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Emily’s Amazon Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Reno, Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her Amazon Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019!

MY AMAZON VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE IS HERE!!! I will be adding to it over the next week – I will let you know every time I do. But IMO this is a REALLY, REALLY good start. 🙂 25 of the best quick ship Amazon Valentine’s Day gifts out there. And as HIGHLY requested… stuff for your man is on here too!

Emily’s Amazon Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (You can click on the image below) 

Shop Emily’s Amazon Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:

1.) Air Fryer

I Bought this for Joe – sorry babe – I know this is ruining the surprise,  but since he’s trying to eat healthier I figure this is a great way to help him out!

2.) Godiva Chocolate Box

This is what I really want for Valentine’s Day. I LOVE boxes of chocolates and Godivas are jus SO good. You can’t go wrong!

3.) Back Massager

Everyone in our house is obsessed with this thing! Trust me – it is AMAZING!

4.)  Wireless Headphones

I love these for anyone who is constantly on the go. I am probably going to get these for Joe for when we travel together this year.

5.) Espresso Machine

Nothing says I love you like an amazing cappuccino in the morning!!! Sorry to totally ruin everything but I got Joe a similar one of these for his Birthday – and I am so excited to be able to bring him espressos in bed! 🙂

6.) Flowers

Yes, you can order Valentine’s Day flowers off of Amazon prime!!! They are amazing – I have received them multiple times! And SO convenient!

7.) Cosabella Pjs/The Dupe Pjs

Cosabella PJs are my absolute favorites! They are just so soft! I also found these dupes – for under $30 – that are super cute as well!

8.) Foot Massager


9.) Lip Mask/Face Mask Set

Such a great gift for your girlfriends – this face mask set is UNREAL!

10.) Heated Blanket

You all know how I feel about heated blankets. They are my absolute favorite!

11.) Diamond Earrings

You can’t go wrong with diamonds. 🙂

12.) Boxer Briefs

I always get Joe a new set of boxers for Valentine’s Day and these are awesome!

13.) Hanky Panky Set

These are my favorite thongs in the world – in a very cute Valentine’s Day set.

14.) Airpods

Great for anyone who is getting into working out – or who walks during the day. Joe needs these for the Peleton badly!

15.) Chocolate covered strawberries

I had NO idea you could get these off of Amazon – but now that I know – GAME CHANGER!

16.) Rangefinder

Great for your guy if he is into golf!

17.) Men’s Lounge Set

These pants are SO highly rated and such a great price point!

18.) Men’s Duffel

What guy wouldn’t love a rugged duffel like this one?

19.) Pink Hydroflask

This is my favorite water bottle – and the hot pink is amazing!

20.) Slippers

These slippers are so cute and comfy – and under $25! Perfect for your mom or sister!

21.) Pink APLs

These are Ashley’s favorite everyday shoes – and the blush pink color is beautiful!

22.) Natori Robe

This is the best everyday robe. I have it in the ivory color – but this light pink is amazing!

23.) Pink $18 Shirt/$22 Sweater

If you haven’t bought the $18 pink Amazon shirt – what are you even doing??? Buy one for all your friends, add in a box of chocolates or a lip mask – and you’re good to go!

24.) Dead Sea Mud Mask

This mud mask is SUPER highly rated, and has perfectly masculine packaging!

25.) Pink Clay Mask 

This Pink Clay Mud Mask is supposed to feel amazing!


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Reno, Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her Amazon Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2019!

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