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Emily’s February Amazon Favorites

Reno, Nevada blogger Emily Farren Weiczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her favorite Amazon finds in Emily's February Amazon Favorites

You guys… This is starting to be a legitimate problem. I think I have what many would call an Amazon addiction. Oh well. Can’t stop, won’t stop. I am obsessed with Amazon, and it seems that you all are too… so here we go again. February Amazon Favorites!  LOVE YOU!!!

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Aztec Clay Mask:

This clay mask works wonders. The fact that it is SUPER inexpensive is the cherry on top! It comes in a dry form – so you mix it with raw apple cider vinegar and/or water until it is a smooth paste. Apply it to your face and let it dry for 5-10 min. It helps with any breakouts you may have!


Flint Rollers:

I am a lint roller queen. Since we have a golden retriever, I have to be. My girlfriend, Kristin, gifted these lint rollers to me years ago and I have been obsessed ever since. They are just SO pretty, portable, and amazing. I love that they collapse into themselves – that way you’re not always searching for that outer sheet of paper. THE WORST!


Poke A Dot Books: 

Joe’s dad got David one of these books for Christmas, and now ALL the kids are obsessed. They have little plastic buttons on every page that make a soft popping noise that the kids love. Such a great gift – and hours of entertainment for your little ones! They have a ton of different books in the collection too!


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask:

You all know how much we love the Laneige lip sleeping mask >>> see here. Well… this water sleeping mask is for your face. You apply it before bed and wash it off in the morning. Like the lip mask  – it feels more like a SUPER hydrating night cream and it makes your skin feel amazing the next day!



My girlfriend is a pretty big deal in the Doterra world, and when I asked her for a good, cheap diffuser – listen, I don’t need anything fancy from my diffuser – she recommended this one to me. It is absolutely AMAZING! I have had mine for two years now, and it has yet to quit.


Live Colorfully:

This is one of my favorite fragrances of ALL time. It just smells happy. I like it most for spring and summer, so I just had to restock. When I do, I always buy it on Amazon.


Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker:

My assistant/nanny CC got this for the boys last year for Christmas, and we use it to make waffles every week! She makes a huge batch every Monday, and then we have them all week long for easy to reheat breakfasts. I have to say, for the price, it is AMAZING! I also love that it helps get your kids excited about cooking with you. What’s more.. it is portable, easy to clean, and waffles that look like Mickey Mouse are just better in life. Right?!?!


Tie Front Dress:

I cannot get over how cute this dress is. And for the price… I mean, it is just insane. Head to the full try on >> here.


NYX Cosmetics Lip Gloss:

This is the only lipgloss I wear now. #cantstopwontstop and their eyeliner… OMG IT IS THE BEST!


$18 Shirt:

You have all been going crazy over this $18 shirt and it is easy to see why. It comes in 19 colorways, and if you size up, it is the perfect off the shoulder top! I have it in the pink and in the army green!


Helium Tank/Balloons:

I don’t know what it is, but I LOATHE going to the party/grocery store to get balloons blown up for my kids’ parties. I also think it is SUPER dangerous to drive with a crap-ton of balloons in your backseat and to not being able to see out the rear window. So – did you know that you can order helium tanks on Amazon?!?! #themoreyouknow We got one for David’s birthday and it was SUCH a hit! It blew up all of the balloons (50 balloons are included) and it is still going.


Lens Wipes: 

I have been buying these in bulk FOREVER and I will never stop. They are amazing for cleaning your sunglasses, phone screens, laptops – whatever. I keep them in every purse, every car – literally everywhere!


Popcorn Maker: 

I have been on a REAL big popcorn kick lately – and this thing is unreal. I will never use bagged popcorn again. I have been making nacho popcorn lately – OMG – it is SO GOOD! I will put it on the blog soon. Add in these seasoning salts too — HERE —- deadly combo!


8 Piece Serving Spoons:

Whenever we host, I never have enough large serving spoons and one day last month – I was just sick of it. Lo and behold – Amazon to the rescue!


Baby Nail Buffer: 

I HATE clipping Caroline’s nails. I am always terrified that I am going to cut her. This $17 nail buffer is incredible – and I can even use it when my gel manicure chips as well! It’s a win win!


Little Girl Finds: 

Purse Hanger:

We all know that putting your purse on the ground is bad luck. My mom has carried one of these around with her for years, and I always thought it was SO weird until I was in New York and because of space constraints there was nowhere at any restaurant to put my purse. It was really annoying. That being said, I ordered this on the plane ride home. Best $8 I ever spent.


Individual Medicine Droppers:

We have to give Caroline medicine every morning and night, and for whatever reason, we were ALWAYS scrambling to try and find a dropper. NOT ANYMORE! So many of the moms on our stories LOVED this find – so… nice to know we’re not alone!


Extra Phone Charger Dock:

Joe’s mom and stepdad have one of these at their house. I always thought it was SO amazing, and now we have one too. OBSESSED!


2 Pack Under Tanks

I had been looking for THE perfect stretchy – but still cotton – tanks to wear under sheer sweaters. These are absolutely amazing – AND 2 for $14! AMAZING. They come in a ton of colors as well!


Drawer Organizers: 

I bought a combination of these and these and I am so happy I did. Having organized drawers all over our home is such a game changer!


Lavender Eye Pillow:

This is so relaxing to place over my eyes after a long day at the computer!


Laundry Folding Board:

I am not a folder. I had seen this folding board all over, and I finally bit the bullet – trust me – it is addicting. You will NEVER go back!


Egg Cooker:

I love that I can cook whatever kind of eggs I want in this thing with the touch of a button. SO amazing!


Clear Umbrella:

I linked this when we were on our way to fashion week when it was supposed to rain the whole time. You all loved it – and I do too! If it’s going to be crappy weather, you might as well look cute!


Conair Steamer:

I cannot live without my steamer.  I just bought another full sized on as a backup – and THIS travel one for our next blog trip!


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