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Emily’s Picks From The 2019 ShopBop Sale!

Reno, Nevada Blogger, Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares all her favorite picks from the 2019 ShopBop Sale!!!

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Hi Everyone!

We’re still in San Diego! The weather here is absolutely amazing – and we are supposed to be getting another 2 feet of snow back at home, so I’m actually considering extending our beach vacation. It is so nice down here. Sunny and high sixties EVERY SINGLE DAY! The first day we were here, we headed to the beach – right across from my in law’s house. That was amazing. Caroline discovered sand for the first time, and as all kids do, straight in her mouth it went. hahaha. Sunday we let the kids sleep – got everyone on the right nap schedule – and then we headed down to the boardwalk for the afternoon. The boys loved going on the rides with their grandparents. So many amazing photos  to come. Then we had an amazing sushi dinner. Yesterday (Monday) we did the San Diego Zoo. The kids were OBSESSED. Today, we’re headed to the beach for one last day of fun in the sun, before heading home to ALL the snow. Womp womp.

SO that brings us up to speed. NOW let’s get to  the good stuff! SALE TIME!

It’s the 2019 ShopBop Sale!

Every spring and fall ShopBop has THE most amazing sale that allows you to get a TON of amazing designer goods for up to 25% off. All you have to do is use the code GOBIG2019.

Under $100 From The 2019 Shopbop Sale: 

Emily’s Favorites From The 2019 ShopBop Sale:






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