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Emily’s January Amazon Favorites


Emily’s January Amazon Favorites

|| Pajamas ||

Happy almost January, Everyone! To celebrate and to help you get your year kicked off on the right foot, Ash and I have a ton of posts with only THE most useful products. These are all items that I am LOVING right now, and I am sooo happy I found so many fun and unique items this month. The standout of this list of my January Amazon Favorites is definitely the eye massager. I have been having some eye and tension heartaches this past month – and it is such a nice little slice of heaven!

Emily’s January Amazon Favorites:

Gold Squeegee:

My husband is a squeegeeing fanatic. I just hate the way they usually look in our showers. Until now! This gold squeegee looks AMAZING!

Sit Up Pillow: 

For anyone who watches TV in bed, reads in bed, or works in bed… you will thank me!!!

Eye Massager:

This eye massager is THE BEST. I was having tension headaches last week and I immediately wondered if there was something on Amazon that could help me — lo and behold — the Amazon Eye Massager. It plays relaxing spa music, it is heated, and it massages my eyes and temples. I LOVE IT!

ChooMe Pouch Top:

These pouch tops are THE best things ever! They stop your kids from squeezing their pouches and spilling all over themselves. They are TRULY amazing!

White Truffle Potato Chips: 

I had a bag of these potato chips in Yountville and I HAD to have them at home. It literally tastes like you are eating truffle potato chips in the comfort of your own home. I dunno… whenever I am having an indulgent snack at home, I want it to be worth it. And let me tell you… THESE are SO worth it!

IPhone Case: 

This case is the absolute cutest and it is under $10. I get asked all the time where I got it – and of course Amazon.

To Do List: 

I love having this in my daily organization arsenal. It helps me to stay organized. I love having everything written out and being able to see my goals for the day.

Pomodoro Timer: 

I will show you how this timer works today! The Pomodoro method is my favorite productivity hack and the little timer makes it so much easier!

Hand Massager: 

This hand massager has helped me SO much. Because I am always on my phone and typing away on my computer this helps release any hand and finger tension I am having at the end of the day! It is under $10 and SOO amazing! My sister (who is a cardio thoracic PA)  texted me immediately and said she got it for after lengthy heart surgeries!

Salad Dressing Shaker: 

I LOVE making homemade salad dressings SO much. This makes it so much easier and I love being able to save my dressings for weeks in the fridge this way.

Leopard Silk Pajamas: 

These leopard silk pajamas are THE absolute best. They look SO expensive, but they are really under $35!!!

Air Fryer Cookbook:

This air fryer cookbook is my absolute favorite! It has SO many delicious and healthy recipes!


These towels are THE best! $40 for 4 towels –  and they are just SO white.

Microfiber Washcloths:

I use these washcloths every single night and I am so happy to say that hundreds of you have made the switch! These washcloths = Better cleansing. If you have blemish prone skin, these are for you. They help get all that makeup and grime off of the skin. How they work: Use a damp washcloth at night with your favorite cleanser to remove makeup and daily grime. They come in a pack of 12 so I use a new one every night and then wash them in the washing machine on the weekends.


These fuzzy sippers are AMAZING! I have them in 3 colors. The grey are my garage slippers and I have the ivory and the beige for indoors! I recommend sizing up. I think these combined with my favorite silk leopard PJS (above) are the best!

Work Out Tank Tops: 

These 3 for $24 work out tanks are the best thing since sliced bread. I have been hooked since last January. I work out in them, I sleep in them, I run errands in them. They’re amazing.

Dryer Balls: 

These dryer balls are an amazing way to reduce the amount of chemicals in your home. I put some lavender essential oil on mine and my sheets and clothes smell absolutely amazing.

Cookie Sheet/Cutting Board Organizer: 

I HATE when all of our cutting boards and cookies sheets are out of order. This is the best kitchen organizer!

5 Piece Tutu Set:

This is the cutest little tutu set and Caroline LOVES playing dress up in them!

65 piece dress up jewelry set: 

This is my absolute FAVORITE dress up jewelry set for Caroline!

