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Emily’s September 2019 Bestsellers

Emily Farren Wieczorek of Two Peas in a Prada shares all of the bestselling items from the month of September - in Emily's September 2019 Bestsellers !

Hi Everyone!

Happy Happy Day – we are finally in our new office! This is such a big moment for us. We have wanted our own Two Peas space for SO LONG ! We are in a temp space for the next two months, and we finally move into the real Two Peas office in December or January. SO SO SO exciting.

Anyhow – let’s get down to it. Emily’s September 2019 Bestsellers! This was such a fun post to write because September it really seemed that we were all on the same page! You all LOVED  the content we brought to you, there were so many great sales, and thank you for making September our best month yet.

So here we go… Emily’s September 2019 Bestsellers

Shop Emily’s September 2019 Bestsellers: 

The Nuface: 

We love our NyFaces so much and we were so excited to see so many of you jump on the bandwagon with this AMAZING sale set from QVC. The Nuface uses microcurrents to give a “natural” facelift. Via Google – “This safe and painless facial helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin and defining your features. It improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness, increases cellular activity, and tightens pores. Electro therapy tones the muscle underneath the skin. Think of it as a workout for your face. As the muscles under the skin are toned, the skin is more even and smooth.

Beauty Bio R45 System: 

R45 is a peptide and retinol combo that delivers the perfect amount of retinol over 45 days. The amount of retinol builds over the 45 days, so you don’t have any irritation, flaking or peeling like you would with normal OTC retinol products. This set has double the R45 too! Such an amazing deal!

The Best White Button Down: 

I have had this white button down for two years now, and it is SO good that I have bought multiples. White button downs are those closet staples that you can never have enough of.  So… why I love it. The fabric is super light – but not sheer. You definitely have to wear a nude bra with it… but you can’t see the bra or you belly button… does that make sense? The fabric is super light and not clingy at all to your stomach or your back. That is another MUST in my opinion. I also love that you can throw it in the wash at home and not worry about it. This is also one of the only white button downs – in my opinion that looks totally fine a little wrinkled. You know what I mean? I also love that no matter how many times I wash it – it is still long enough. It is just THE best white button down through and through.

The Glo Pro: 

You all LOVE the Glo Pro just as much as we do and IT SHOWS!!! The Glo Pro helps all signs of aging, plumps skin, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, lightens stretch marks and uneven skin tone, and helps product absorb up to 200x better. As the mini needles roll over the skin, they create micro-injuries, and then your skin produces collagen to help heal those micro-injuries.

T3 SinglePass Straightener: 

When I say it is the best of the best… it is truly the best of the best. For the way I do my hair – this is exactly what I need. It gets SUPER hot, super fast. The temperature it totally adjustable, so I can put it lower for my baby fine hairs. And last but not least – the cord rotates 360 degrees so I don’t get tangled while I am doing my hair – AND the cord doesn’t get all messy either. I swear – the little things sometimes make the biggest difference, and I cannot explain how true that is here.

Spanx Jean-ish Legging:

I am SO happy at how quickly you all jumped on the Jean-ish bandwagon! These new and improved jeggings suck you in perfectly, are pull on, and are just super comfortable.

T3 Featherweight BlowDryer: 

First things first – the T3 blowdryer is 100% a game changer. I usually try to let my hair air dry, but ever since I started using this blowdryer – my hair actually feels healthier when I use it vs air drying. It is legitimately some kind of crazy witchcraft, but it’s the kind I’m here for.

Mandelic Renewal Serum/Dual Enzyme Polish: 

The Mandelic serum is absolutely a GAME CHANGER. Ashley introduced me  to it – and I will never go back. Mandelic acid is an AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acid – that is less intense  than say Glycolic Acid, but the premise is the same. The acid/serum chemically exfoliates your skin and leaves you with fresher, softer, and better looking skin. Again- the key is GENTLE. I have very sensitive skin – and this product has helped me SO much! The Dual Enzyme polish uses the same AHA premise – it is just in an amazing potent mask form that leaves your skin SILKY SMOOTH!

Twofer Sweater:

I am obsessed with this two in one sweater. It has the button down built in so there is no bulking. I love that you can get the layered look for less with this sweater and I also love that it comes in 4 amazing colors!

Gigetta Bootie: 

I LOVE these booties! They come in 4 colors. They are SO comfortable and they go with EVERYTHING! The only thing is that they run about a half size to small. So I would definitely size up!


Billie Razor:

So happy this ended up on our list again! We are obsessed with our Billies. We have been using this for two months now and will never go back!



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