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Emily’s Favorite Things: Apparel

Reno Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares all of her favorite items - in Emily's Favorite Things.

Questions I get asked all the time:

  • What sunglasses are you wearing?
  • What boots are those?
  • What are your favorite jeans?
  • Do you have a “go to” white tee?

After years of getting a TON of these questions – I finally figured out what to do.

Last weekend, it dawned on me that it made the most sense to have all my answers all in one place.

Obviously, Ashley and I are always trying to find the latest and greatest of everything to share with you. We love trends, we love trying out new products, we love keeping up with the latest in fashion, and we LOVE sharing all our finds. That is why we even have this blog in the first place. We believe that sharing something as simple as a lip gloss can start a relationship that spans a decade and a half. That’s how Ashley and I became friends – a mutual obsession with Lip Venom. << Crazy, I know.

But just like everyone else, we both have items that are our tried and true favorites.  Items that we wear or use OVER and OVER. Items that companies bring back year after year. And we get asked about these items ALL THE TIME.

In short – that is how this “Favorite Things” series was born. This series will consist of separate posts on: apparel, shoes, swim, accessories, beauty, home, and many other easily accessible categories. As we said before, we will give these posts a permanent place to live on the blog. So from now on,  you’ll be able to search “Favorite Things” and as the posts go live, you will be able to find all my favorites, all in one place.

Even more exciting – Ashley is going to do the same.

It is our hope that this series helps you build a closet, makeup counter, beauty cabinet, and home full of timeless, tried and true, classic pieces that will stand the test of time. That’s what this blog is all about. Sharing our best of the best – and hoping someone else finds something they love too. Enjoy!

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White Tee: 

This tissue thin v-neck is the holy grail of t-shirts. I throw one of these on almost every night for bed – and on the weekend I live in mine.

Dark Denim Skinnies: 

We did a campaign for this denim band a couple years back and that is where my love affair with these skinny jeans started. I can’t quit them. They run TTS, lengthen your legs, and suck you in in all the right places.

Boyfriend Blazer: 

I am obsessed with this boyfriend blazer. It falls at just the right length and I love that you can wear it over a dress or over a cami with jeans.


These cashmere blend sweaters are the ULTIMATE! They are so soft, so cozy, and they have an oversized longer fit that I absolutely adore!

White Denim: 

I have kids. IMO kids and white denim just don’t mix well. That being said, spending hundreds of dollars on white denim just is NOT an option for me. Thankfully I found this denim brand that has THE most amazing stretchy white jeans that won’t break the bank. They are under $50 and they are AMAZING.


This has been my GO TO cardigan for 2 years now and it comes in a TON of colors. It has appeared on the blog and on our instagram countless times – it even got me through all my pregnancies. If you don’t have one –

White Button Down: 

This white button down is a larger take on the timeless oxford, and I love it.

Boyfriend Jeans/Trendy Denim:

For trendy denim this is my favorite cut and my favorite brand!

Loose Tank: 

This tank is amazing for summer with the jean shorts below.

Jean Shorts: 

I have 5 pairs of these and have no intention of stopping.

Winter Jacket

Ashley and I both have this jacket in multiple colors and it is SO warm and it looks beautiful on as well.

Fall Layering Jacket:

This is the most classic jacket you can own. I wear mine all year round.

Long Coat:

I just got this coat, but it is so good, it deserves a spot on this list. I just ordered another one so I will have a backup. << I do this a lot.

Everyday Dress:

This dress is a staple of mine every year. I have it in black, green and navy. It is perfect for work and play – and you can wear it all year long.


I am in love with this layering tank. I wear it with  shorter tops or anything that is semi sheer.


As you know from Instagram stories, I wear these all the time. They make great gifts and  I love that you can monogram them.


Natori makes my favorite robes in general – and this plush one is THE best for winter.


This may be TMI – but these are the best thongs on earth.


This brand is amazing – they make my favorite bra as well. Their tights are just the best of the best.


We are both obsessed with these leathered leggings – they truly are  a must have.


This bra is literally the best thing since sliced bread. I wear it every day – I have 5 in each color and I seriously will never need any other bra again. If you are nursing – this is the only bra that was soft enough to not hurt in those early days. Trust me – you will be OBSESSED!

Work Out Leggings:

I have posted on stories about these leggings time and time again. They are super high waisted, they suck you in in all the right places, and they are half the price of other workout leggings!

Work Out Coat:

I wear this coat for running around with the kids outdoors all winter long – I absolutely love it!

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