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Emily’s July Amazon Faves!


Emily’s July Amazon Faves!

Don’t worry – my August list is right around the corner too! But… Amazon in July was all over the place for me! From easy sundresses and cute sandals, to all the kid stuff and a lot of snacks, it felt like I was placing an order every day. The good news is, I love every single thing I got so I’m sharing it all with you guys today!

Tie Dye Sleep Shirt:

I’m still not over the tie-dye trend and I hope it never goes away! I love it so much, in fact, that I got this wildly comfortable and super cute tie-dye sleep shirt and have been wearing it to bed pretty much every night. It comes in four different tie-dye shades and a bunch of other colors, too!

Beach Chairs: 

Good beach chairs are a necessity when you live in warm places, and these were the right price and right quality. They’re super comfortable and even come with handy cupholders!

Knit Dress:

I love an easy-on, easy-off summer dress, and this one is ideal. It’s the perfect minimalist dress to throw on to run errands or even use as a swimsuit cover-up!

Tiered Dress:

This tiered dress from The Drop is SO GOOD!  Easy to wear, perfectly feminine, and a great transition piece into the fall with a cute jean jacket and booties.

Tank Dress:

Another versatile dress that can be worn now and in the coming months with layers. I see this in October with some cute sneakers and a leather moto jacket (and a coffee in hand, of course)!

Neutral Sandal: 

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect summer slide heel, this is it. These heels are great quality and can dress up an outfit in seconds. Plus, for the $50, they’re well worth it! You can even do them in the fall with skinny jeans and a long cardigan. 

Animal Print Maxi: 

How is Amazon so good at clothes?! I am obsessed with this leopard print maxi dress. It’s available in 6 different prints, and each is better than the last. Because leopard is essentially a neutral, the outfit options with this piece are endless!

Ruffle Long Sleeve: 

My favorite type of dress that doesn’t get enough spotlight is a shorter dress with long sleeves. This one comes in 11 different colors and is such a great season-transition piece to have in your wardrobe!

Swim Shorts – Kids: 

These swim trunks for boys are just too dang cute. There are so many adorable prints to choose from, how do you pick just one?! They’re super quick drying and are both free of chemicals and environment-friendly to reduce the risk of getting nasty rashes.

Tank/Shorts Set – Toddler: 

And speaking of adorable mini clothes, this tank and shorts set is a favorite around here. For only $14, I want to get every color, especially that cute cactus print!

Protein Powder:

I ordered John’s Killer Protein powder in July and am loving it so far. I got the lean blend which is fat free, carb free, and has grass fed whey isolate. It’s also non-GMO, soy Free, gluten free, unsweetened, and has zero additives or fillers! So, really—it’s pure protein.

Silicone Straws:

There are never enough straws around here, so I got another set of clear silicone ones to add to our collection!

Large Drink Tumbler:

I also got this 50oz water jug to get even more serious about my daily water intake! I love the handle and how cold (or hot) it keeps whatever I decide to fill it with that day. It also has three different openings on the lid so you can decide if you want to sip, drink, or gulp!

Rainbow Cookies:

These are just the best cookies. Period. End of story.

Amazon Bikini:

Amazon’s swimsuit options can’t be matched. So many shapes, cuts, and colors to choose from and they’re all so inexpensive. This one I bought has almost 5 stars out of over 1,000 reviews! 

GG Crackers: 

I re-uped on these in July. They’re just the best crackers! Perfect for storing in your purse or bag for on-the-go snacking, and a fantastic source of fiber (which we all need more of).

Rocketpop Molds:

Popsicles have been a big thing for us this summer, and getting these molds have changed our popsicle game! This set of red, white, and blue molds makes 18 pops at a time, so you can experiment with different flavor combos and decide on which is your favorite.

Maxi House Dress:

Sometimes you want to switch out your sweats for a flowy house dress, and this is my choice for that. It even has pockets and is available in 28 colors—what’s not to love?

Hawaiian Spirulina:

I’m trying to stay as strong and healthy as I can, so I grabbed this bottle of Hawaiian Spirulina to add to my daily vitamin regime. Spirulina has shown to boost immunity by positively impacting antioxidant activity & immune markers in your body’s cells, and this stuff is made organically in Kona, Hawaii!

Dots Pretzels:

If you’ve never tried Dot’s Pretzels, I apologize in advance for what’s sure to become your new snacking addiction!

Truff Sauce:

White truffle hot sauce? Those four words say more than I ever could about this incredible condiment. Don’t think twice—just add it to cart ASAP!

HiChew Candies:

These Japanese candies are SO good and so easy to go through in one sitting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Granite/Marble Cleaner:

Anything Weiman makes always works perfectly, so I got some granite/marble cleaner from them in July for our countertops and they’ve never been cleaner or sparkled more!

Better Oats:

My favorite quick oats out there and so convenient (and filling) to cook up for breakfast!

Watermelon Gummies:

See my statement about the HiChew candies. It applies here, too!

Sanitizing Wipes:

You can never have enough sanitizing wipes on-hand, and I love these fragrance free, vitamin E and aloe vera-infused ones. They come in individual pouches so you can keep them in your purse, your car—wherever is most convenient for you!

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