed. It not only helps your posture, but it keeps the radiation off your legs. I also love that I feel like I have more energy because it makes me sit up straight. If you’re not into the light pink… have no fear. It comes in a ton of colors.

Crochet Coverup:

This coverup is amazing and it took the world by storm last year. I have the beige. It comes in a ton of colors and is so comfy for a day at the beach! This one is also one of my favorites!

Sillicone Loofa: 

As you all know, we are OBSESSED with these! I went to my dermatologist last March – and that is how I discovered these.  I was having some skin issues and literally the first thing out of her mouth was “You have to get rid of any fabric loofahs you have in the shower.” She basically said that fabric loofahs are breeding grounds for bacteria. They are absolutely disgusting. That day, last year, I went home and immediately threw out all my fabric loofahs. I knew I needed something to replace them, so I found these and made the switch. These silicone loofahs are absolutely amazing, AND you can place upside down to let them dry completely! Ashley made the switch and is obsessed as well!

Hanes Sweatshirts: 

I LOVE just good old fashioned Hanes sweatshirts. I bought a bunch last February and I wore them all the way through the summer. I LOVE my white one. I wear it with boyfriend jeans and heels all the time! At under $10 each… they are a wardrobe staple… and SO much more affordable than so many other athleisure brands. I wear a men’s small and I like that the men’s sweatshirts are a little longer!

Workout Tanks:

These 3 for $24 work out tanks are the best thing since sliced bread. I have been hooked since last January. I work out in them, I sleep in them, I run errands in them. They’re amazing.

Dish Towels: 

These dish towels are the absolute best. I bought a couple of extra sets because they look super rustic after they have been washed and I love using them as napkins for casual entertaining! They are just $11 for 12 towels – if you were shopping at Pottery Barn for napkins, you’d spend well over $100!

Velvet Hangers:

These are the only hangers I allow in my closet. They are SO much more affordable on Amazon than anywhere else! In our new house, I made the switch to the white ones and they look SO nice and clean.

Cable Clips: 

These cable clips are one of my favorite finds of 2019. I love that they are discreet and they keep my cords contained.

Ashley’s Favorite Pillow: 

Ashley found this pillow and I have been in love ever since! I first got one for Joe because he runs SO hot at night. These pillows supposedly keep y0u cool and support your head better. I agree on both counts!

Opal Ice Machine:

This is the ice machine that Ashley and I both bought on prime day. It is incredible. This ice makes every beverage THAT much better!

Air Fryer:

This was – by far – my best purchase of 2019. We use it every day and all the parents in my family got one for the holidays. Why I love the air fryer… It makes cooking veggies a cinch. Everything tastes better than using the microwave. It is a toaster, an oven, and an air fryer all in one. It is incredible. It helps our family eat so much healthier.

High Frequency Machine:

This is a super cool gift idea for the beauty buff in your life. It helps eliminate blemishes and dry out any problem areas you may have!

Microfiber Washcloths:

These washcloths are one of my holy grail secrets to great skin. I have written about the on the blog EXTENSIVELY and I am so happy that SO many of you have made the switch. I use them damp, and they literally help pull the makeup off my face. They are SO amazing and at under $20 for 10 of them – they are such a deal! Trust me – buy a pack and see for yourself. You WILL NOT believe the makeup that comes off your face after a regular washing. It is disgusting.

Chunky Sweater:

This sweater is amazing. I have it in the beige and the brick red – which is actually more of a chestnut brown. It is just SO cute and you cannot beat the price. I got my normal size. Size small.


I have posted about these sheets SO many times, but I just had to order the twin sets for the boys’ new room at the house. They are SO inexpensive and super soft. FYI they are quite thin. If you like a nice thick sheet, these probably aren’t for you. But I love soft thin sheets, so these are perfect for me!

Diagonal Stripe Sweatshirt: 

This thing is SOOOO dang cute and sooo many of you bought it last year. Half of my clothes are still in the garage in boxes… so now to go dig it out! I need this sweatshirt back in my LIFE! The best part… it is under $20.

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