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Emily’s January 2019 Amazon Favorites

Our Amazon favorites posts from the holidays were some of your favorites – so we decided we are going to keep them coming this year. You all liked them SO much in fact, that we are both going to be compiling our Amazon favorites every month. WOOOHOOO!

Reno, Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her January 2019 Amazon Favorites!

There may be some overlap here, because – well – we share everything with one another. It’s only natural that we would share some Amazon favorites too! So, here we go! Emily’s January 2019 Amazon Favorites!


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Emily’s January 2019 Amazon Favorites 

1.) Lip Mask:

We do a gift exchange with a bunch of girls over the holidays – it is SO fun  – and this year I recieved this amazing lip mask. It really is more of a super hydrating lip balm. I put mine on at all times of day! It tastes amazing and you can kiss chapped winter lips goodbye. Literally!

2.) Tinkle:

So my girlfriend, Emily has been raving about these face razors for years, but it wasn’t until Ashley told me about them that I fully invested. Now I am addicted. Shaving your face is pretty much THE best exfoliating you can do – and it makes your makeup go on beautifully!

3.) Brown Rice Packs:

I have been eating these quinoa/rice packs for years, and now our kids are obsessed! It truly is a win win!

4.) 3 Pack Tanks:

These 3 for $24 work out tanks are the best thing since sliced bread. I wear one to bed every night now.

5.) Rose Witch Hazel:

I don’t really use a toner in my face wash routine, but my brow gal uses this on me every time after she waxes me to prevent breakouts. SO why not give it a try all over my face? Turns out, for $8 this is an amazing alternative.

6.) Hot Honey:

I fell victim to an Amazon add on this one – plus my favorite pizza place in town uses one like this – and now I can have it in the comfort of my own home. Seriously addicting – I put it on everything!

7.) Men’s Back Shaver:

K – I don’t mean to totally embarass my husband here – but I am going to. oops. If your man has a fuzzy back, and you are sick of dealing with it, do yourself a favor and buy this. It works. It’s seriously amazing. Thank me later.

8.) Beauty Sponges:

These beauty blender dupes are AMAZING.

9.) Meal Prep Boxes:

We are meal prepping right now, and these amazing boxes make it super easy!

10.) High Frequency Machine:

If you follow us on Instagram – you know that this $35 high frequency machine is my ABSOLUTE obsession. High frequency treatments have antiseptic properties and help with inflammation and any acne/blemish issues you may have.

11.) Makeup Organizer:

This makeup organizer is SO amazing and also just $35. I love it because now I can see all my makeup out in the open and I am using so many products that I forgot I had!

12.) Teething Snacks:

Caroline is teething HARD right now, and I love the fact that she can work on her hand eye coordination, finger dexterity, and have an easily accessible (non choking hazard) snack for when we are on the road.

13.) Wire Bins:

We have these wire bins in our pantry – I am absolutely obsessed with them – and we are using similar ones in the kids’ play room as well!

14.) Chocolate Almonds:

These are the perfect dessert when you are trying to “be good” like I am right now!

15.) Microfiber Washcloths:

I swear that these washcloths get my makeup off better than anything else. And they are SO inexpensive!

16.) Dressing Containers:

I’ve mentioned this before, my husband is in a weight loss challenge with a bunch of his guy friends right now, so these dressing containers are perfect for when he is on the go!

17.) Stuffed Animal Lounger:

I feel like my whole house is overtaken by stuffed animals. SO FINALLY we have a useful place for all of them. You just stuff them all in this lounger – and voila – you don’t have to fight with your kids about getting rid of their beloved stuffed animals – and you don’t have to buy a bean bag chair either! Win Win.

18.) Car Set Hangers:

I hate putting my purse on the ground in my car and it is always tipping over on the front seat. These purse hangers for the car are a godsend and fix both of those issues.

19.) Cleansing Balm:

This cleansing balm was on every Amazon beauty list over the holidays, so I had to try it myself. For $16 – it is just as good as the $100 ones. It leaves your skin feeling soft, and nourished – not stripped and dry. Buy it now, you will thank me later!

20.) Monitor:

We haven’t had a baby monitor since William was a month old. But when we hired our night nanny, she asked that we get one so that she could see Caroline without having to go in her room every time. I LOVE this monitor, and if you are going to be a monitor family – I would highly suggest it. I set it up – and it was SO easy!

21.) Cheap Baby Shoes:

I don’t know if it is just my kids – but they lose shoes ALL time. Caroline is constantly kicking hers off – so it makes me feel better to have a cheap alternative to her nice moccasins. At $11 a pair – I feel fine if she loses one.

22.) Ruffle Jumper:

I got so many questions when I posted Caroline in this adorable pink ruffle jumper. GET THIS! It is ONLY $11!!!

23.) Healthy Chip Alternative:

These bean chips are So delicious. At 100 calories a pack, and with 7 grams of protein, I feel much better eating these than eating potato chips! They satisfy all my salty snack cravings.

24.) BlowDryer:

This blowdryer is AMAZING! I will do a tutorial on it soon – but it really is a must have. You look like you paid for a salon blowout in 15 minutes or less.

25.) Beef Sticks:

These snacks are amazing to have on hand. If you’re trying to up your protein intake (like my husband) you should definitely buy these!

26.) Kids Table:

As you all know, we are redoing our playroom, and this table is THE CUTEST! It is amazing quality as well! Be sure you get extra chairs if you have more kids as it only comes with two! We go these!

27.) Rug:

I LOVE this rug, and I think I may buy it to put in our guest bedroom!

28.) Playroom Decor:

Amazon has the best playroom decor!!!


I always resist buying new sheets – because we have 3 kids and a dog who sleeps in bed with us. I know – it’s horrible. But NOW – for $30 you can get THE softest most amazing sheets for a KING bed! Run, don’t walk! You will thank me!

30.) Blink Security Camera System: 

We recently installed this camera security system in/around our whole home – and I am OBSESSED! I will be doing a full post on it soon, but if you have been looking for an easy to install, a reliable, and relatively inexpensive camera system for your home, you will love this one!

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Reno, Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her January 2019 Amazon Favorites!

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