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Emily’s March Amazon Favorites

Reno Nevada Blogger of Two Peas in a Prada shares her March Amazon Favorites 2019 in this post!

|| Coverup || Sunnies || Lace Cami || Jean Shorts || Belt || Shoes || Coin Necklace ||

Every month, Ashley and I bring you all the things we are loving on Amazon – and from what we can tell – you guys LOVE these posts! Most of these items are items that I currently have and use in my day to day, but a couple of these are things I’ve seen and currently have in my cart. I hope you all love my March Amazon Favorites  – even though it’s April! 🙂 This is a very extensive post… so get ready!

Ice Roller:

Ashley has been on the ice roller train for YEARS now. TBH I never really noticed that my face got puffy, or that I needed to ice roll or utilize facial massage until our trip to New York this past February. I tried Ashley’s Nurse Jamie facial massager and I haven’t looked back since. I now use one of the facial massagers and one of these ice rollers. They aways help me feel refreshed, my face looks less puffy, and with all the traveling I have been doing – lord knows I can use the lymphatic drainage!

$21 PJs:

I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE! They look so much more expensive than they really are, and I LOVE how many colors they come in!

Beach Towels:

My mom started buying beach towels for our lake house on amazon years ago, but it wasn’t until this summer that I joined the club. I love these classic blue and white striped ones. We have a royal blue color at our Lake House, but I love this Cornflower blue as well. Not to mention, I am obsessed with this set of turkish beach towels for the whole family. And you cannot beat the price.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads:

These are life changing. Enough said. If you’re not willing to committ to a regemin of actual chemical peels – which I highly recommend you do – these are the next best thing!

Flushable Wipes:

I am obsessed with these – I legitimately use them for everything.

Formula Dispenser:

It is such a pain to lug around the WHOLE formula can. I love this formula dispenser from DR. Browns. It makes sure you have extra wherever you go!

Tweed Dress:

This tweed dress is so classic and adorable – and you WILL NOT believe the price!

Shell Necklace:

Shells are ALL THE RAGE for spring. And just like with the coin ncecklace trend… Amazon is the place to get them for less!


My mom actually introduced me to this product – and at almost 65 she has THE most beautiful skin. It is expensive, but it is worth every penny. It is a very strong blend of antioxidants that fights dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. I love the results I have had with this product. “This advanced corrective contains a powerful skin brightening agent, a potent antioxidant and maximum vitamin concentrations to reduce discoloration and prevent signs of aging from oxidative damage.”

Gentle Detergent:

I had NO idea what a hot topic laundry detergent was, until I posted about it on stories last weekend.  We have VERY sensitive skin in our family. That being said, when I found this laundry detergent when William was a baby, I switched the whole family to it. It was the only thing that seemed to help all of our eczema. About two weeks ago – I was influenced – and I bought (on Amazon) a laundry detergent that SO many bloggers had recommended. Not only did I LOATHE the smell, but After doing one load of laundry in it – Caroline and I had both broken out in eczema. NEVER AGAIN. Back to the babyganics fragrance free we go.

Formula Mix Bottles:

These bottles are seriously genious. you put the formula in the bottom and with a click of a button, the formula releases into the water, you shake, and you’re good to go. GAME CHANGER.

Chip Clip:

I am not a chip clip person. In fact, I feel like I repel them. You know how there are things that your parents did that you hated – and because of that – you just kind of repel them alltogether. Well, that is me with chip clips. My mom always kept the ugly plastic ones on all of our bags in the pantry, and for whatever reason, I hated them.  🙂 These amazing metal ones solve that problem. They are sleek, pretty, and they get the job done. FYI my husband was using cothespins as chip clips and that is where I drew the line. We needed something better, so to Amazon I went.


This coverup is SO adorable. It is inexpensive, flattering, and it travels well. What more can you ask for???

High Waisted Leggings:

These leggings are truly amazing. They come up very high, which I need now after three kiddos, they are full coverage, and I love the price. Not to mention, if you are a colored legging kind of person – they come in  A BUNCH of colors as well!

