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Emily’s May 2020 Amazon Favorites

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her May 2020 Amazon favorites - purple shampoo, hobnail glasses, and the bed shelf!

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Our Amazon favorites posts are some of your FAVORITE posts every month… so here we go… Emily’s May 2020 Amazon favorites.

Shop Emily’s May 2020 Amazon favorites:

Purple Shampoo:

This purple shampoo is amazing. It takes away any brassiness you may have. Be warned – if you leave it on your har too long, your hair will turn purple! 

Mop and Mop Refills

Joe and I bought this mop on a whim and I actually really love it. I love that it spins out any excess water, and I love that it is so easy to use and to buy massive packs of washable replacement heads.

Bead Set:

We are loving making bracelets with these as a family! It goes so quick and keeps the kids busy for hours.

Clear Hair Ties: 

These are my favorite hair ties of ALL TIME. They don’t pull your hair, they hold your ponytail in nice and tight, and they are just so cute!

Neutral Cups: 

I got these for their neutral vibes, but my kids are LOVING them as their cups! They are eco-friendly to!

Silicone Tumbler:

This is great for coffee, or for ice water and I love that it collapses down to nothing! It comes in a ton of colors as well!

Streamers and Window Crayons: 

I bought these as car and house decorations for William’s graduation and I am so happy to have both on hand now for quarantine birthday parades. It quickly made its way onto my May 2020 Amazon favorites list.

Bed Shelf: 

This thing is unreal. I have a very small nightstand and this helps keep all the things I need out of sight, but also right at an arm’s reach! Watch the informational video – you will be sold. If you want to keep your laptop next to your bed – get the plus for sure!

Sit Up Pillow: 

This sit up pillow is such a game changer for watching TV in bed or working from home. It seriously eliminates all my back pain and it makes sitting in bed SO much more comfortable. Be sure to get the XL – it is the best!

Neon Green Sweatshirt: 

I am loving neons right now and this lime green sweatshirt just makes me happy. It comes in a ton of colors, is under $20, and I wear my normal size.

Caroline’s Bows: 

We also get SO many questions about Caroline’s white bows. They are THE best! They are 12 bows for $14 and they last FOREVER!


I’ve been super into belts right now and I love that I can put this over tees and high waisted jeans…. or over T-shirt dresses for some shape!

Squeeze Bottles: 

I LOVE these squeeze bottles SO much. I bought them to make pancake cereal from TikTok, but I SWEAR ketchup tastes better from them and I love them for cooking oils as well. Makes me feel like I am a real chef!


Charlie really loves these slippers. :/ So much so that I have been through about 3 pairs this year. So I had to replace them, and this time I went with the pink.

Stevie Nicks Tee: 

Ash and I LOVE Stevie  Nicks – and I just LOVED this photo of her. It is so different than so many other band tees I’ve seen with her on them.

Cat Eye Sunnies: 

Ashley tagged another pair of sunglasses by this brand and I went down the rabbit hole! These are so affordable, super on trend and just THE most flattering. Plus… I saw Rosie Huntington Whitely wearing VERY similar ones… and I am ALWAYS influenced by her!

Grout Cleaner: 

Since we didn’t have our normal cleaning crew coming through our home every other week… and since we were home so much more… our house was seriously taking a beating, One of the areas I noticed it most was in our master bathroom. This grout cleaner is INCREDIBLE.

Hobnail Glasses: 

I have a vase that looks SO similar to these and I absolutely love it. I use it all the time for summer centerpieces, so I wanted glasses and a pitcher that would go with it. Thankfully, AMAZON FTW!!!

Water balloons: 

This is our nightly family activity right now!

Light Pink Tumbler Glasses: 

Whenever I drink from these pink glasses on stories I get SO many questions about them. They’re acrylic, they’re fun, and I love them for summer!

Ring Light:

Quarantine was been interesting for Ash and I for a variety of reasons. We were used to working together every day and we were used to shooting with our photographer at least twice a week. Well – when quarantine started all of that stopped. I had to find a new way to shoot all of our content. To be honest, Joe is just a horrible photographer, and using a tripod was so much easier. Also I LOVE being able to shoot as early or as late as I want to because of the ring light!


We used to have a summer house in the Adirondacks and our beach was covered in blackberry bushes. I would always get all scraped up, and my aunt would use Bactine on all my cuts and scrapes. So when all my kids started to get more cuts and scrapes than usual – banging around our property like little wrecking balls – I knew exactly what to order!

Ardell Wispies Lashes: 

I absolutely love my magnetic lashes, but sometimes when I am in a rush, I throw some strip lashes on and these are THE BEST!

Facial Sponges: 

I love these facial sponges SO much. They are a tad bit more exfoliating than the microfiber washcloth, they help me get all the makeup off my face, and they make me feel like I am back at a facial.

Softie Straws: 

Ashley got me hooked on these silicone straws. They are SO amazing! I drink so much more water when I have these!

Foot File:

This foot file is our number one bestselling item of the year  by number of units sold.  Wouldn’t you know, the way I discovered it was that I bought it for Joe. Trust me when I tell you – if you’re not using one of these – you have disgusting heels and you just don’t know it. This foot file gently removes all that dull dead skin and leaves your feet/heels feeling silky smooth every day! It is a miracle product.

Brow Tinting Kit:

Credit goes to Kathleen Post for this one… I saw her tint her eyebrows on stories last week and I am so excited to try!

Magic Erasers:

My kids are obviously all home from school right now and we’re trying to do as many arts and crafts projects as possible. Unfortunately that also means the occasional mark on the wall or on the table. Magic erasers literally take care of everything!

Microfiber Washcloths:

I use these washcloths every single night and I am so happy to say that hundreds of you have made the switch! These washcloths = Better cleansing. If you have blemish prone skin, these are for you. They help get all that makeup and grime off of the skin. How they work: Use a damp washcloth at night with your favorite cleanser to remove makeup and daily grime. They come in a pack of 12 so I use a new one every night and then wash them in the washing machine on the weekends.

Dog Bed: 

This dog bed was one of THE best Amazon purchases I made this month. The bed is specifically formulated to be anti-anxiety for any dog and it comes in a TON of different sizes. I personally like the tan color best. We have both. The extra large is the perfect size for Charlie to grow into!

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares her May 2020 Amazon favorites - purple shampoo, hobnail glasses, and the bed shelf!

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