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Emily’s Favorite Bikini


Emily’s Favorite Bikini

I am a water person through and through. There’s really nothing that makes me happier. It doesn’t matter if I’m at the beach, on a boat, or in the shower — I don’t discriminate — being in or around water is my happy place. 
When William was about a month old, he started getting really cranky in the evenings, usually around 5-6 o’clock. The “witching hour” is what “they” call it. Thanks guys… thanks. 

Anyhow, we tried everything to get him to stop crying during this so called “witching hour”. We fed him, rocked him, swaddled him, shhhhhshed him – everything. Unfortunately nothing seemed to work. Then we thought of giving him a bath. I mean – baths and showers always made me feel better after a long day, so why wouldn’t it work with our son? As it turned out – the apple didn’t fall far and William loved the water. Before we knew it he was smiling and splashing around like nothing had ever happened. 

Since he loved bath time so much, we figured he’d love the pool as well. So recently my husband and I have been taking William swimming later in the evening at our community’s pool, and it’s been awesome! He loves the water, no one is around, and I don’t have to be paranoid about any of us getting too much sun.
Wins for everyone!

Now to the bikini. I had William a little over three months ago and although I feel pretty much “back to normal”, there are some parts of my pregnancy that still haven’t left me. 

Ahem… my chest.

The girls are larger than life right now. Before I got pregnant, I was an A cup… at most. Accordingly, my preferred kind of bikini top was the bandeau – no tan lines, no fuss, and this Marysia Swim one was my absolute favorite.

Unfortunately I had to put it away in it’s drawer until next summer… no Janet Jacksons happening around here!

So… since my favorite top was out of commission, and because I’m not big on self pity, I set out to find swimsuits that were full coverage, supportive, and cute  – all at the same time. No easy feat. Let me tell you – finding a bikini for a full chest that doesn’t look like a glorified sports bra is next to impossible.

However, when my search began Ashley and I had just worked with Lands’ End on their swimwear campaign. As fate would have it, their bikinis were just what I had been looking for —  classic, colorful, and cleavage concealing. Not to mention, they were budget friendly as well. At $60 for the whole suit – they were only a fraction of the cost of the designer swimwear I had been wearing.

Long story short, I’m obsessed with this suit. It’s beautiful, it’s functional and it keeps everything in place… even when William is grabbing at it (as you can see in the photos). That kid!!

In fact, I loved my first Lands’ End swimwear purchase so much – that I’ve ordered three more items – this ruffled bikini, this colorblocked suit (so obsessed), and this swim tee in aqua.

I hope you love my new swimwear discovery as much as I do — because right now everything is seriously on sale.

Happy shopping loves! XooX

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