Baby Clips:

These baby clips are something that every new mom needs, but doesn’t know she needs. They allow you to clip pretty much any baby toy onto your baby’s carseat, stroller, whatever. These were so crucial on our trip to San Diego – and pretty much any time I take Caroline out of the house. They also link together and make GREAT teething rings 🙂

Stroller Clips:

If you are a new mom and don’t know about stroller clips… what ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE???? If you know a new mom that doesn’t know about stroller clips… RUN AND TELL HER. These stroller clips velcro onto your stroller and hold your purse so you don’t have to. These come in v handy while traveling.

Benzol Peroxide Cream:

As you all know – I recently had my IUD taken out. I was having a variety of problems with it, including horrific skin breakouts. To help combat these breakouts – I ordered this benzol peroxide cream, and it really works like a charm!

Portable Ring Cleaner Brush:

During the summer months, my rings and jewelry gets so dirty from all of the sunscreen. This jewelry cleaning brush is so amazing because you can literally bring it with you anywhere and just clean your rings on your hand! My college roommate, Rachel, introduced me to it and I am in love!

Pink Coverup:

This coverup is just as cute as it is effective and it comes in so many different colors. I am obsessed with it!!!

Moisturizing Cream:

The Nevada winters are super rough and damaging to my skin. So much so that I need to slather my body in a moisturizer after every shower. This is a HUGE tub of extremely gentle moisturing cream for just $15. It checks every box for me. Cheap. Hydrating. and HUGE!

Eczema Cream:

After Caroline’s horrible breakout from the detergent, my girlfriend, Susan, recommended we try this cream for her face. After dilligent application, I am happy to say that her skin is mostly clear.

Fridge Bins:

Our fridge is always a hot mess, but these fridge bins have helped us get a little more orgnized! I will show you next week!


My girlfriend, Lauren, brought this to our house, and all the kids were obsessed with it. I think it is perfect for kids ages 0-2. Even David loves playing with it. That is why it made my March Amazon Favorites list!

High Frequency Hard Case:

You guys have been asking for a case for the high frequency machine, and I found THE BEST ONE! I have tested it on two flights now and the glass nodules have traveled perfectly!


I put this seasoning on everything from fruit to chicken, and I love that it is the perfect mix of salty seasoning.

Primal Foods Mayo:

My trianer recomended this vegan mayo – and I cannot get enough. It is so delicious!

Exfoliating gloves:

I have been spray tanning like a psycho this month because we have had SO many events, conferences, and shoots – these exfoliating gloves are the only things that gets my skin prepped properly!

Beach Chair:

How cute are these lounge chairs? I ordered two for the lake house, and I am so excited to use them!


This jumpsuit is so comfortable and amazing! You can wear it out and about or to bed! I will try it on next week for you!

Nubby Sweater:

I love all of my amazon sweaters, and this one is no exception. It is so comfy cozy! It is definitely more for fall, but our summer nights in Nevada get chilly, so I feel like I will wear it with jean shorts all summer long!

Bow Front Top:

You all know I LOVE anything with bows – and this top is SOOO CUTE!

Long White Tee:

Just like the AMAZON TANKS that you see in this post >>> here… these long white tees are a wardrobe staple that you will wear all the time.

Slouchy Tan Sweater:

This is THE perfect tan sweater for summer. This summer I am so excited to wear it with jean shorts, white jeans, and over slip dresses as well!

Cognac Sandals:

These cognac sandals have been in my cart for quite some time. I haven’t pulled the plug yet, but how cute are they?

Ruffle Dress:

I love anything longsleeved and the ruffles on this dress are just SO perfect. This is a great everyday dress for spring and summer, and it comes in a TON of colors.

Mega Earring Set:

This earring set is AMAZING – and SUCH A STEAL!

Packable Sun Visor: 

If you’re going to spend money on your skincare regimen – THIS NEEDS TO BE IN YOUR CART. Sun protection is SO important to your skincare game and for $17, everyone needs this!

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