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Emily’s March Amazon Favorites

Emily's March Amazon Favorites

Every month we love putting together Amazon shares!

Shop Emily’s March Amazon Favorites: 

The Defined Dish: 

We met Alex at a dinner in Dallas, and she is every bit as amazing as she seems on instagram. Her food is incredible, and this cookbook is full of amazing recipes that the whole family will love! Truly the best cookbook for this time!

Olaplex Conditioner: 

I figure – we’re in quarantine – might as well get my hair as healthy as possible. “Olaplex is a three-step process that aims to repair and prevent hair damage. It works on a molecular level by restoring the hair’s broken bonds which can result from harsh chemical treatments like bleaching and coloring.”

Truffle Salt: 

This truffle salt is my absolute favorite!  It makes every meal better. You can put it on garlic bread… I love putting it on eggs… it also tastes amazing on popcorn! It is one of life’s little luxuries right now.

Heated Blanket: 

I am a woman obsessed with heated blankets! I sleep with one every night… even in the summer! Charlie chewed the cord on my old one so I replaced it with this amazing sherpa version! I am in love!

Brow Tinting Kit:

Credit goes to Kathleen Post for this one… I saw her tint her eyebrows on stories last week and I am so excited to try!

Facial Massage Device: 

I don’t know about you, but my face is holding all sorts of tension right now. This face massager has amazing reviews and is supposed to help with stressed face syndrome.

Kids Hair Clippers: 

As I am sure many of you saw… Joe cut William’s hair with a beard trimmer last week. I bought these trimmers to even it out!

Foot File: 

This foot file is our number one bestselling item of the year  by number of units sold.  Wouldn’t you know, the way I discovered it was that I bought it for Joe. Trust me when I tell you – if you’re not using one of these – you have disgusting heels and you just don’t know it. This foot file gently removes all that dull dead skin and leaves your feet/heels feeling silky smooth every day! It is a miracle product.

Bounce House: 

This bounce house is the best Amazon purchase we made this month! All of the kids are obsessed with it! It helps the whole family get outside and it helps the kids get all of their energy out!

Eye Makeup Remover Pads: 

I never used to have to use my make up remover because of my eyelash extensions. But now… I absolutely have to use something to get the magnetic liner off my eyes. These make up remover pads are inexpensive and so effective!

Blackhead Strips: 

These pore cleaning strips were all the rage when I was in high school. I pretty much have reverted back to my high school beauty routine… so I ordered these ASAP. 🙄 

Magic Erasers:

My kids are obviously all home from school right now and we’re trying to do as many arts and crafts projects as possible. Unfortunately that also means the occasional mark on the wall or on the table. Magic erasers literally take care of everything!

Writing Letters Books: 

This penmanship set is incredible! William has a hard time keeping his letters the right size and this is such a great way to work on them!

Sunless Tanner: 

I am obsessed with this sunless tanner! It is so inexpensive and the color is absolutely gorgeous!

Kids Matching PJs: 

These matching PJS are so soft and they come in a ton of colors.

Light Pink Tumbler Glasses: 

Magnetic Lashes: 

I had NO idea we had SO many eyelash extension readers. That being said…. these magnetic lashes are game changers for the time being!

Tie Front Long Sleeve: 

I love this long sleeve. It is so cozy and I love all the colors it comes in. I have it in the tan color. I also love the price! Under $25!

My New Favorite Multivitamin: 

Ashley recommended that I start taking a multivitamin when I started getting sick again last fall. I started taking these and immediately felt better. They are specially formulated for women who are under stress. You take one in the morning… They don’t upset your stomach… And they just make me feel better overall.

Microfiber Washcloths:

I use these washcloths every single night and I am so happy to say that hundreds of you have made the switch! These washcloths = Better cleansing. If you have blemish prone skin, these are for you. They help get all that makeup and grime off of the skin. How they work: Use a damp washcloth at night with your favorite cleanser to remove makeup and daily grime. They come in a pack of 12 so I use a new one every night and then wash them in the washing machine on the weekends.

Dog Bed: 

This dog bed was one of THE best Amazon purchases I made this month. The bed is specifically formulated to be anti-anxiety for any dog and it comes in a TON of different sizes. I personally like the tan color best. We have both. The extra large is the perfect size for Charlie to grow into!

Back Massager: 

We have been raving about this back massager for over a year – and  let me tell you – if you’re not one of the thousands of people who have bought it… jump ON THE TRAIN! It has almost 9,000 amazing reviews! A word to the wise… you absolutely can overdo it.  I always tell people this, because I wish someone would have warned me early on. I leaned into it so hard the first time I used it, and I was SO sore.  It really helps work out any back or neck tension you may have! And as I mentioned on instagram… it feels amazing on your neck, back, calves, feet… really anywhere.

High Frequency Machine: 

“High-frequency treatments use electrical currents that are set at just the right frequency to benefit your skin without, well, electrocuting you. When the glass electrode (attached to the base of the machine) is applied to the skin, it generates oxygen which kills bacteria and calms inflammation.” This is why we love it – and it is one of our favorite skincare tools.

3 for $24 Tank Tops: 

These 3 for $24 work out tanks are the best thing since sliced bread. I have been hooked since last January. I work out in them, I sleep in them, I run errands in them. They’re amazing.



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