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Emily’s April 2020 Bestsellers

Two Peas in a Prada co-founder, Emily Farren Wieczorek shares her April 2020 Bestsellers - R45, frame denim, and some amazing affordable tank tops!

I cannot believe another month has gone by. It feels like there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel of our quarantine. We want to say thank you so much for being here! We appreciate you more than we can say. And truly, you chose these products… we hope you enjoy seeing what I’ve shared that the Two Peas Fam has been loving most!

Shop Emily’s April 2020 Bestsellers:


I love this retinol program from Beauty Bio so much. It is so potent that you only have to use it twice a year. What I really love about it is that the strength of the retinol builds over the 45 day program so you never get that dry, flaky, chapped feeling that so many other retinol products will give you. I also love that the system uses a retinol/peptide mix – so you’re getting hydration in addition to the retinol. This system just makes your skin GLOW! If you are in your mid 20s – I cannot explain how important it is to start on a retinol program. Retinol aids in cell turnover and collagen production and helps reduce the appearance of find lines and wrinkles. I have prescription strength retinol from my doctor and I actually hate it because of how harsh it it on my skin. R45 is the answer to all the problems I have with other retinol products.


Powered by ultrasonic skin scrubbing and infusion technology, the Dermapore deep cleans your skin by removing dirt and oil, and enhances helps with the application of your favorite skincare products with a tapping motion of Dermapore. With a uniquely shaped spatula treatment head for a more comfortable experience and better access to tight areas, Dermapore delivers a spa-quality treatment in privacy of your own home.

$8 Tie Front Tank: 

This tank top is hands down my favorite tank top of the summer. I am so happy you are all loving it as much as I am! You can wear it tied up, or down!

Steam Mop: 

Since quarantine started, I have been cleaning our whole house myself – top to bottom. No help other than Joe. That being said, I have gotten extremely familiar with our mops. I love our regular mop, but it doesn’t sanitize. Steam mops kill 99.9% of usual household germs because of the high temperature of the steam. I usually vacuum, mop, and then I steam mop.

$11 PJs: 

These pajamas are SO comfy, so cute and just $11!

Frame Boyfriend Jeans: 

These boyfriend jeans are my absolute favorite. They are a 3 month Two Peas Bestseller now too! They run tts – they may even run a tad big. I comfortably wear a size 25 and they are absolutely perfect!

Tie Dye Sweatshirt: 

This tie dye sweatshirt is actually a men’s sweatshirt! I love it so much. I got my normal size – a size small – and it is perfectly oversized. It is under $30 too!

Matching PJ Set: 

This PJ set is so cute, so comfy and it comes in 7 different color variations. It is under $30 and I reach for it constantly! I wear the size small!


his is THE best face serum in the world for blemish prone skin. Right now, I know a ton of people are experiencing stress breakouts… if you are… this is AMAZING!

Crochet Flutter Tank: 

This tank top is ADORABLE. I have it in two colors, it is under $25, and I LOVE the feminine details!


As you all know we LOVE our Garmin. I wear mine all day AND all night. See >>> here.


Equilibria products are how I have been managing my stress and anxiety lately. I had never been an anxious person prior to all of this, but having my kids at home and trying to manage work, has been incredibly stressful. Equilibria has helped me with all of that. You can read the full story >>> here. Our code, twopeasinaprada is good for 15% off your first order!

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