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Quick Ship Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two peas in a Prada shares her Quick Ship Valentine's Day gift guide from AMAZON!

|| Dress || Shoes || Lipstick || Purse ||

MY AMAZON VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT GUIDE IS HERE!!! There are gifts for everyone on here – girlfriends, moms, sisters, MILS, boyfriends, dads, husbands… I tried to really throw in a little something for everyone. IMO… these are 30 of the best quick ship Valentine’s Day gifts out there.

Joe and I never really celebrate Valentine’s Day since his birthday is on the 2nd and David’s in on the 16th – but I always appreciate a box of chocolates and maybe something sexy to wear once in a while. 🙂 I mentioned it on stories yesterday – this is  a great place to get personalized guys gifts, and you can use the code PEAS10 for 10% off.

Shop Emily’s Amazon Quick Ship Valentine’s Day Gift Guide:

1.) Air Fryer

Probably my favorite buy of this past year! This is the exact one that we have and it is perfect for cooking dinners for two!

2.) Godiva Chocolate Box

This is what I really want for Valentine’s Day. I LOVE boxes of chocolates and Godivas are jus SO good. You can’t go wrong!

3.) Back Massager

Everyone in our house is obsessed with this thing! Trust me – it is AMAZING!

4.)  Wireless Headphones

I love these for anyone who is constantly on the go. I am probably going to get these for Joe for when we travel together this year.

5.) The Dyson Handheld Vac 

Nothing says I love you like a clean home and car… AM I RIGHT?!?!

6.) Flowers

Yes, you can order Valentine’s Day flowers off of Amazon prime!!! They are amazing – I have received them multiple times! And SO convenient!

7.) Cosabella Pjs/The Dupe Pjs

Cosabella PJs are my absolute favorites! They are just so soft! I also found these dupes – for under $30 – that are super cute as well!

8.) Foot Massager

LOVE this thing. Ashley totally got me hooked!

9.) Lip Mask/Face Mask Set

Such a great gift for your girlfriends – this face mask set is UNREAL!

10.) Heated Blanket

You all know how I feel about heated blankets. They are my absolute favorite!

11.) Trtl Pillow

If your loved one travels a lot – this pillow is supposed to be incredible!

12.) Baies Room Spray

This is my favorite room spray in THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

13.) Tommy John Undies

These are Joe’s favorite underwear. I’m not a guy, so I’m not going to pretend I know what the hype is about, but he says they’re amazing.

14.) Hanky Panky Set

These are my favorite thongs in the world – in a very cute Valentine’s Day set.

15.) Weighted Blanket: 

Ashley also got me hooked on these. I love how secure they make me feel when I am working or sleeping! This one has over 13K positive reviews! AMAZING!

16.) Heart Pancake/Egg Rings: 

This is such a cute gift for the kiddos in your life! It would be sooo fun to make heart shaped pink pancakes on Valentine’s Day morning!

17.) Theragun

This is like a knockoff of the Hyperice that we LOVE… but the reviews are amazing! The fact that you can PRIME it and save some money – seems like a win win. We haven’t tried the cheaper Amazon version, but the reviews were so good, we had to include it!

18.) Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This cold brew coffee maker has over 5k amazing reviews! If you know someone who likes a good cold brew – this is an amazing gift!

19.) Yeti

I would be embarrassed to tell you how many Yetis we actually have in our home. They make incredible gifts – and EVERYONE loves them!

20.) Shower Steamers

These are like bath bombs for the shower. You’re essentially giving them a spa treatment at home! SCORE!

21.) White Truffle Hot Sauce

Here’s the deal – we all have a HOT stuff lover in our lives – mine happens to be Joe. Pretty sure this white truffle oil hot sauce will make LEGIT EVERYTHING taste better!

22.) Bamboo Shower Mat

YUP. This is weird. I know. But I saw it and I felt like I immediately needed it. So it made my quick ship Valentine’s Day list.

23.) Robe

All I know is that the last thing I need is another robe. But I ordered this one the minute I saw it. The reviews SOLD ME! It just is the best color pink and it looks SOOO comfy! Such a great gift for your girls!

24.) Sherpa Jacket

I have this sherpa jacket in cognac and it is SO AMAZING and cuddly cozy. The light pink would be an adorable Valentine’s Day gift and it is just $30!

25.) Body Scrub

This body scrub is UNREAL! I love it SO MUCH!

26.) Tea Set: 

This was on Oprah’s favorite things this year and it comes in a gorgeous light pink box!

27.) Sherpa Blanket

I have this blanket in grey at the office and I am constantly using it to cuddle up in!

28.) The Ember Mug

This mug keeps your coffee hot all morning long!

29.) Rangefinder

Great for your guy if he is into golf!

30.) Slippers

These slippers are so cute and comfy – and under $25! Perfect for your mom or sister!


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