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Emily’s May 2019 Bestsellers

You all love when we do these posts – I don’t know if you just like seeing what everyone else is buying… or if it is a good reminder of the things that you need to buy from the month. 🙂 But whatever the reason… we keep hearing that you love these posts! So here you go! Emily’s May 2019 Bestsellers! 

Shop Emily’s May Bestsellers: 

1.) The Garmin Vivomove HR: 

I love when something we post about and really believe in resonates with you guys. To see how many of you purchased the Garmin watch that we both love so much was just so incredible. Ashley and I are both obsessed with our Garmin watches, I gave one to my mom and MIL for Mother’s Day, and this is really a company that we believe in wholeheartedly! If you haven’t gotten your Vivomove HR yet… you can read my post here all about it. I talk about what it does, how much it costs, and how it differs from other smart watches.

2.) Becca Undereye Color Corrector:

This color corrector is quite possibly the ONE thing you need in your beauty arsenal this summer. I am SOOO obsessed with it. If you are someone who has dark undereye circles – or even if you are just someone who wants to look literally 10 years younger — this is the product for you. It makes your skin glow and your eyes pop. How do I apply it? For full coverage… I dab my shape tape three times under my eyes… I dab the Becca over top of that… and then I use a damp beauty blender to blend it all in. If I am going for a lighter coverage look, I just use the Becca.

3.) Topshop Tiffany Dress:

I knew you all would love this dress – but I had no idea just how much! It is such a steal because you can wear it two different ways. One way is perfect for date night… and the other way is perfect for more conservative outings! I will go over this one stories. I have this dress in multiple colors and I love that it is long sleeved, because I can wear it with tights into the fall and the winter too!

4.) Kikas Print Dress:

This dress is absolutely stunning! It comes in both red and blue and I wore it to my sister’s Bridal Shower! I am so happy you loved it just as much as I did!

5.) Amazon Navy Maxi:

This maxi is such an amazing buy! At under $30… it is such a steal and every woman needs it in their closet in one of the million colors it comes in!

6.) The Motherchic Maxi:

We absolutely love the Gibson brand – and this collaboration with The Motherchic was amazing. This maxi was my favorite piece from the collection and it was yours as well!

7.) Lilac Mini Dress:

This mini dress was such a hit with everyone on instagram and it is easy to see why! It just looks sooo much more expensive than it actually is! It also comes in a ton of colors and I know you will be obsessed if you haven’t picked it up yet!

8.) Free People Mini Dress:

This mini dress is the absolute best! Ashley and I both have it! I wear the size small and Ashley wears the Large. It comes in 3 colors – and it truly looks amazing on EVERY BODY!

9.) Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum:

Ashley went over this on Monday – but if you haven’t bought this item from Colleen Rothschild – you absolutely have to! It is both of our favorites!

10.) Amazon Ruffle Dress:

This ruffle dress has been on our top sellers since I posted it on my Amazon favorites back in March. Ashley has it… we both love it… and we are so happy to see that you love it too!

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