Sillicone Loofah: 

As you all know, we are OBSESSED with these! I went to my dermatologist last March – and that is how I discovered these.  I was having some skin issues and literally the first thing out of her mouth was “You have to get rid of any fabric loofahs you have in the shower.” She basically said that fabric loofahs are breeding grounds for bacteria. They are absolutely disgusting. That day, last year, I went home and immediately threw out all my fabric loofahs. I knew I needed something to replace them, so I found these and made the switch. These silicone loofahs are absolutely amazing, AND you can place upside down to let them dry completely! Ashley made the switch and is obsessed as well!

Hand Towels: 

These hand towels are incredible. I stock all of our guest bathrooms with them and it is AMAZING! They are $12 towels for $21!

Bath Pillow: 

I usually HATE taking baths, but this pillow helps my neck and makes taking baths bearable for me! With almost 3k positive reviews, I was totally sold!

Sage Kit: 

I feel like our house had some funky juju when we moved in, so I bought this incredible Sage Kit to help clear the energy and set the intention for our new year in our home.

Oregano Oil: 

This is another one of my Grandma’s favorite remedies. I never really took it seriously because I just couldn’t stomach the thought of it. But last month when I was sick, Brooke from Somewhere Lately actually sent me this particular oregano oil and told me I had to try it. She uses it to kick illness at the onset. I was intrigued. So I bought the oil off of Amazon and FYI it is DISGUSTING. BUT… it works. You put two drops under your tongue morning and night as soon as you feel the onset of sickness. ***LET THE DROPS DISSOLVE UNDER YOUR TOUNGE*** I tried to rush my first dose and just swallow it straight… it was a nightmare. Learn from my mistakes!

Laptop Stand: 

I think this is such a cool gift for anyone who works from home or uses their computer from bed. It not only helps your posture, but it keeps the radiation off your legs. I also love that I feel like I have more energy because it makes me sit up straight. If you’re not into the light pink… have no fear. It comes in a ton of colors.

Shark Genius Steam Mop: 

I LOVE this steam mop SO much! It is so nice that you don’t have to even touch the mop part AND that it sanitizes as you mop. If you have kids or if you have pets – this is a MUST HAVE!

Toilet Stand / Squatty Potty: 

We got these for David since he was too short to go potty on the toilet when he was potty training and we figured we might as well get something that benefited the whole family! The Step and Go elevates your feet for a healthier and a more comfortable way of going to the bathroom.

Couch Coaster: 

With kiddos, this is a must have!

Baby Swaddle: 

I saw this baby swaddle and HAD to get it for BABY JOE! It is so so so cute, soft, and amazing!

Under $30 Joggers: 

These joggers are INCREDIBLE! They are so inexpensive and have AMAZING reviews. They have fleece lined versions as well!

Palette Organizer: 

This palette organizer is AMAZING! We LOVE it. It is like the cookie sheet organizer just for makeup!

Work Out Leggings: 


Emily’s January Amazon Fashion Favorites:

|| Dress ||

|| PJ Set ||

|| Jean Jacket || Jumpsuit || Shoes ||

|| Cardigan || Tanks || Jeans || Slippers ||

|| Lace Top || Tank || Shoes ||

|| Lace Top || Tank || Jeans || Shoes ||

|| Lace Top || Tank || Jeans || Shoes ||

|| Shirt || Jeans || Boots ||

|| Sweater || Jeans ||

|| Shirt || Jeans || Boots ||

|| Sweater || Jeans ||

|| Top || Jeans || Pink Top ||

|| Top || Jeans || Shoes ||


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Emily Farren Wieczorek of the fashion and lifestyle blog Two Peas in a Prada shares her favorite laptop stand, eye massager and more in her January Amazon Favorites.

Emily Farren Wieczorek of the fashion and lifestyle blog Two Peas in a Prada shares her favorite laptop stand, eye massager and more in her January Amazon Favorites.Emily Farren Wieczorek of the fashion and lifestyle blog Two Peas in a Prada shares her favorite laptop stand, eye massager and more in her January Amazon Favorites.

Emily Farren Wieczorek of the fashion and lifestyle blog Two Peas in a Prada shares her favorite laptop stand, eye massager and more in her January Amazon Favorites.

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